Thursday, June 16, 2016

Today's Show--Thursday

WOW...the JaSam 'story' is so cheesy. Sorry but this is like 1970s material-- now they are off to England. Whatever. And it's NOTHING AGAINST JASAM! Liason or anyone could have this story and I'd say the same. 

TJ found out today Shawn is his Daddy. LOL that only took like 2 years and he's been on 3x since the last time we've talked about this. So weird. Curtis and Jordan haven't even spoken in ages. Just weird. 

Yeah, I'm about done again. 


  1. Jasam really are boring. And it's not because so & so has POV and they don't! How dare so & so! It's combination of writing & recast still not finding his footing it the role.

  2. Cabin: Paint and wall sex time! Hmmmm which bed are they at? Upstairs one or downstairs one? It's actually really impressive that Kelly Monaco can say her lines while putting up her hair in a ponytail. :)

    Pawn shop: Sneaky sneaky sneaky! Oh oh caught. Hi gun!!!

    Pawn shop guy: It depends on how nice you are willing to be.

    Ewwwwwwwwwww! PIG!!!! Oh the gun is like the game hot potato! :)

    Cabin part 2: Paint and Wall are like a gecko.. They can just stand next to the brick wall, and nobody will see them.

    The hospital:

    McFinny and Monica: McFinny wins the line of the day!

    McFinny: It is a vessel by which drugs are administered intravenously.


    Monica and Tracy: LOVE IT! Love that Tracy is sticking up for McFinny!!! Fling time for Tracy and McFinny! :)

    The floating rib: I forgot to mention that yesterday when Dante was talking to Curtis about the get together, I'm thinking what kind of party? Then they showed the banner.. Ohhhh! :)

    Curtis, Bangs Mcgee, and RayRay: I'm confused. Are Curtis and Bangs McGee serious couple? And when RayRay showed up, was Bangs Mcgee jealous? She was the last time. And when Bangs Mcgee walked away from them, we go to commercial, and when we come back, Curtis is with Bangs Mcgee. Did we miss a scene!?!?!! So basically,

    RayRay: Curtis!!! I NEEEEEED you! Please!

    Curtis: No no no. I'm on a date!

    RayRay: PLEASE I BEG YOU! Just for a minute!!!!!! 5 minutes.. 10 minutes at least!!!

    Bangs McGee: Meh.

    RayRay, McFinny, and Gugu: Awwwww great scene with RayRay and McFinny!!! She handled that rude guy really well too. RayRay had a Bearded dragon too?!!?! :) I love that she petted GuGu! I want to pet her!!!!

    GuGu: Oh that feels good! Keep going!! Oh Daddy can we keep her?!!!

    Hmmmm Will RayFin have a fling? :)

    TJ and Molly: Wow!!! Where the heck has TJ been?! Oh congrats on having that job TJ! Oh they have been having sex almost every night. Well that is interesting to know. So basically,

    TJ: Hey let's live together!!! We are SO ready for that!

    Molly: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yes!!! We have been having sex almost every night! So why not? I will tell my daddy and you can tell your mommy!

    Gee. What next? They get married next year?

    Jordan's office: Can they have sex already? I want to see if that black part of the dress is part of it, or not. :) HEY! There is a picture with Jordan and TJ! And she is wearing that same dress! ROFL! When was this picture taken? Today? :)

    Maddox and Jordan: So basically:

    Maddox: I wuv you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wuv wuv wuv you!!!!

    Jordan: I loved someone once.. I betrayed him.. Love = betrayal..

    Maddox Jr: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Curtis and Jordan: Hmmmm not sure if Curtis being a cop is a good idea. What if someone dies on his watch? He might turn to drugs again. If he does become a cop, will his partner be Bangs Mcgee?! :)

    *TJ walks outside his mother's office*

    TJ's thought bubble: La la la la.. I'm going to tell my mother that I am going to live with the love of my life. I'm not too young to live with her.

    Curtis: You don't ever have to worry about me telling him that Tommy wasn't his father. Shaun is..

    *TJ's head explodes*

    Soapy goodness!!! Oh where is he going!!!?!?!! He should confront them! I mean he is an adult!!! Is he going to do something bad? Get drunk? Get high? Have a meltdown? Or is he going to do something good, like to go see Shaun?

    London hotel:

    Ava and Nik: Oh! More Nava goodness! Oh there is Harry Potter again! So basically,

    Harry Potter: Oh please come for dinner at my house!

    *A nervous Nik*

    Nik: No no. Can't do it.

    Ava: Yeah he is going to be busy with scripts. I'm his groupie and sometimes more.

    Harry Potter: Oh pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!

    Nik: No. Ava can but I will not.

    Ava: Oh thank you, but no thank you. I am helping him.

    I just love this Harry Potter guy!!!! :) I hope we can keep him. :)

  3. It didn't fit it all. Continued.

    Throwback Thursday: The original Rick and Monica..

    Sometimes recasts work and sometimes they don't.. This time the recast Rick and recast Monica worked! :) Sometimes new characters work and sometimes they don't. But it's a risk that has to be taken. :) I mean if the casting people or whomever don't take risks, then we wouldn't have The Q's, Lucy Coe, and many others. :)

  4. ‘General Hospital’ Star Nancy Lee Grahn Reacts To Julian’s Betrayal, Tells Fans To ‘Hang On’

    “General Hospital” shocked fans of one of the most popular couples on the ABC drama. Julian and Alexis entered into marital bliss in February, but in the world of soap operas, that can’t last long. It was revealed that Julian stayed in the mob and is still a killer, despite promises he made to his new wife. Actress Nancy Lee Grahn defended the bold choice.

    “Yes, to pull the rug out from under Julexis is a very risky move,” Grahn admitted to TV Insider. “But no risk, no gain. And you can’t say this isn’t interesting. The next few weeks are wild. We’re going places I never would have imagined.”

    Where exactly the storyline is headed, Grahn wouldn’t say. However, she understands the outrage of fans who were blindsided by Julian’s loyalties. “We all believed Julian,” she said. “There was enough evidence in the writing of their relationship that this guy had truly changed and that his love for Alexis was genuine, authentic, trustable. I do not believe any of that was a lie, which is what makes this new direction even more shocking and interesting to me.”

    Even William deVry, who plays Julian, didn’t think his character would return to his crime roots. When Julian said he’d left the mob before his wedding, deVry believed it. “I think Julian is done with the mob and that they plan to keep him in publishing and figure out a way to make that work ... with some zigzags along the way,” the actor told TV Insider in January.

    This is certainly a bigger “zigzag” than audiences were expecting. Check out some of their reactions to the latest twist:

    DeVry attempted to calm fans on Twitter:

    Grahn has a little advice for concerned viewers, too. “Have a couple of cocktails,” she said, laughing. “And try to stay calm. You’re not alone. Hang on. Don’t abandon ship. If we eventually have to throw Julian overboard, so be it. It’s women and children first! I do not intend to die on the Titanic.”

    Hang in there?!!?!?! I don't want to hang in there! I want Julian's legs broken! And I want them broken now!!!!!! BAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! #IwantmyCaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalosrevenge.

  5. sonya said....Hang in there?!!?!?! I don't want to hang in there! I want Julian's legs broken! And I want them broken now!!!!!!

    I agree. He lost every vistige of redemption for me when he laid his hands on Alexis.

  6. "Di said...I agree. He lost every vistige of redemption for me when he laid his hands on Alexis."

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! First he killed that innocent boy who had a 12 year old face, then he killed my Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos, and then he grabbed Alexis!!!! 3 strikes, YOU ARE OUT!!!