Friday, January 9, 2015


Fluke calls Helena. Says "I have a problem with Julian"..she says "I have a problem with Sam Morgan"
and NIKOLAS walks in to find her saying that. :) They bicker. She hands him a file about ELQ and says they could all make a lot of money. 


Julian and Sonny talk about Julian's boss. Or Sonny tries to. They get in a big fight with the other goons in the lot. TWO guys die, and the guards question Sonny and Jules and they are all "We didn't see anything.....we were just standing here"... Whistle. They are kinda getting along now that Johnny wants them both dead. Julian tells Sonny that his boss has "Luke Spencer's Face". 

Bobbie and Michael talk about the clinic. Michael wants LUKE on board. She says he has bad childhood memories. They go over to the house because SHE HAS A KEY ..:eyeroll: They go in, talk about the chairs and her sister Pat. Then they hear a crash in the basement. Michael wants to go down but Bobbie is like NO!

Fluke is talking to Luke about-- just a bunch of crap. HE wants to hit Bobbie with the bat. He hits a moonshine jar instead. Crash! 

Dr. O tells Sam she doesn't know who the masked man in. 

She makes an appt with Kevin for him, they go to GH-- Sam sees Jake and gives him a stink look.


sonya said...

The soap opera is now going to be called, GeneralPentonMetroland! ROFL!

Carly and Jake Doe: Poor Jake Doe! He doesn't remember anything and doesn't know if he is coming or going! He can't remember if he did what he did to Sam or not! He thinks he is HIGHLY suggestive! ROFL! Yes Jake Doe! Go to therapy. Good idea!

The hospital: Dr O wins the lines of the day!

Dr O and Sam: If you are looking for your Dr. Feelgood, he is in surgery. General hospital isn't Seattle Grace. Thank God.

ROFL! And she rolls her eyes. Wow Dr. O you watch Gray's Anatomy? Awesome! :) In my mind Dr O asks this to Sam.

Dr O: Sam where is your winter coat? Aren't you cold?!

I would have been really funny if Dr O actually asked her those questions. :) Oh there is Carly! Love her winter coat!!! See Sam? Get one of those kind of coats!

Carly and Sam: Hahahaha. Thank you Carly!!!!! You tell her! :)

Kevin Collins's office: When Jake Doe showed up, I was thinking, Helena is there isn't she? HA! SHE IS! :)

Wyndemere: Oh Nik! Stop saying you are not afraid of Helena, cus you obviously are! Other wise you and your son would leave Wyndemere. Hey where is Emily? Er I mean look alike Emily? Are you dating her? Or was the connection gone as soon as you went on the elevator to go home?

ELQ office: Oh! Bobbie has the key to her childhood home. HUH?!!?! She found it in her basement?!!! Writers, why couldn't Michael ask the locksmith for help?!!?!

Spencer childhood home: HEY! That looks like the set, of the Corinthos home! Where Ric and Sonny fought so long ago!!! That does it!!!! Fluke is PAT! ROFL! Hey Fluke called Luke, Puke! Who here calls Fluke, Puke? I was trying to find it, but couldn't. I swear the writers read what we say! Oh oh Fluke wants to bash Bobbie's head in! Wow Bobbie can cry!!! Wait Michael! Haven't you watched any scary movies?!!?! When there are noises you DON'T look for what it is!!! And since you are not a virgin, you could die!!! I'm glad you didn't say I'll be right back!

Jail outside: WOW! Sonny killed someone!!!! Could it be that Sonny being in jail makes him a better killer?!!?!? Great Julian and Sonny team!!! Loved what they said to the cop guy hahahaha. All that blood cus of shaving. :) They don't know what happened. They are innocent! :)

Anon said...

Nevermind that both Sonny and Julian were both UNSHAVEN as they were giving their shaving excuse.

Helena was good. Guess I am glad to see Bobbie doig stuff although I miss the old 80's Bobbie much more.

Is Fluke Frank Smith? The bat comment made me think of gangsters.

dar said...

I'm the person who calls him Puke. And when I heard that today, I wondered as you did, whether they read what is said on the blogs.

Panda said...

I think the writers really do read what is on the blogs. Fluke, Puke, among other things, and today...shade thrown at the "FOJ"'s - Friends of Jill (Farren Phelps)! (Sonny saying FOJ as Friends of Johnny.) That was great! Sneaky way to stick it to her, maybe?

I thought there were some really good scenes and dialogue today. I thought Jackie Zeman did a good job. I don't always agree w/this writing regime but I like how they are using Bobbie here in a meaningful way. She used to be one of GH's top leading ladies and it's nice to see her in some scenes that aren't so campy like the ones they did with Scotty and Lucy. For me GH lacks in real family interactions and it is great to see a family besides Sonny's or Dr. O's.

Carly's really laying it on thick with Jake and it could be wishful thinking but I feel like Jake/Jason is bored with Carly's endless problems because he sure doesn't look very interested!

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Hells! And Obrecht! On the same day! Today was a big improvement over yesterday. I just wanted Hells to break out in song when she said "Let It Go" LOL Come on, Hells, you loved Frozen because it's the story of the Cassadines' lives.

sonya said...

"Anon said...Nevermind that both Sonny and Julian were both UNSHAVEN as they were giving their shaving excuse."

Well hey, Sonny did "cut" himself so he couldn't shave anymore! :)

"dar said...Sonya,I'm the person who calls him Puke. And when I heard that today, I wondered as you did, whether they read what is said on the blogs."

AH HA! YOU! :) Well, I guess you didn't go on twitter and tweet the writers about Puke ROFL!

KL Hamilton said...

The only way this story could be worth the last 2.5 years ( yes, it has been that long) is if the following is true... Fluke IS Bill. Now, this sounds obvious and somewhat anticlimactic. However, that is not the intended twist and certainly would shock no one. Consider this evidence before my conclusion... Helena working with Bill Eckert makes no sense at all. They would have nothing in common besides a common hatred for Luke. We know that Helena has always had this twisted obsession with Luke and they have despised each other forever. It seems to be the time of hatred that even predates their screen time... Also, Helena would not take kindly to some of the things said to her by Fluke, but she was never too upset or surprised, indicating a close relationship and a long one... Finally, the older sister Patricia has received no mention at all until now since the 70s from what everyone is saying. Right when this story seems to be reaching a climax and Tony Geary's days acting seem to be coming to a close. Why not end all this up with the biggest shock in soap history... Conclusion: Helena Cassadine was born Patricia Spencer, Luke's big sister

sonya said...

"KL Hamilton: . Conclusion: Helena Cassadine was born Patricia Spencer, Luke's big sister"

Ewwwww. They kissed and flirted, and he has a naked portrait of her when she was younger!

soaplover said...

And we still don"t know who Nathan's daddy is if it isn't Victor. Hmmm...

friscogh said...

I hope Michael opens the door and finds Harry Potter locked under the stairs!

The eew, of Helena being Patricia is more than she and Luke kissing. Bobbie had sex with Helenas son Stefan...Helena being Patricia would make Stefan Bobbies nephew. Then there is also Lulus embryo being fertilized by Stavros...with Helena being Patricia this would make Stavros and Lulu cousins.

We are obviously being led to beleive that Lukes father was a bad, bad man. Perhaps he use to pimp Patricia out...lets remember that Aunt Ruby was once ran a brothel. Or perhaps Spencer father abused the children, including Bill Ekert, and Bill blames Luke for not stopping his father. Perhaps the abuse led to Patricias death or hospitalization. Such abuse could also be a factor in Bobbie becoming a prostitute and Lule committing rape as adults.

I less interested in who Luke is then in the potential fall out, especially if it continues to give Bobbie a story, keeps Michael more Quartermaine/Spencer than Corinthos, and perhaps can give Carly a family oriented storyline.

While I love having Bobbie back, and love having Michael away from Corinthos, I HATE that this storyline is making Tracey look so dumb. She is argueably one of the smartest characters on the canvas.

Im hating the Jake storyline. Make him return as Jason Q.

Im hating that we have not seen Ric with Molly in weeks.

Im hating that all the romances seem to be taking place off screen.

Im hating that Sonny finally got sent to prison but is still on our screen every freakin day. What happened to the actor taking the 6 month much a holiday for us as him!

What I hate most is that Sonny will come out of all of this looking like a hero.

I am LOVING so little Franco, Nina, Kiki, Silas, Madeline!!!

Time to bring Jax back. With ELQ takeover in works, Jerry Jax active again, and Carly having dated Franco and Carly being arrested Jax should have been back long ago...or Josselyn sent to libe with him.

Cosmoetica said...

Luke and Helena have actually been lovers, when she imprisoned him.

sonya said...

"friscogh said...We are obviously being led to beleive that Lukes father was a bad, bad man."

That has already been established back in the day, when Luke and Bobbie talked about it.

"Cosmoetica said...Luke and Helena have actually been lovers, when she imprisoned him."

What?! When was that?

LSV422 said...

Sonya, you got the line of the day for sure! Pretty good writing for a change, but Carly and Jakeson are a bore. I like the Julian and Sonny alliance. No way Fluke could have been a woman - that is impossible. Helena gorgeous as always. I actually watched 2 Perry Masons in one week in which CT appeared. In fact she was in at least a dozen and looks almost as good as she did then, over 50 yrs. ago. Jakeson and Fluke story lines dragging on too long. And Cosmo was right about Helena & Luke.

sonya said...

"LSV422 said...Sonya, you got the line of the day for sure!"

I did? :) Thanks. Hmmm. Which line?

LSV422 said...

Seattle Grace, of course! Robin and Patrick did get a lot of use out of the storage rooms, though, LOL.

sonya said...

"LSV422 said..Seattle Grace, of course! Robin and Patrick did get a lot of use out of the storage rooms, though, LOL."

Hahahaha. Dr O, Patrick, and Robin watch a lot of Gray's anatomy! :)

AntJoan said...

Um, don't you need money or insurance to get an appointment with a psychiatrist?

Sonny looks so cute in his prison duds . . .

I also CAN'T STAND Carly's yabbering on to Jake in the Metro Court. Of course he is fascinated with her, all men are, don't ask me why . . .