Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Nutshell Version

20160602 0606(5)

Oh it's been a long long week--even though we didn't get a show Monday. Well, not a new show. It was Jason and his Memories. Still as boring as the first day it ran. 

Just a very mixed week wasn't it? So many stories, so much dangling.  So many WTH moments. Like Maxie suddenly saying Nathan was shot when we all know (and it was said he had head trauma) he was hit in the head with a rock.
But...why quibble at consistency?  Hell, I saw a palm tree behind Spencer at that Western New York

Let's have Nuts because this is NUTSHELL Surgery today. Meaning VERY SHORT and TO THE POINT. 

20160603 0825(42)

And we've got the whole Nikolas thing going on. All you really need to know is that Jordan did a really crappy job at the "interrogations" and Sam and Jason basically figured it all out while using post-it-notes in the Safe House. (Nikolas staged everything).

20160601 1417(26)

My one shining light was Spencer who was his adorable stiff self, just flying his drone around. That was me; "Whatever, he's either not coming back or he is...yada yada" 

Liz went bitch-wacky at Hayden. Hayden's Mom walked in. character!! (said no one ever). 

20160603 0813(26)

Nathan woke up. Nathan talked to Griffin because he found out he's a priest and even though he's not Catholic, you know, may as well take advantage. Next week shows the flashback of Nathan shooting in the dark. We know it's Griffin.  TempMaxie is coming. Newbie Jessica Buchanan is coming as Claudette.  I have no idea how this story is supposed to be good. 

20160601 1147(19)

Alexis didn't tell Molly about Julian. She went to the hospital in support of him. She did have a sick look on her face while doing it, but's not like she punched him in the mouth and told him to go to hell. (that was in my head...not on screen).

20160601 0525(17)

Lucas woke up after what seemed to the the most stop-start story they have going. Bobbie wasn't even there!  She could only tape 2 days so... she needed to go "home".  Oh! Dr. Crabby Pants (Dr. Mayes) did show up. He's our prime suspect, so there ya go. 

20160603 0814(47)

Hayden helped Hammy inject himself. Carly got suspicious. Hamilton Finn has a dead wife. Shocker. 

20160601 1147(1)

Tracy was a bit out of sorts and uber-nasty (even for her) about Sabrina seeing the baby. Sabrina was arrested by Jordan, btw--- but Jordan "let her go in Michael's care" because she...well, was at the Ball and couldn't be bothered. 
Finally, Tracy said Ok to Sabby holding adorable Edward. Who, was ironically named Eduardo by Sabrina. She somehow knew about Eddie Q enough to NAME HER KID after him? Okay. 
PS. She calls him "Teddy".

20160601 1147(24)

In what was the most painful exchange in decades, Sonny lorded over Ava and relented in letting her see Avery. Why? Oh, well....because see, AJ was able to convince Michael that it was Carly and Sonny that kept them apart (it was). And Michael  was suckered into believing it and then hated them for it.  Evil, Evil AJ-- who got shot by Sonny because he believed Ava's crazy ass'd lie. (Point blank, while professing his innocence.) But, eh? Who's counting! Sonny and Carly took the "Higher Road" here. They were both so pleased with themselves they needed to sit on the couch to revel in their greatness a bit too.  

Both Ava and Alexis being reduced to scared sniveling females is just about all I can take, btw.  

20160601 1413(13)

These two are interested in a bigger house and an embryo, in that order. Too bad spoilers say something may "tear them apart". Could it be Egg-Mystery #6? The "empty envelope" Hells left her is probably an empty embryo chamber or aka Lulu's womb. 

20160601 1459(20)

Killon: Still adorbs and NO SIGN of Morgan. (BONUS!!) 

Other stuff:
Danny's staying at the Q's for the duration of the JaSam "adventure". 

FBI came for Hayden. Found some list Nikolas left. She has to "not leave the area"
Diane showed up, that was fun. 
Jordan still dresses very cocktail for her job. I would think wearing white at the station all day would produce a massive dry-cleaning bill as well. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Laura breaking down telling Kevin the Nikolas story. Genie is always good. 

20160603 0826

PROPS OF THE WEEK: GIVE it up for Romy and Michelle's Post It Notes!! 

20160603 0802(36)20160601 1525(16)

20160603 0739(49)20160601 1414(46)

FACES OF THE WEEK: Jason. Because you know, they are all the same so it makes it easier on us viewers. Oh, I also checked and every day, he's gotten back into his black T-shirts !! Must have remembered just which Target he went to to buy them. 
PS. These are indeed, different scenes, different days. :) 

So, that's this week. It's getting harder to watch everyday with the good weather here! Is anyone interested in the JaSam adventure? I really am not, and I'm not sure why. The Claudette thing is only interesting to me because of Bree. Now having so many newbies in it, the novelty might be worth watching. :giggle: Hayden's Mom? Um..? Do you think they'll just live in Wyndemere while Nikolas is gone? Liz better get busy moving (she's got 3 boys!) rather than chasing Hayden down.  Quick: What did Sonny ask Ric to do?  :) Had me stumped for a min too! 

Have a good one! 


AntJoan said...

OK, I give up, WHAT did Sonny ask Ric to do!! Happy Sunday, I am first again, YAY!!

AntJoan said...

Oh, I had the strangest dream about Laura W last night, and it was SO VIVID!! Somehow I was at her house, along with my sister and some friends. We went into her bedroom while she was waking up. She had brown hair. I asked her if she remembered me from when we met at the GH event, but she wasn't sure. She was lovely, and we all spoke for a while (something about body tanning . . . don't quite remember). Then I asked her why Jax was sleeping in the other room, and not with her, then I realized that they both are actors and not really together, and that was why. Then she made a giant breakfast spread for everyone at her house, tables and tables of muffins, cakes, coffee, etc. I am gluten sensitive so don't eat that stuff, but I was soooo tempted, it looked soooo good . . . She was so generous in the dream, I guess because she seemed to generous in person . . . Still trying to totally interpret the dream. . .

sonya said...

"MY SHOW.......MY WAY"

And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
I've lived a life that's full
I traveled each and every highway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way


"Like Maxie suddenly saying Nathan was shot"

No she talked about Nathan's dream he had. He was talking in his sleep about getting shot or he shot someone.

sonya said...

"AntJoan says Oh, I had the strangest dream about Laura W last night, and it was SO VIVID!! Still trying to totally interpret the dream. . ."

Go here.

Mmmm muffins and cakes!!! *Jumps into your dream* :)

Kevin Mason-Smith said...

Maxie didn't say he was shot, but said talk about shooting in dream. I am interested in Jasam adventure because I want to know how and why Nic faked his death. We know they will solve before police. As usual didn't agree with much in this blog.

skeebob said...

Sonny asked Ric to investigate Joss' transplant, right?

When you say Erin in your last paragraph, do you mean Bree? (Only the OLTLivers on the board will know what I'm asking.)

Silas also had a dead wife when he came on (or at least a comatose one). Didn't McBain have one? McBain also had a dead sister when he came to town, the story that introduced Joe Scully Jr. Somebody likes to give Michael Easton dead loved ones.

If Dr Mayes is the killer, then someone should have directed the actor not to have a big smile on his face, probably the only smile we've ever seen him give, when Lucas woke up.

Great surgery!

Pat said...

I'm so tired of newbies. It must be true that the writers get a bonus for every new one they create. There are few storylines I actually care about, mostly because they are so predictable and heavily populated with newbies. Does anyone really believe that Nicholas is dead?

juju said...

Laura and Kevin were worth all the other crap! Sabrina holding her baby was cool too. Everything else was like watching paint dry.

AntJoan said...

Sonya, thanks for the link!! And you are welcome to join me in my dream, at least you will be able to enjoy the cakes and muffins!!

kdmask said...

BOB..:) Yes, I changed it to Bree. I totally think Erin in my head. WHOOPS!!

Yes, he asked him to look into Joss' kidney. Which is what Finn and Carly were doing--but??
WHY can't they just get some consistency and momentum?!

Di said...

kd said...WHY can't they just get some consistency and momentum?!

Instead of having different writers every day why don't they have writers do different storylines. That way they'd have some consistency and they'd also begin to see how overloaded with plots they are. They'd also move stories forward faster without all the daily rehashes.

kdmask said...
BOB..:) Yes, I changed it to Bree. I totally think Erin in my head. WHOOPS!!

That's why I hate it when they bring in characters from another soap. If you've been watching an actor for years it's pretty hard to get the old character out of your head and think of them as someone else.

sonya said...

"Kevin Mason-Smith said..Maxie didn't say he was shot, but said talk about shooting in dream."

I checked the episode just to make sure, and yup! :)

"skeebob said...(Only the OLTLivers on the board will know what I'm asking.)"

OLTLiver here!!! I know what you are asking! :)

"AntJoan said...Sonya, thanks for the link!!"

You're welcome!!! :)

"And you are welcome to join me in my dream, at least you will be able to enjoy the cakes and muffins!!"

Hahaha. *Jumps into AnJoan's dream* *Nom nom nom* :)

nance24 said...

McBain had a dead fiance when he started on OLTL. I don't care what Jason and Sam are doing, it's actually insulting to paint when we compare them :)

Michelle Latta said...
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Michelle Latta said...

I knew it was staged from the beginning but how? Is he really gonna throw himself out the window in hopes it's Hayden who is fingered? It's not like he put something soft to land on and hand time to move it and make himself bloody.....

Michelle Latta said...

I LOVED Laura and Kevin ♡♡♡ I hope the writers don't muck it up!

AntJoan said...

Yes, I love Laura and Kevin, too, 2 vets who are fantastic actors, and still look fantastic! I don't think that Nik threw himself out of the window, he just broke the window, then went down to the rocks and put fake blood all over himself . . . If, indeed, this was staged. Are people sure that it was?

cooks7570 said...

If Dante and Lulu's marriage couldn't break up because of Dante's awesome little affair then why should it break up now. The show just doesn't guts to keep them apart.

AMC GH said...

Ok so many things!! Love your surgeries by the way but my first comment! I am so over new people and characters I cannot fast forward enough. There are so many storylines and nothing ever wraps up. My mom always said don't complain about something unless you could do it better – I honestly truthfully think I could! Sabrina naming the baby Eduardo was beyond stupid – and does anybody really think Carlos would've got along with that?! But he's been killed for the ninth time so I guess he's forgotten. I was glad to see Spencer on but wished that he could've been on last week at the nurses Ball with Emma. Makes no sense why he was not there – I started to list the storylines that I hated and then I realized it would be easier to just list The handful of characters I actually care about – Maxiie, Elizabeth, Carly, Anna, and Spinelli, whom I hear is returning. I used to love Alexis but she has been diminished until her character is unrecognizable. My request for GH would be stop all new characters and storylines – spend the rest of 2016 tying up all of the loose ends and decreasing the cast to a normal size of people we love!

Panda said...

HILARIOUS faces of the week. BM's expression about sums up my feelings for his interpretation of Jason. IMO he was much better as Jake Doe.

GHfan said...

Totally agree. He smiled. He talked and seemed to care about people/things. They could have done so much if they would have did a JQ/JM combo with him. He's soooo boring now.

Michelle Latta said...

I agree! I loved Jake Doe, I loved the chemistry with Liz, zilch chemistry with Sam as Jason. Please give him a personality, as Jake, Jason Q and Jason Morgan, not alot to ask....

Michelle Latta said...

I agree! I loved Jake Doe, I loved the chemistry with Liz, zilch chemistry with Sam as Jason. Please give him a personality, as Jake, Jason Q and Jason Morgan, not alot to ask....