Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New NAXIE!

12 minutes into the show and LITERALLY NOTHING has happened that didn't happen Friday. People kissing, people jealous. zzzzzzzz

Naxie talks about Spinelli....blah blah. She doesn't think she deserves Nathan. She didn't think she deserved Spin OR Levi. But they end up doing it. Nate lit about 900 candles and put rose petals out. "2015 will be our year" awwww

Liz and Ric do it. Finish up--then Anna knocks. Just like she did to arrest him. WHOOPS wrong room. Chuckle. She goes to Sloane's room, he's got his shirt off and is all oily. She cries about Faison and why she did what she did.

Sam and Pat go to his house, Well not quite, they talk so long, their phones both ring while they are in the lobby of the Metro.

Carly tells Jake about being in the panic room and Jason rescuing her. Then she talks about Jason...and the first time they slept together.
Carly gives Jake a free room.

Olivia and Julian play cards in the room. Then they make out and get in bed.

Ned and Alexis talk about Olivia. Did I miss where Ned all of a sudden liked Olivia ?? Nevermind, don't care.  They end up kissing.  Going to bed. (I think)


friscogh said...

The Mayor was to assume office New Years Day. Do we know yet whether Felicia is Mayor?

LSV422 said...

Carly seems to have forgotten the heinous things Sonny & Jason have done. Maxie was so full of life and Nathan was wooden (no pun intended) as always. Olivia and Julian were fun. Not an exciting day by any means.

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Good point, friscogh. Longest. Recount. Ever. Even the hanging chad debacle of 2000 didn't take this long to resolve.

AntJoan said...

I swear I am not a robot.

sonya said...
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sonya said...

Nathan and Maxie's home: They are so cute together! This is more like it! Oh oh now Maxie is whining. UGH! Thanks for ruining the scene Maxie! Get yourself some self esteem and confidence! Oh so now they have sex. But I don't think Maxie enjoyed it all that much by how she is acting! ROFL!


Carly and Ric: BAHAHHAHA! Oh Carly!:) You think you should be forgiven with everything you did in your past, and Ric can't be? Oh look now Carly is gushing about Saint Jason!

Carly and Jake Doe: Gee Carly, after you two kissed, didn't it seem familiar to you?

Julian, Ned, and Olivia: Julian wins the line of the day!

Julian: Yeah she's very giving.

ROFL! And his dead pan face hahahaha!

Ric's room: YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! So happy! Oh oh Anna shows up! Deja vu hahahha! Oh wow did the metrocourt get new robes?! I love the new robe!!!!

Mr. Yum Yum's room: Woah Anna got hit by how sexy Mr Yum Yum is without a shirt! Did you see the look on her face?!:) Come on you two don't argue! And do the mattress dance!

Julian and Olivia's room: Sex time with them!!! When Olivia was laying on the bed and they were playing cards, I saw a baby bump! :)

Alexis and Ned's room: I love them together, but not like this! Alexis is still in love with Julian! Come on Ned! BAH!

Sam and Patrick: Oh damn. Close but yet so far! Maybe next time they can have sex.

sonya said...

AntJoan said...I swear I am not a robot.

Oh damn! I thought you were! ROFL! I didn't know what you were talking about at first, until I saw at the bottom the I'm not a robot captcha! Hahaha!

soaplover said...

We complain there is no romance--then we get a whole day of it and still complain!

Actually it's the off-couples that bother us. Julian does not belong with Olivia (They just don't fit somehow), and while Ned and Alexis were nearly married once, that early magics seems missing since she has so much of it with Julian.

Carly and nuJason: no no no. That was totally uncomfortable. Time someone told this guy that Jason was a hit man, a mob enforcer, a collector of protection money, etc. Carly just rapsodizes about him saving her, caring for her, and on and on. She forgets the cold-blooded, two-gun way he carried out coward Sonny's orders, doing the bad deeds Sonny didn't have the stomach for. Of course, what I really hope for is that this Jason is different, but it doesn't look like it is headed that way. He's going to be as boring as ever.

I think they are keeping Patrick and Sam from the sheets because Robin is due for a visit. Again.

I do NOT want to see Anna with that sour-attitude agent. She can do MUCH better!

sonya said...

"I do NOT want to see Anna with that sour-attitude agent. She can do MUCH better!"

I'm sure she can thaw him out. De sour him. :)ROFL

nance24 said...

did anyone else think agent Sloane's chest hair was really strange looking??? lol

kdmask said...

It was weird but we aren't used to seeing chest hair anymore!! LOL

sonya said...

"kdmask said...It was weird but we aren't used to seeing chest hair anymore!! LOL"

ROFL! True! The only person I know who has chest hair, is Tristan Rogers! :) And I'm used to that! :)

friscogh said...

Soaplover - the problem I have with the "romance" is that it seems like an after thought, something that often seems forced on us or takes place off screen, something that is used as a plot point but is never the story itself.

The Olivia and Ned relationship has not been given time to develop but we are suppose to care about it? The Kev/Lucy/Scotty/Bobby thing seems to have all happened off screen. Nicholas meets some chick on the elevator and viewers are told they had an instant connection - I guess that is our cue we are suppose to care. monica finally has a relationship and it is all off screen. Ric returns and he and Liz spend romantic days together...offscreen.

I want romance but I want to see it develop, not be told about it.

soaplover said...

I agree--and that was my point. People were with the wrong people, no development, no chance to follow along as a couple discovers their feelings. Geeze, people falling suddenly into bed is not romance. The best soap romance ever, Luke and Laura, took a year to get to that point and we watched every day just to catch each little nuance of feeling, each tingling touch, etc. It was tantalizing and fascinating.

As for Ned and Alexis--I don't believe much is happening there. We KNOW she is in love with Julian and we can guess Ned is more taken with Olivia than he has figured out yet. I would hate to see her pregnant by this casual night with Julian--HATE it.

And you are right--TPTB are doing TOO much of the good stuff off stage...