Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Exclusive:: General Hospital Cast

New Photo Emerges: 


sonya said...

ROFLMAOPMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in love with that photo! :)

Di said...


GHfan said...

Ain't that the truth!!!

Read that it's JFP canned. So bummed. Speculation abound that Steve Burton will be back. If that would come to pass Billy Miller could go back to Jake Doe. A character that laughed and smiled. And had charm.

LiamAZ said...

So true...

This show is actually like 10 shows:

**The Mob - Sonny, Carly, Alexis, Julian, Ava - special appearances by Anna, Jordan, Diane, Jason, Sam, Paul, Michael, Morgan, Dante, Max, Sabrina, Kristina, Kiki, Olivia, Andre, Scott, ghost of Duke, Dillon, Leo, Avery, Mayor Lomax

**Jason and Sam Memories and Whispers - Special Appearances by Liz, Nik, Franco, Rachel, Monica, Danny, Jake, Jordan, Christina, Molly, Curtis, Robin, Spinelli

**The Hayden/Rachel Pimping show: Hayden/Rachel - Special appearances by her mom Naomi, Liz, Nik, Curtis, Valerie, Laura, Spencer, Tracy, Dr. Finn, Dante, Lulu

**Claudette's Coming - Nathan, Maxie, Griffin,- special appearances by Felicia, Spinelli, Lulu, Dante

**The hospital (filler) - Monica, Dr. O, Dr. Mays, Dr. Finn, Liz, Griffin, Franco, - Special appearances by Lucas, Brad, Felix, Epiphany, Amy and any casualties/victims or any out of place people who just show up to have random conversations

**Laura's Mystery (stalled filler) - Laura, Kevin, - Special appearances by Lulu, Nik, Lucy and Helena's ghost - mentions of Scott

**Crimson Magazine (sometimes runs itself - filler) - Nina, Maxie, Julian, Franco - Special appearances by Curtis, Valerie, Lulu, mentions of Connie Falconeri

**Kristina's Coming-Out (stalled filler) - Kristina, Molly, Sam, Alexis - Special Appearances by Aaron, Sonny, Parker

**Fillers for here or there (including valuable VETS): Ned, Olivia, Mac, Felicia, Bobbie, Lucy, Kevin, Laura, Scott, Ned, Bobbie, Heather, Josselyn, Robin, Emma, Felix, Cameron, Molly, Rocco, Jax (Coming soon).

**MIA: Robert Scorpio, Rosario, Alice

**WTF?? Darby

**Even More Newbies: Huxley (??), Margarethe


david said...


I couldn't have said this better myself!


Michelle Latta said...

My head is spinning lmao!

Michelle Latta said...

My head is spinning lmao!

gap723 21 said...

Bummed that JFP was let go at Y&R. I only began liking the show under her leadership.

nance24 said...

great cast photo :)

Allyson Tant said...

Nailed it.