Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Ringing in 2015

20141230 0628(25)
Times a Wastin'! 

TICK TOCK....Tick Tock..only 3 shows of GH this week and they all revolved around New Year's Eve... This may be the shortest Sunday Surgery in history.

What should we have today? I'm thinking some of the ribs that Naxie ate and possibly champagne!

I really liked seeing Bradford Anderson again. I wish he'd come back to the show, even if recurring. He could live in PC, pop in now and again and Maxie could have an illusion of seeing Georgie. Heck, none of the other kids are on that often, so why not? 

20141231 0641(4)

Nathan and Maxie were running all over, missing each other. One takes a flight, the other goes the other way. Maxie gets her car towed. Someone ends up in Beecher's Corners. It is a riot however how much traveling they did in a few hours. Takes me a day to just drive to NYC when the weather is good! LOL.. Anyway, they DID make it to NYE and celebrated by eating ribs, soaking in the beauty of candles and rosepetals and of course, having zex. 

Sex was the operative word for GH this week. Who's hooking up with whom? Whom's hooking up with who? I'm sure grammar police will tell me.  

20141231 0724(49)
Do you recognize the tongue? 

Anna and Sloane
Shawn and Jordan
Duke and Lucy
Sam and Patrick
Liz and Ric
Carly and NuJaseFace
Olivia and Julian
Alexis and Ned
A bunch of extras fooling around.
20141231 0717(17)

20141231 0724(32)
Don't think this will end well 

Maxie and Nate 

Olivia and Julian
Liz and Ric 

People PRESUMED having sex but we didn't see:
Ned and Alexis
20141231 0724(4)

Duke and Lucy (I think they walked away??)
Jordan and Shawn 

Sam and Patrick. Of course, because they stood in the lobby and talked about it so long that they got phone calls telling them to get back to their respective kids. 

20141231 0707(2)
Yes, I do look like the second Emily Q
WEIRD THING THAT HAPPENED: Sloane was supposed to go to the party with this chick...but Nik met her in the elevator, they formed a bond and hung out the rest of the night. No idea if they left together but I'm thinking they did. And, look at that face. Emily 2.0 or what? Maybe Helena morphed the old Em into this new one? NO name yet on the show but spoilers say IVY. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I don't have a pic for it but I liked Olivia and Julian playing cards. It was cute and fun. They were drinking mini-bottles. WD can really act drunk well. He looked loaded! LOL 
20141231 0636(5)
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PROP OF THE WEEK:  The ol' 2015 glitter numbers! They were shown a LOT..prolly to remind us that it was THE NEW YEAR!! 

20141231 0722(15)

FACE OF THE WEEK: Maxie gets punked by Nate--he was really in the hallway!! Awww. 

So, that's it. I was major bored for the week. I get we need down time. I know people that like their soaps all romance and couples really loved this. Romance, funny situations and jealousy. The big take-aways: 
Naxie said it was going to be "their year" so you know some wrenches are coming their way.
Olivia and Jules hook up --thereby setting up Olivia being pregnant (she is in RL)
Patrick and Sam still didn't have sex
Carly thinks NuJase tastes yummy 
The Ribs are good. 


Michelle Latta said...

I loved the Naxie stuff but the thing about them missing each other..alot was a bit much. I too miss Spin, I would love to see him and Georgie come back, but not Ellie. Looking forward to an even better GH in 2015 and FINALLY the reveal of Fluke! They better not disappoint.

AntJoan said...

Yes, she definitely is NuEmily 2.0. As for the ribs and other food--wasn't anyone else struck by the fact that the food was sitting there for HOURS (actually, if the travel times had been done realistically, it would have been days!)? Ewwwww, my Mother always says 'Put it in the fridge right away, and NEVER leave out for more than 2 hours!). It is "WHO is doing what to WHOM. . . ., as who is the subject and whom is the object (yes, I was an editor before becoming a psychotherapist, so I do qualify as a grammar policewoman).

Re Maxie's daughter, does anyone know if she really is Spin's in RL? Also, does anyone know, did she have the hiccups, or what?

Cosmoetica said...



SaveOurSuds said...

I liked all the focus on romance we got last week. It was nice change from #Sonnyistheworst. That being said it did feel slightly clunky at times. Naxie continuing to miss each other was more annoyance than comedy considering all the stupid obstacles they have already been given as a new couple. The payoff was there but everything leading up to it needed to be dialed back. Same with the Jarly stuff. LW and BM have very good chemistry and are a much welcome alternative than the ill-adviced snoozefeast that is CarSon Part Whatever. But for the love of Pete all the heavy-handed dialog regarding St. Jasus is a total buzzkill. I feel like we got romance but a lot of the build up to it was a little messy. The best part of last week was really Julian and Oliviia’s drunken hook up which was surprisingly refreshing.

bobbyb said...

Regarding the new lady with Nicolas, I _believe_ the captioning referred to her as Ivy- I cannot check now as I deleted the episode after watching it.

I'm sure that there will be trouble down the road for Maxie & Nathan, but I hope the writers will let them be happy for at least the 1st part of the new year, cuz it was much effort to them finally being together. I really liked the 'hope' and optimism the 2 of them had.

I too thought the scene with Jules and Olivia playing cards in the hotel room was hilarious- it made me laugh out loud.

JasonRoks said...

Agree SaveOursuds! Nice to get away from prison for a week and all the GH felons as well as the Fluke BS. Loved the long New Years celebration. All the actors looked gorgeous. Glad Nik may have a new woman. They need to give him someone and a story. What a shame not to see him go to bed with someone that night. Would love to see him paired with Jordan. (or even Anna!). I'm happy to see Finola with anyone- even the curly chest hair guy. Maybe Silas and Anna... NuJason and Carly not doing it for me. She seemed so fake with him. Would rather have seen her with Ava/Sonny's baby and let Morgan take Kiki out that night.
Oliva and Julian were hysterical and could see that situation in real life happening. Looking forward to next week as it seems finally Bobbi notices something is off with her bro. DUH.

sonya said...

"Do you recognize the tongue?"

Apparently Carly didn't! :)

"No idea if they left together but I'm thinking they did. And, look at that face. Emily 2.0 or what?"

Oh the horror! The horror!!!

Anonymous said...

I like Carly. I know many don't. But she goes from spending weeks expressing her undying love for Sonny to stick her tongue down her employees throat. Inappropriate. Skank.

I am wondering if the new girl with the "instant" chemistry with Nicholas isn't really Anna, Sean Donnely's daughter? She was rumoured to be joining the cast. She was also rumoured to have some connection to Nathan.

I like the Anna and Sloan pairing but unfortunately the character of Sloan has already been written out.

As for pairing Anna with Silas as someone suggested poor Anna just got away from a boring, whiny man (Duke), why put her with another (Silas). Ive always seen a crazy chemistry between Anna and Patrick but I'm not sure about going there romantically. What I would love is for Jerry's involvement in this Fluke story (and Carly's poor mothering skills - living with Franco, getting arrested, etc.) to lead to Jax's return. Have Jax work with Anna to bring down Fluke, while trying to save his brother, and have a romance develop between Anna and Jax. That scenario would also give us some Jax/Helena and Jax/Robin scenes, drawing upon history. I would also like to see Anna as step mother to Carly's daughter...picture Carly and Anna tearing each other a new one!

My other option for Anna, bring back JimmyLee. Have JimmyLee try to take over ELQ. Rebuild the Quartermaine family and bring Anna back into Tracy's sphere.

sonya said...

"friscogh said...I like Carly. I know many don't. But she goes from spending weeks expressing her undying love for Sonny to stick her tongue down her employees throat. Inappropriate. Skank."

ROFL! Oh yeah! I forgot about Carly and her wuv for Sonny! Which she said she didn't want anybody else. Of course when it comes to Jason, that is different. :) Oh and I like Carly too. :)

"Have JimmyLee try to take over ELQ. Rebuild the Quartermaine family and bring Anna back into Tracy's sphere."

Oh Jimmy Lee!!! Yes bring him and his very tight pants back! :)

LSV422 said...

I think Jake has gotten rather dull since he left Liz's house. Don't see any chemistry with Carly, who really needs to shut up. I haven't seen her have any chemistry with anyone since Jax. Julian and Olivia were the highlight of the week for me.

Di said...

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