Thursday, June 2, 2016

Taking Off via Motorcycle

There's also news in SOD that Finola is off for the summer. So, no more Anna for a bit. GH is going to be interesting, that's for sure. 999 newbies, temp recasts yada yada. buckle up! '

Throwback Thursday--Ric with my drink of choice! 

Today's Show: I'm going to blog the whole time, not live tweet. You'll probably get a better blog that way lol. Twitter is on my last nerve lately so I'm taking a break.  Maybe I can remain more calm under a more 'narrative' condition! 

Nathan is dreaming....Maxie is there by his side.  You know I'm checking out her skin. Her make up looks 'white' and they are covering her with the hair and ipad. I think some color of a lipstick could have helped a bit. Hope she's better soon. 
Griffin is alone with Nathan. Nathan looks at him like @@ Nathan asks his "Advice" about lying to Maxie. I guess because he's a "Priest"? Before he can tell him, Maxie comes in to take him home. 
Nathan is going to tell Maxie (or so he says) 

Bobbie and Carly finally hug in the hospital. 2 days too late but-- hey. JZ really does look awesome. Dr. O tells Carly Finn probably did that to Lucas. Carly's like "Shut it"!!
Later, Carly remembers that she saw Hammy passed out and with the needle. 

At the end of the show, she finds Hammy in the Chapel And says "let's talk about your diabetes, I know you are shooting up". 

Finn goes to Wyndemere, asks Hayden if she's ok. Then he gives her back the check she gave him (remember? the $10K?). He wants to talk to her.  His wife died when the research funding was cut. That's why he freaked out on Hayden. He falls down and lays at the door.  He gets some water. Then he asks Hayden to open his needle case and 'hand it to him'.  He tells her it's a "type of diabetes". 

Liz goes to Jordan about Hayden. She wants to implicate her in Nikolas' fall. She thinks that Hayden did this because of her diamonds. Jordan is like "She's got an airtight alibi".  Later, Jordan takes the launch to Wyndemere (Ham left by then). She tells Hayden she called the FBI about the diamonds. 

Jason wants to leave Port Charles to "find out what happened to Nikolas". Sam says "She's all in".
Guess she forgets about Danny? That was a pretty "I'm all in" response in record time. Jason is like "We can't take Danny" Sam says "oh he can stay with the Quartermaines, he loves it there".  Sam went to the hospital to see Lucas. Of course it was OFF camera. They ask Monica to watch Danny. LMAO. 

You know, it would have been more of a mystery if Nikolas just disappeared. Why the window dive? They know he went into the water. Are JaSam going to scuba dive for clues? I mean?? huh??

Oh, Monica was on today. She's on the "Suspicious Circumstances" bandwagon but doesn't think it's Finn. 

Jason sees Carly. 
They say goodbye. 

Jason and Sam went to the safe house Jason remembers. Jason calls Liz. Tells her he took off and can't see Jake tonight.  OMG, they do a big post-it note wall like "Homeland" or something. Why the HELL couldn't they do that at one of their apartments? That's hysterical!! Wouldn't you stay as long as you could to be around your kid?
Guess not! 

They are trying to figure out what happened to Nikolas...they think it was staged. 

Oh Weirdness of the Day? Griffin prays OUT LOUD on the stairs.  


CareyN said...

Off topic but this has been bugging me. Hammy Finn (Silas lookalike) arrives in town and you know who STILL hasn't seen him: NINA, AVA, and KIKI! And when Franco saw him and had zero reaction to the Silas-ness...well that is going on my top 5 most disappointing moments.

Shall we take bets that when Nina, Ava, or Kiki finally run into Finn they just don't even mention Silas?? sigh....

Di said...

More weirdness. When Fin left Hayden said...."Happy birthday Mrs. Fin. Clearly your husband misses you." Huh?

SaveOurSuds said...

I have NO desire whatsoever for ME to interact with MS, MW & HE ever again. I hated Silas with Ava, Nina and Kiki so much! LOL Speaking of Silas - I guess we're Silas with a lizard now. Oy! If they were going to copy a character that ME already played their were better ones to copy.

sonya said...

The hospital:

Nathan's room: Oh there is Nathan. What the hell is he still doing at the hospital?!!?! Dante got it worse! He had a freakin pen inside him! Why isn't Dante in the hospital still? I bet if the pen was stuck in Dante's Johnson, he would still be at the hospital! :) Now about Maxie,

"Karen says Maxie is there by his side. You know I'm checking out her skin. "

Me too!!!!!!!!

"Her make up looks 'white' and they are covering her with the hair and ipad."

That's what it was!!! White makeup! She was looking very pale to me! And yes I did notice her hair covering her face! :(

"I think some color of a lipstick could have helped a bit."

YES!!!! That color lipstick on her made her lips look very pale. I guess she is having skin issues on her lips too? :(

"Hope she's better soon."

Me too! I feel so bad for her. :(

Dr. O: Oh she is just upset because she couldn't perform with her puppets at the nurses ball, so she is taking it out on Dr. McFinster. Maybe she will be able to perform her puppets at the nurses ball next year! I HOPE!!! Dr. O wins the line of the day!

Carly: You poisoned Duke Lavery!

Dr. O: I did no such thing! It's not my fault he drank from Anna Devane's glass.

ROFL! Oh so you weren't in the wrong at all huh Dr. O? Hahahaha! :)

Carly and Jason: Awwwwww! :)

Bobbie and Carly: Awwwww! :)


McFinster and RayRay: Hey I like that he apologized to her! :) Hmmmmmm. McFinster had a wife!!!! Well now I want to know ALL about her. :) OH OH! OH OH! He is turning into a werewolf!!! Run RayRay run!!!!! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

*Shoots himself up with Lizard urine*

Whew! :) Another close call. Everything is fine now people. We can relax. :)

Police station:

Liz and Jordan: Way too much talking. Zzzzzzzzzz.

The REAL park: Paint and Wall Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

*Jason touches Sam's cupcake.*

Sam's cupcake: Oh that felt great!!!!

The safe house: Uh umm. Ooooooooooooookayyyyyyyyyy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Throwback Thursday: Yesterday Sonny talked about how he hung AJ on the hook, so here it is.

Nobody is a victim here!!! Sonny, Carly, AJ, and Jason were all in the wrong!!! They all did horrible things to each other!! It was awful watching back then!

Di said...

Thanks for that link, sonya. That page had some other great scenes. There's Sonny shooting Robin when he tried to shoot Jax, and Sonny trying to stangle 80 year old man. Yep Sonny is really misunderstood.

I wonder if these writers have ever watched any of these scenes.

sonya said...

"Di said...Thanks for that link, sonya."

You're welcome! :)

"That page had some other great scenes. Sonny trying to stangle 80 year old man."

I forgot why Sonny tried to strangle him.

Di said...

Because Edward was calling him out on what he did to so many of the people he knew.

sonya said...

"Di said...Because Edward was calling him out on what he did to so many of the people he knew."

Ahhh.. And yes of course Sonny can't handle hearing the truth. :)

nance24 said...

That whole thing with Sam and Jason cracked me up....who goes on the run to a luxury cabin and what clues do they think they are going to find?????

sonya said...

"nance24 said...That whole thing with Sam and Jason cracked me up....who goes on the run to a luxury cabin and what clues do they think they are going to find?????"

The cabin is probably magical! And they will find so many clues!!

kdmask said...

She said Happy Birthday to Mrs. Finn because Ham told her it was her birthday. That's why he returned the check. ALthough she died in the clinic trials, she was a nice person.

Di said...

Thanks, kd. I guess I missed that. I do tend to block Hayden out sometimes. lol

Michelle Latta said...

That was weird!

Michelle Latta said...

I liked him with Kiki cause she played his daughter but more when it was Kris Alderson playing her. Silas with a lizard? I love Finn, so I'm on board with Roxy the lizard.

Michelle Latta said...

*I saw the cupcake touch too* had to laugh!! Wonder if they are still a thing irl?

Michelle Latta said...

She just seemed really weird about it.