Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday and I'm Late!

ME TO CARLY!!!!!!!! 

I came in late, didn't see how Fluke got out of the basement without Bobbie/Michael seeing Luke, but I'm sure there was a "Good" reason.

Naxie is in bed..again. 

Sonny and Julian in the YARD. Shocker!! Sonny wants to go to the cops to help Luke..since the impostor is running around. The COPS? oy!

Tracy and Lulu had a good talk.

Meanwhile, Luke is acting like a grade-A Crypt Keeper and NO ONE Notices? Geesh.. He's all grumpy cat about the Clinic.. He doesn't even TALK LIKE THE OLD LUKE for Godsakes.
HE's all pissy about Bill owning the house. PAT IS NOT HAPPY! lol.. He wants to know how BILL ENDED up with the title. 

Jake tells Carly and Sam that Dr. Collins said that those memories were "the power of suggestion". 
Helena tells Jake to kill Sam.
YOU KNOW what's going to happen. I said it months ago. He wont' be able to and he'll have flashbacks and stuff. Yada yada.

TOMORROW the election scandal gets rolling. Felicia's in court, Scotty and Alexis are there too. 

****** My newest THEORY:  Pat is LUKE'S MOTHER-- and he didn't know it. She had twins and gave Fluke away. 
How's that? 

I'm just thinking out loud LOL


Stephanie Boudreaux said...

I agree with you completely about Pat! I think she had twins (Luke and Bill) and was too young to take care of them- giving Luke to her parents and Bill to the Eckerts.

Di said...

Sounds reasonable to me.

CareyN said...

I like this idea too, except then there's the Who's the Daddy issue. And also why would Bill be so pissed at Luke over this? Sounds like the Eckerts were pretty nice and Luke got the sh!t beat out of him by an alcoholic Tim Spencer. Even if Fluke/Bill were obsessed with "taking over the territory", I just don't see the motivation to torture Luke. Theories on that?

cooks7570 said...

Nancy's show started today 0n

AntJoan said...

Oh, an evil twin, how original of GH to think of that (not)!

Another "Children of the Corn" reference!! Also, NLG talking about Channel 7 interrupting regular programming, you know she meant ABC in NYC!!

I saw NLG's show trailer today, hadn't heard of it before, did anyone know about this?

delcodave said...

I still stand by my Fight Club theory. Luke and Fluke are one person. Luke is going through a severe guilt period over something he has done, (perhaps the death of Pat or Bill Eckart?) and the Fluke personality has come out.

My only other theory would be:

Tim and Lena Spencer had 4 children. Pat, the oldest, Twins Bill and Luke, and Bobbie. One day while playing in the yard, Luke accidentally hit Pat in the head with a baseball bat. Bill decided to take the fall for Luke. Drunk alcoholic Tim vowed to kill Bill for what he did to his little girl. Lena decided to send Bill to the Eckart relatives for fear of his life and to protect him. Pat went to a home for special needs individuals. Shortly after, Lena died of an appendix burst and Tim sent his other 2 children to Florida to live with Ruby. Pat is alive today (played by Susan Lucci, naturally) and is in a home for special needs adults as she cannot function on her own. Bill has recalled this event from his youth and has vowed to get revenge on Luke for what he did, by going after Sonny (Luke's best friend) and ELQ/Tracy (his wife). (Thus, Fluke is Bill Eckart)

I realize that both of my theories have tons and tons of holes and inconsistencies. This is just me thinking outloud. I expect the wubbers to dissect this and tear it apart limb by limb (preferably with the use of a baseball bat)

sonya said...

The hospital:

Carly and Sam: Yes Sam you are right, but you have no proof! You are so annoying shut up!!! Go get some proof and also, listen to Carly!

Jake Doe and Helena: Mmmmmm! Tasty delicious scene! LOVE IT!!!! I also love the way Jake Doe can't do anything unless Helena gives him permission! :)

Jail outside: Sonny knows now that there is a Fluke! YESSSSSSSSSSS! You can't do much from jail Sonny! Unless maybe you can call Michael.

Metrocourt: Gee Lulu. You are again at the Metrocourt to eat? :) Lookin for Johnny? :) Oh and there she is talking to Tracy about Johnny! You should try his house. I think he is home.

Naxie's home: They are still on their "honeymoon" Oh Nathan "kidnapped" Maxie! Poor Nathan is horny. ROFL. Maxie talking about Sam. WOW! When did Maxie become so smart and wise? Maxie brings up her mother and the votes!!! BAH! DID FELICIA WIN ALREADY OR WHAT?!

Spencer childhood home: Fluke wins the line of the day!

Fluke: You're trembling like a virgin at a nudist rodeo.

ROFL! I'm sure Tony Geary is enjoying this immensely! I don't think Fluke wants the clinic!!! He loves that bat though. :)

"Karen says HE's all pissy about Bill owning the house. PAT IS NOT HAPPY! lol.."

ROFL! No she is not!!!

"Karen says ****** My newest THEORY: Pat is LUKE'S MOTHER-- and he didn't know it. She had twins and gave Fluke away.
How's that?"

Well, that is fine with me, just as long as Pat is Bobbie's mother!! I don't want Bobbie and Luke to be aunt and nephew!!!

sonya said...

"delcodave said...My only other theory would be:"

Oh! I like your theory.

"Pat is alive today (played by Susan Lucci, naturally)"

Oh naturally! ROFL!

Di said...

AntJoan said:
I saw NLG's show trailer today, hadn't heard of it before, did anyone know about this?

I posted news about this and a link to the trailer a while back. No one commented on it at the time.

sonya said...

I just saw NLG's GH now first episode. It is hysterical! The person who can cry on cue quickly, Jason Thompson!!!! Hahahha. Fantastic!

JasonRoks said...

I want to watch the soap written by Delco, Steph and Karen. LOVE!!!

I so hope there is more backstory than some mob related thing.

The only piece I'll dissect is how does Fluke fit in with Helena?

ishouldreadmore said...

Tuc Watkins (David Vickers on OLTL) was on Major Crimes last night. The actor who plays Johnny Zakaras was on Major Crimes twice, playing a detective in the missing persons department. Guess Major Crimes is an employment project for former soap actors. LOL

soaplover said...

I already posted this a few chats ago but a while after everyone else had already posted.

Delcodave, there was a scene in the disco long ago when Luke opened up to Laura, and then was shaking his head at having told her his story at all, ('I never talk about this to anyone'), but she is all sympathy and touched. I have the scene on tape. Anyway, it went like this:

Luke tells Laura the story of how his mother was ill (appendicitis) but felt she couldn't afford to go to the doctor and she died of a burst appendix. His drunken, abusive father looked at her body 'like she'd disappointed him', tossed his empty booze bottle in a corner and walked out, leaving the kids to deal with it. (Luke was maybe 13, Bobbie 8 or 9 I think). Luke and Bobbie hid from the authorities (social workers), he stole food for them and finally managed to get them to Florida to Aunt Ruby. Luke mentioned how older sister Pat was being abused so she left home early and they never heard from her again. All this came out in one scene between Tony and Genie in the disco one night. It was back story, not seen.

We later assumed: Apparently, they lived in Ruby's house of prostitution and she took care of them. Luke later was doing errands for the mob and Bobbie began to turn tricks. Ruby was fond of her girls and often reminisced about them when she lived on Elm St later. Had photos of them on her door. I remember Jennifer Smith asking about the photos once and Ruby fluffing it off.

I guess they could re-write history, but Cartini has been reluctant to do that--though he does seem to pick and choose the history he cares to use.

Many years ago I did an interview with TG and we talked about this, and he remembered it this way.

Anonymous said...

All this talk of a clinic. What about the Emily Bowen Quartermaine clinic that Nicholas opened? Have not heard any mention of it in years.

Cosmoetica said...
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Cosmoetica said...

****** My newest THEORY: Pat is LUKE'S MOTHER-- and he didn't know it. She had twins and gave Fluke away.
How's that?


Karen- your own comments section has been filled w this for weeks.

I tend to agree w Delco after yesterday. How cd Bobbi and Mikey NOT hear Luke making a noise when Fluke came up?

I think they're one and the same.

Cosmoetica said...

Interesting tidbit, Soaplover. A poster at the IMDB board had a link to a video interaction from 1978 when Bobbi met Mrs. Middleton.

Great to see old time fans kicking ass.

Cosmoetica said...

Here's one. A poster on IMDB mentioned this long forgotten fact:

Bill and Jenny Exkert had a long forgotten brother named Mario!


sonya said...

"soaplover said...there was a scene in the disco long ago when Luke opened up to Laura, and then was shaking his head at having told her his story at all, ('I never talk about this to anyone'),"

Maybe Cartini saw that scene recently or whenever, or remembered it, and decided to bring the storyline up again!