Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Back to Reality

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The Poster Time-Lapse was cool 
I must write a bit more about yesterday just because I can. :) SO... I watched again and as a "stand alone show" the twists and back up/forwards were interesting. I enjoyed the vets. Yes I did. HOWEVER-- it really makes no sense to me why this wasn't a running story on/off through summer to November (then have the recount/scandal). I GET that the vets are allowed on that much due to budget. Shoving them all on just one day though? I don't know how I feel about that.   I say reign back some of the other character GINORMOUS airtime a bit and put these people in now and again. Maybe that's a scheduling nightmare, I don't know.  Having Sonny and Carly do convo 5,000 instead of showing Mac, Flea and Maxie at home once or twice over the holidays would sit better with me. This is the problem with a huge cast. Unless the 'other' players are woven in seamlessly you end up with--well, what we got yesterday. Chaos.  


Anna clears out her desk and Sloane is pissy with her. He's like "I didn't know you were gonna get fired" (We know that's a lie)

Helena is talking to Nikolas about ELQ. Said Jerry Jacks gave her the ELQ stocks.  She's so happy he rigged the election...but why did he do it? Well, in a nutshell, Nik's soul is still tortured over Emily. He's only been a fool with other women. She's dead so he may as well be bad. Bad Bad. 
And, anyway Sloane told him he'd look the other way about Spencer having the ballot box. 

Jake gets a gun on his bed from Helena I guess. Carly wants to talk to him. OMG she comes in and Cries "It's Michael" and hugs St. Jake. UGHhhhhhhhh GO AWAY CARLY!!!! 

Sam is looking on  a computer and Pat catches her. They talk about her looking at Jake and being crazy over thinking he's the masked guy.  Pat and Sam are going to do it. "tonight" 

Michael wants to hire Rosie at the clinic.  Rosie says "I'm not a real nurse". Wow, didn't see THAT coming a mile away. LOL. About everyone in this blog did! Michael's assistant quit!! So guess what? Rosie can do that job!! 

And, come to find out, She's working for HELENA! Yep. Maybe she's a Cassadine? 

Naxie: Maxie wants her apartment back and for Nate to move out. She wants to go "slow"


  1. I have assumed that Rosalie's big secret would be that she's related to one of the many villains involved in the endless mob/ELQ takeover story. A rather boring huge secret isn't it?

  2. I could be alone in this but... I really like the new Jason. I know its kind of slow but I like how he is slowly being introduced because I feel like it gives him time to make the character his.

  3. Can SOMEONE PLEASE explain to me WHY anyone tampered with the ballot box? Why did Lucy steal it in the first place, why did Nik burn the ballots? I don't understand this at all . . . No one knew what was in it, it was sealed, so what motive was there to steal it?

  4. There is an interview in TV Guide with Jane, Finola, Nancy, Maura and Michelle.

  5. Lucy did it because she didn't think Felicia would win the Elm Street area
    I guess she really wanted Flea to win?

  6. I know GH and the storylines can be bizarre and sometimes they just don't make that much sense (case in point, yesterday's show), but I'm loving the show now. Having Helena on in a major story helps, obviously, but I enjoy the villains and the campy over-the-top stuff. Bring on the crazies! LOL BTW, that shade of green is a great color on Connie Towers/Helena.

  7. Wyndemere: Oh Nik!!!! Whining about Emily?! UGH! She wasn't all that now cut that out! Don't make me smack you! He did win the line of the day though.

    Nik: I am sick of trying to be good. Suppressing everything that comes natural to me. And I'm done with it. It's time to be a Cassadine now.

    Oh now THAT is sexy! :) Helena wants Nik to seduce BrookLynn to get the ELQ shares! ROFL! Well I rather him work on getting ELQ shares, than chase after Liz or whine over Emily!

    Anna's former office: Oh come on Anna and Mr Yum Yum! Stop arguing and kiss! Then have sex!!


    Carly and Michael: Oh -0 degree weather in that room!!! Brrrrrr!!! :)

    Rosalie and Michael: ROSALIE! :) Where have you been girl?!!?!?! Not a nurse?!!?!?! No say it ain't so!! That was anti climatic ROFL! I already knew that Rosalie. Hmmm Sam must have two black jackets, and Rosalie borrowed Sam's other jacket. Oh going to work for Michael! OH SHE IS HELENA'S SPY! Delicious! :)

    Jake Doe's room: Hmmm have gun will travel! Oh oh and here comes Carly whining about Michael. Boo hoo. He won't forgive me. Boo hoo he hates me. Everytime she has a problem she is going to run to Jake Doe?! Just like she did with Jason!

    Doc's office: Love how Patrick caught Sam hahahha. She is coving her eyes! Peek a boo Patrick! Peek a boo! :)

    Patrick: I just want my Sammy back. Welcome back Sammy.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Nathan's home: Oh they are back in bed again! It's interesting that Maxie is living with her parents. Wow they are talking way too much! No more sex? Oh there ya go. I'm surprised Nathan didn't end the conversation earlier. Hmmmm Maxie doesn't want to live with Nathan because she doesn't want to rush into anything. WOW! Has Maxie changed and has actually learned from her past relationship mistakes?!!?!! :)

    "Karen says The Poster Time-Lapse was cool"

    Yeah I thought it was cool too!

  8. It's obvious.

    Rosalie is Patricia's granddaughter.

    Because every guess/spoiler/speculation HAS to do with Patricia.

  9. Ron C. did an interview in SOD where he explains why they did that self-contained episode, how so many other stories were going on w/the Carly-Franco wedding, Ava's baby, the prison stuff, so they put that on the back burner and then revisited it in that flashback episode. They even wanted to use Levi but the actor was in Australia and not available.

    Maybe I missed it but how did Sloane know Spencer found the ballot box? If Nikolas burned the ballots then what was inside for them to count? Did he just burn Felicia's votes? How lucky for Helena that everyone involved in her plot does exactly what she plans. Suppose Michael didn't think Rosalie would be a good assistant and never offered her the job? This kind of scheming is a soap staple, but I feel like we are taking it too far here when every single thing the villains plan comes out perfectly. Everyone is Helena's puppet and she's just pulling the strings but it is getting silly for me.

    Carly - ugh, leave Jake/Jason alone, the entire world does not care about your problems!