Thursday, January 15, 2015

yabber yabber

I SO wanted Jen Aniston to get an Oscar nod. Damn it. 
Oh well.

Today's show. Anna and Jordan need UGGS. 

Today on Twitter @13n13n posted:


Sonny tells Shawn to go follow Luke. "Fluke" ... Like Shawn can DO ANYTHING.

Helena and Rosie. Rosie has on sandals!!!!!!!!

Umn..Jordan and Anna zzzzzzzzzzz and Sloane bitches out Dante and Nate.

Helena tells Nik she's working with "Luke Spencer". So, there's that.


  1. I was like why does Rosalee not have anything covering her legs?!?! I'm in FLORIDA with 40 degree weather and no snow and I still wear fleece tights!

  2. I am praying that Nicholas is just playing Helena to find out everything she knows.

    Stephanie, I think maybe Port Chuck is under the dome. hahahaha

  3. Yeah, I think Nik is totally playing her

  4. Spencer childhood home: Rosalie wins the line of the day!

    Rosalie: Oh great! More crazy! Awesome.

    ROFL! Just walk away from the crazy people Rosalie! Hahahaha. Rosalie fakes a sprained ankle. Rosalie didn't you know, that if you get a sprained ankle, you gotta go to the hospital?! You can't just relax at home, elevate it and put ice on it! No way! You gotta see the doctor! It's a huge deal to get a sprained ankle! Listen to Michael! I mean you could die with sprained ankle!

    Wyndemere: I was wondering yesterday if Nik was faking this I want to act like a Cassadine thing. Hmmmm. What is REALLY going on Nik?! Do you want to get something on Helena, so that you are free from her?

    Haunted Star: Johnny baby!!!!! You are wasted on Fluke! Stop talking to him, and go find Lulu! Go and try to seduce her! :) Oh wait there she is! :) Woah Johnny bought back the haunted star?!!?! Did you buy it from the person we can't name? Hmmm? It's the same name of the boat! Shhhh. Lulu still owns the the haunted star too! YAY! This is gonna be good! Oh oh Johnny spills about Dante! HA! Johnny you naughty boy you. You want them to argue don't you? :) Oh and there is Dante! HA! :)

    Shaun and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Mr Yum Yum's office: Dante and Nathan are so funny with the new Commish! While Nathan is talking, you can hear what's in his mind.

    Nathan's thoughts: I really want to be in bed with Maxie. She is a wonderful lover. I want more sex with her soon! I want to go home now!

    Pier: Geez aren't Anna and Jordan cold?!!?! Why are they having a meeting outside?!!?! BRRRRRR! Poor Jordan wants to quit! Glad Dante and Nathan are going to help Jordan!

    Karen that twitter picture, is so funny! ROFL!

  5. I'm with the folks on Team Nik is Playing Helena. His "I'm evil inside" speech yesterday seemed a little too rehearsed and out of character. Hells basically came in and threatened all of Nik's family, so he's thinking to keep his enemies closer. I hope he comes out a real hero in this.

    And yup--here in San Diego with 75 degrees and sun, and even I'm wearing tights and boots...

  6. I hope (like you all seem to) that Nik is just playing Helena to help bring her down, with the rest of her pals. And if she totally trusted him, she would have told him the truth about Luke. I have NO FAITH that Shawn will be able to help Luke. Jordan could handle this with one eye closed.

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was getting that "faking it" vibe from Nicholas. I think he wants to know her plans for the Q's so that he can stop her. ( His beloved was a and he has mentioned her several times this week.)

    And I laughed at that quote of the day, Sonya. Her accompanying look was perfect too.

  8. "Di said...And I laughed at that quote of the day, Sonya. Her accompanying look was perfect too."

    Hahaha! Yeah she said the line perfectly! And along with the look she gave, perfection! :)

  9. There seems to be another conspiracy going on that is trying to twart the first one.

    Didn't we hear that Frisco was in charge now of the WSB? Perhaps he has contacted Nik. Nik definitely is playing Helena, but I wouldn't bet she is not aware of it--he is a bit obvious. I so want Shawn to find the real Luke!

    I wonder if Johnny isn't a double agent now-- undercover with Nik. And all this ties into the vote stealing. That got Anna out of the line of fire for now. Only she does not seem aware of exactly what is going on but she does know something is up and the mayor and Sloane have an agenda--but I think it all leads back to Fluck's plot. Sloane came to town to dog Anna about the time the Fluke thing heated up.

    I think Johnny is out of prison to help with the Nik conspiracy and Julian is in for the same reason.

    At least most of our favorite people are in this/these storylines!

  10. So when Helena told Nic she was working with "Luke Spencer", I truly believe Luke is a split personality (aka DID).

    Why then can't Rosalie let Michael down into the basement??? It's the figment of Luke's imagination, thus there are things down there we don't know about.

    I also hope Ro and Michael become one of those couples that team up & battle against Helena & Co. GH hasn't seen one for awhile!!

  11. I was on board with the theory that Luke and Fluke are the same person and the Luke that is tied up and was in a padded cell is a figment of the real Luke's imagination. However I just recalled that wasn't the reason we knew there were two Luke's was we saw Fluke, followed directly with Luke in the padded cell in a straitjacket? I didn't think we'd ever seen the real Luke in the basement without Fluke. But the only way we knew there really was a Fluke was they cut directly from Fluke to Luke at the mental hospital. If that is the case I'm disappointed because I was all on board with there only being one Luke, which means no masks, no back-from-the-dead, no evil twin. I know this story has been going on for a while but I'm getting really excited to see who it really is. Things seem to be finally happening so I hope we are getting close to the reveal.

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  13. Amending my that I think about it, I think we actually saw Fluke visit Luke at the mental hospital that first time when it was revealed there were two Lukes. I think we did see them together for that initial reveal, so there is still a possibility there is only one Luke. I don't think we've ever seen the "real" Luke by himself on screen.

  14. Oh Soaplover! I LOVE your theory! :)

  15. We DID see Luke alone at Miscavige. The orderly/goon came in to give him drugs. Luke pretended to take them. The goon left and Luke spit it out against the wall, then crushed it. He was attempting to escape when Fluke came in and stopped him. There are two of them. Bill Eckert and Luke Spencer.