Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Catching UP

Gonna watch yesterday's show.

Totally Forgot Lulu even worked/owned the Haunted Star... now it's her "Heart and Soul and her JOB"! Ok then..ahahha. Man Fight!! Dante and Johnny tussle.

Hells and Luke on the docks, very interesting. Like Hells would stand out on the freezing ass'd docks and not have a lair somewhere? ANYONE Could walk by! Ok, their talk about Sex was weird. Their talk about JAKE was weird. 

I think he was going to be BILL. I think he still might be BILL--but looking more like they are changing to DID or the Fight Club illusion? If so, Helena doesn't even know that Fluke is seeing "Luke" because she knows someone is in the basement. Or does she? He said he was looking 'into the mold to make sure no clues were left behind" but never mentioned Luke. 
Curiouser and Curiouser 

Jake the Mask Face. And so predictable that he's starting to have memories. Yawn.  and ROBIN shows up. All Bangs and everything. Talking to Jake. While Sam and Patrick try to make the love, even though Jason's pic is up. They finally do. 
Robin tells 

Stupid Michael interrupts Shawn when Shawn is maybe going to do something right! 

THE Prison!! ahahaaa..the GOONS: We gots more where that come from... come on guys...and a bunch of old barely functioning cons walk out. 

And ....Carly was on. 

This better all make sense..and SOON. UGH


  1. Welcome back to the living Karen! To continue something I mentioned on the last page, I am starting to think maybe Fluke is really programmed Luke, and there is no Luke in the basement - just his imagination. I remember now - it was when Helena said her soldier's name was Jake, and Fluke reacted strangely to that. May be because Luke killed Jake?

  2. What a twit LuLu is. She is married to Dante. True, he was being a caveman, but she needs to respect her marriage.
    Monday's show was the best show for me, probably due to my multitasking, and not being absorbed in the show.
    The bromance between Sonny and Julian is such a hoot. Especially loved it when Julian was all over Sonny about the danger to their children when Sonny said, "Will you let me finish my phone call??" Anyhow, they may turn out to be hotter than Julexis. (Sulian?)
    I still don't care about who Fluke is or isn't.
    Mick the Thug is turning into Little Mikey, the whiney heiny. Is anyone else finding him tiresome? (Loved it when Lucas said that there was plenty of blame on both sides regarding AJ. Lucas was talking sense to Whiney Mikey, but Mikey just let it wash over him. Ho hum.)
    Glad you are back, Karen. Sorry to hear it was so virulent. Take it easy, and get your strength back.

  3. Goodbye, adios, shalom...I am through with GH. The storylines are too bizarre, too boring, and yes, too fake for me. I know that this is a soap but the writers and producers ruined my beloved GH. I hit my limit and I now a Young & the Restless fan.

  4. Glad you're feeling better Wubs! Sadly I've been really disappointed in GH lately. I fear re-signing Mo was a big mistake because now we're back to The Sonny Hour. Sonny, Sonny, Sonny, Sonny. Ugh! Why would anyone in there right mind think this is a good idea?

  5. LSV422 said: " it was when Helena said her soldier's name was Jake"

    I thought it was odd that he reacted to that too. I could understand it from Luke, but not Fluke.

  6. I thought the same thing too about his reaction to the name Jake. Glad to see you're feeling better Karen

  7. I think that we can eliminate Bill Eckert since Sonny says it's Bill and Sonny is always wron.

  8. Why can't Michael be mad at Carly and Sonny for a bit. Sonny and Carly got Michael shot and raped, So why can't Michael be mad at them for a bit.

  9. Mr. Shmekel, Oh, please don't go, we'll miss you . . .