Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I give up


Kiki and Dillon were boring... they just sat and talked. Kiki never does her job.

Ava is there to get Avery. OMG the writing was so AWFUL. Sonny made Ava apologize to Carly for saying something snotty. He's going to make her do everything--- scrub the toilets I think. 
She finally took Avery. 
and OH MY GOD!! Carly asks Sonny why he gave her to Ava. He says because of Michael. Because AJ came back from the dead and REWROTE HISTORY making us the bad guys -- and "worked on Michael".
OMG. The whole Carly and Sonny talk was painful and just enraging. UGH

Jordan is questioning Jason and Sam TOGETHER with Diane. Together? WTH? Anyway, the camera at Wyndemere shows that Sam went in 7 min after Jason. 

Laura talks to Spencer. Who must have been binging CSI. Lulu finally gets a call..leaves Dante (who goes to the PCPD). They were in the park, talking about buying a house and having another baby with the frozen embryo. 

Liz lays into Hayden. "You could have had Nikolas killed, I know it"...


Di said...

kd said...Ava is there to get Avery. OMG the writing was so AWFUL.

I just about gagged at that scene. It couldn't possibly be written by a woman, could it? What message are they trying to send - If you have power you can be a bully, even to the mother of your children and that's just fine. Is Ava going to have to lick Sonny's boots every time she goes to pick up Avery? And then get up and lick Carly's too? I'm sure the perpetrators of domestic abuse might like that little scene for their anthem! Disgusting!!

And as if that bully scene wasn't bad enough they show Carly and Sonny gently fawning over each other after like two gentle spirits. "She'll try to make us out like the bad guys." Right. We'll all just forget that you hung AJ up on a meat hook in a freezer til he gave in and signed away his rights to Michael. Poor misunderstood bully boy!!

I turned the tv off after that scene. Let me know if anything else was worth watching.

Watson said...

Yep, it was that bad. Just awful and so twisted.

kdmask said...

I'm still a little stunned.

Bonnie said...

Before I comment on today's show and the corresponding trend of the last few months, I would like to let you know, Kd how much I have appreciated your blog and commentary over the last many years. I have been a very faithful reader, but have never commented. Obviously that has changed as a result of the bizarre, disgusting, mysongynistic, twisted, head-scratching writing and story telling (that is being generous-it doesn't rate the definition of story-telling). I have watched GH for many decades and as a rule have not complained. I know full well that there is bad with the good, but it has mostly been good throughout the years. Until now, the Guza years were my least favorite. Today, just. Wow. I am still shaking my head and taking anti-nausea medication. It truly made me sick to my stomach to watch Sonny, Ava and Carly. What is the current regime thinking? What message are they trying to send? How can this be okay in any, any scenario? The words coming out of Sonny's and Carly's mouths, their demeanor, in conjunction with the real(soap-real) history we know running through our minds; I was really sick and confused. The whole Jason fiasco is beyond comprehension as well. The whole show is just, well just not worthy of being called General Hospital. I never, ever thought I would say it, but I truly believe I am done. I apologize for the stream of thoughts, but I had to articulate my frustration and downright anger. You are all a joy to read each day and I thank you for your humor and thoughtfulness.

sonya said...

Bizzaro world part 2!!!!!!

REAL park: YAY! Love real park. :) I thought they were doing their homework at first. But no no. Talking about baybays, Embryooooos and big houses.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Maybe I should call the embryos, cheerios. :)


Liz and RayRay: RayRay in tears!! Hahaha. She isn't crying because of Nik being missing! She is crying because her precious diamonds are missing! Did you see her yesterday crying over the picture of her diamonds?!!?! ROFL! So today basically,

Liz: You pushed Nik!!!!

RayRay: Oh Liz! How could I push him? I am so teeny tiny and he is big and muscley. There is no way!

Me: Oh there is a way! It doesn't matter how tall a guy is! It's how strong the person is!!!

Spencer: SPENCER SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) Love his glasses! :) He is acting so strange! He wins the line of the day!

Spencer: It's okay Hayden. Father may never come back, but you still have me!

ROFL! HUH?! What?! :) I wonder if Nik told him that he was going to fake his death. :) But if he did, Spencer you should fake being upset!!!! Can you imagine what Spencer would say when someone tells him that his father is dead?

Spencer: Father is dead? Meh. What's for dinner?


Laura: You too Laura!!! If Nik told you that he was going to fake his death, then you should fake being upset!!! But of course she just had to tell people that Spencer is in denial! ROFL! When Nik fell and was on the rocks, did you notice a shadow near him? I didn't, but then someone on another board showed a picture.. Check it out!

It's on the left hand side!

Carson home: The Ava and Sonny scenes were strange! Come on Ava! Confront Sonny about the people he shot and killed!!! So basically,

Sonny: You disrespected my wife!!!! You apologize now or you are grounded! You will sit in a corner and think about what you did!

Ava: I'm sowwy Carly. Forgive me?

Carly: I forgive you.

Sonny: Good girl Ava.

The Carson scenes were not that bad. With Carly, Sonny, and AJ, everyone was in the wrong!!!! And really Carly said that they handled the AJ thing all wrong! Glad she could admit that!!!! :) Wait they handled the AJ thing back then all wrong? Or when he came back? Avery looks so cute with her hair like that awwwwwww! :) I thought Ava took Avery to her house yesterday. Oops.

Metrocourt: KILLON! YAY! I didn't think they were boring! It was a great scene!!!Yeah Dillon I have a feeling someone recorded you singing! :) I hope Dillon finds a video of them singing and then they are shown watching it! :) Their conversation was great! She learned a lot from her past mistakes. See she is smart with Dillon! :)

Kiwi: Okay here's the thing.

Dillon: Oh boy there's a thing?

Kiwi: It's not a bad thing.

Dillon: No?

Kiwi: Not necessarily.

Dillon: No Kiki. Here's the thing.

Kiwi: Not another thing.

Dillon: It's not a bad thing. Not necessarily.


Police station interrogation room: Oh come on Jordan!!!! What does this video prove?!!?!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It does not prove that Jason did it!!!! What a stupid and strange scene. UGH!

Panda said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who was shocked by what Sonny and Carly said. The only "rewriting" being done is by these clueless writers crapping on GH history. I couldn't believe my ears. Just awful.

Really gross to have Sonny order Ava to apologize like she's a child. She's no angel either but that took the cake. She has legal custody. He's as bad as she is. He shoots unarmed people all the time, including his own son and another son's father.

It's nice to have outdoor scenes but that has to be the most rundown park ever.

sonya said...

"Panda: He shoots unarmed people all the time, including his own son and another son's father."

And almost blew up his daughter in a car!!!!!!

JasonRoks said...

I agree with Bonnie. When the blog is the reason you watch the show it's over. Love you guys but the show sucks anymore. SUCKS!

GHfan said...

Bonnie you're right on so many accounts. I absolutely love this blog. Karen nails it every day. The other great thing is everyone's input is positive, fun and thoughtful; even when we're complaining about the show we all love. When you go to some other sites people tend to attack one another. That's not what this blog is about. And I absolutely love that. Thank you everyone!!!

It's a very frustrating time right now but I believe GH will turn around. I miss 'love in the afternoon'. And a smaller cast that help keep the storylines moving. I wish tptb would read this blog too. There's a lot of thoughtful, creative men & women with some great ideas/inputs about this show.

I haven't watch today's show. I don't think I could handle what was said about AJ. I often think they need to pull a 'Dallas or Newhart' and let all this crazy terrible stories all be a dream Alan had and he tells Monica. And poof everything is fixed, Emily, AJ and Georgie are all alive and we'll. Lol, I can dream.

sonya said...

Michael Easton and Roger Howarth video!! From Michael Easton's facebook account. Cowboy and pirate!


nance24 said...

What are they thinking??? Ava having to apologize to Carly (who I really can't stand when she's with Sonny)?????? Doesn't Ava remember she has custody??????????????? They are driving me nuts. And if Jason and Sam are going on an adventure I request that we won't have to go a long with them....blah