Tuesday, January 20, 2015


And. Jake sees himself with Sam..ergo, he's not gonna kill her. Let alone Paddy. SHOCKER!!!!!!! Giant SHOCKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
SamTRick go into the shower ... Jake pokes around, sees himself on top of Sam in a flashback and finds her wedding ring beside the bed in a cup.  He sees the Chinese Dragon thing on the sideboard. He goes into the shower and....
cries and leaves. 
Goes out side, has vertigo and falls down.

I think Nikolas is totally setting Helena up for a fall. He'll get the Q shares and thwart her plans.
This Luke convo is ridiculous. Like right he'd team up with Helena after she's tried a million times to kill his entire family.

Best part of today? Johnny and Maxie..and Brandon and Kirsten.awww. They talked about a "planned baby" and if he had a baby girl, he'd name her Harper!! TOO CUTE! KS looks so good. Remember right before she left for a bit? So worried about her. Now look at her!! She's just in such good health. 

Lulu and Olivi and Dante and Nate. Blabber ..exposition of yesterday.

Sonny and Julian figure out he might be Bill Eckert. Sonny explains Bill would hate him too because of his involvement with Frank Smith. He's going to prove it's Bill. 

Bradford Anderson is back for a bit on GH. Hope for a good long while. Georgie will be home too! 


  1. I think it must not be Bill since Sonny is always wrong.

  2. Pentonville: Sonny wins the line of the day!

    Sonny: Johnny! I thought you would never call. Sorry your flunky can't come to the phone right now. Oh I gotta go. Cus I got to you know save the minutes. Bye!


    Haunted Star: I love their scene!!! Johnny wants a daughter named Harper some day?!!?! Awww their real life daughter!! Sweet!!! Johnny wants to be with Maxie haha. Why Johnny? Trying to get Lulu jealous? :) Poor Johnny hasn't had sex in 2 years!!!! Long time! Poor guy!

    Kelly's: Dante whining to Nathan about Lulu! Time for some flowers! Oh Nathan and Maxie! Time for some sex!

    Lante home: Olivia is tired! Oh oh she is pregnant?! :) Well anyway I saw the actress's baby bump! :) Lulu whining to Olivia about Dante. Lulu pretending to be sleeping! ROFL! Gee Lulu what are you 12?

    Sam's home: Patrick and Sam are in the after glow, but I didn't hear any moaning, or Sam screaming out Patrick's name. Jake Doe did you? He must not have. He was too busy pointing the gun at them and his eyes were darting all over the place. Oh shower time! I can hear their echos ROFL!

    Pier: Hmmm yes I definitely think Nik is faking to Helena!!! Oh oh poor Jake Doe! He just hurled himself at the steps and now he passed out! He's pregnant!!!

    "Karen says has vertigo and falls down."


  3. I'm thinking at this point is probably not Bill Eckert. That would be too obvious. I hope it's not D.I.D. because that's been so D.O.N.E. with the Kate/Connie storyline. I am getting a bit of a sibling vibe between Hells and Fluke, though. None of the sexual tension that existed between Hells and Luke. Like you said, Karen, curiouser and curiouser... Glad you're feeling better :)

  4. Loved Maxie & Johnny! KS looked fabulous. I do like seeing Cassadines on my screen-hoping Nik is going to bust them.

  5. Brandon and Kirsten's daughter harper will be playing Georgie soon on the show.

  6. "cooks7570 said..Brandon and Kirsten's daughter harper will be playing Georgie soon on the show."

    What?! Where did you hear that?!

  7. Awww...The other little one looks so much like Spinelli. But I guess it would be easier for Kirsten to interact with her own child, and more profitable too. lol

    Sonya said: " He's pregnant!!! "

    But who's the mother?!!! ROFL

  8. "Di said...But who's the mother?!!! ROFL"

    I have no idea! They impregnated him at the clinic! ROFL!

  9. Does Maxie even have a job?

    Regarding whether Helena knows about the real Luke in the basement - it could be that Fluke told Helena he has the real Luke held captive, but Helena wouldn't dirty her high heels to go inside such a dreary house, so she takes him at his word that he has Luke, when in reality there is no Fluke and Luke, just Luke. I'm still rooting for there being one Luke and he thinks he is Fluke but there is really no one in the basement, since we've never seen "Luke" by himself held captive, only with "Fluke." I think I've thought way too much about this ;-)! I hope it is coming to a conclusion soon and that the payoff is worth it. I think the most shocking would be there is only one Luke.

  10. I just loved that scene with Maxie and Johny. I think sonny's reason that Bill would be after him was kind of flimsy

  11. Got it at Dish All Day which has tapping info.

  12. "cooks7570 said...Got it at Dish All Day which has tapping info."

    Hmmm. Did it say when their daughter will go on GH?