Monday, June 13, 2016


Saw about 20 minutes today of the show. 
This Hayden Diamond story has to GO GO ...

Spinelli: HI! You're still adorable.   Safe House: BORE

Ava on a Plane (Snakes on a plane?!) 

Brucas wedding...Alexis looking ill. 

Julian didn't hide the knife or get rid of it?????

Nikolas was sitting next to Ava on the plane? LMAO 


  1. Karen:

    Wanna let you know of something the Wubbers may enjoy:

    I recently started an actor interview series under my ongoing interview series with artists, thinkers, theologians and scientists. This is the 2nd interview. The first was with a gal from Night Court, and this is one with AMC's Noah Keefer.

    While there is talk of AMC and Y&R (his two soaps), that's maybe 10% of the interview. The rest is on the art of acting. Really complex and cool guy.

    If you like it, please forward it on any other soap sites.

    By the end of summer I should have an interview with a former GH star- a notorious villain. This person is off doing a film in Europe, but they say they wanna do it, so here's hoping.

  2. "Say cheese" bahahaha! Best part of today!

  3. Naxie home: Go Spinny! You tell Nathan! :)

    The hospital:

    Maxie and Griffy: Boy first Maxie whines to Nathan, then she whines to Spinny, and now she is whining to Griffy!!! Well at least she won the line of the day.

    Maxie: Oh you are celibate no you don't know.


    Julexis's home:

    Julian and Ava: More inappropriate chemistry today!!!! Oh just kiss already! Oh they do! ROFL! It was quick though. :) What next? Will next time they kiss longer? And with tongue? ROFL! :)

    Brucas wedding: The minister is made of yum!!! Awwwwww love the vows!!!! BRUCAS IS MARRIED YAY! Love Carly's dress, but hate the bottom of it. When the wedding was interrupted, Carly just LOVED that the police were there!!! Me too Carly me too hahahaha! Although it's a waste of time because they won't find anything!!! OH THAT KNIFE! What will they find!!! :) Probably nothing. :( Julexis were both looking nervous during the wedding! Now that the wedding is over, Alexis, GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT HOUSE!!! OR KICK HIS SORRY ASS OUT!


    RayRay: Diamonds Diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds.

    RayRay's mother: Diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds.

    The men in black: Diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds fingerprints diamonds.

    RayRay's mother, (damn I forgot her name!) told a great story! I really like her! :) She goes to therapy? Interesting.

    Safe house: More boring scenes with Paint and wall. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Paint: Dante is suspicious. I was followed.

    Well duh!!! If you didn't act strangely then you wouldn't have been followed dummy! You could have smiled and said goodbye!!! Hmmm there is a bed downstairs and what is upstairs? Another bedroom? Sorry I got distracted.. And yes Spencer is probably in on what his father is doing! He may have helped his father. SPINNY!!!!!! YAY! He made the scene SO much better, and not boring!!!

    Jason and Spinny: Awwwww they made me cry!!! :(

    Jason: I remember you!!!!

    Awwwwwwwwwww! :( I love that Spinny was going to hug him, but then decides not to and hugs Sam instead! Hahahahahahaahahaha!

    The plane: Ava where the hell are you going?!!?! WHOA!!! NIK!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Where are you going Nik? :) Where is this plane going? Will Ava blackmail Nik? Will Nik blackmail Ava? Will they end up having sex? :)Hmmm we can call them Nava! :)

    1. TC looked all kinds of hot after he came out from under the blanket.

  4. TC did look good (even better) with that facial hair!

  5. Cosmo!! :)awesome...have you tweeted this? I will give you some PR.

    TC did ..that may be last we see of his "face"?!

  6. Sonya, this is Ava we are talking about here. Of course they are going to have sex.

  7. "Gary Johnson said...Sonya, this is Ava we are talking about here. Of course they are going to have sex."

    Hahahaha. And of course there is going to be blackmail. :)

  8. Yes, Karen. Thanks for tweeting.

  9. "Michelle Latta said..."Say cheese" bahahaha! Best part of today!"

    YAY! Blackmail picture! ROFL!