Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Alexis Negative

Well, Alexis is alone, daydreaming about Jules sex and she clutches her stomach like she really IS pregnant. I can't even. But then, she looks at her photo album, sees her girls and cries says "I can do this I can". Does that mean she can lie? Hmmm??  She goes on an epic rant when Julian comes over. Says he'll never get his hands on the baby. 
In the end, we find out this is a ploy by Anna, Sonny and Alexis to trap Jules. Alexis isn't pregnant.
Julian goes to talk to Alexis and says he wants her to take a PG test in front of him to prove it. 

Morgan buys Carly flowers, or stole them. Where did he get the money? He's all happy about Kiki.

Dillon wants Kiki though...but Kiki says she needs to help Morgan.

Anna talked to Griffin.  Griffin asks Anna about Nathan. She said he was a good cop-- and nice to her. Griffin says he got 'pulled into a situation' with Nathan and Maxie. And then talks about Claudette coming to him for help and then they had sex.
Later, we get a flashback of them in bed..then we see someone with the same ring on look at Nate and Maxie's engagement photo on the internet. 

ME during GH today...geeesh...zzzzzzzzz. 
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