Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Frozen Ground

-Here we go! Another week closer to the FLUKE REVEAL! (If you care). I do have to say that GH has a hell of a powerhouse cast. It's huge--but the actors are just awesome. I do enjoy watching them work every day, even if the stories lag and drag for a bit. 
20150123 0734(17)
Where's MY BUDDY!? 
It's been a long 5 days, imo. Long long long. The Haunted Star is back out of storage, Naxie spent hours in bed again, Jake had a head bump, Carly found a gun, a grave got dug and of course, the days of wine and phones at the state pen and mental hospital appeared. 

I'm having Greek Yogurt in honor of the Cassadines. Ouzo anyone? 

20150120 0712(6)

This is the triangle waiting to happen--- if you don't count the OTHER triangle waiting to happen--(Maxie Dante Johnny). Lulu asserted her independence and was "the woman" all week. I do love having Johnny back, even if it means the bloated cast goes up by one. With Spinelli coming as well and both 'short term' I can deal. The Haunted Star is also the big focus. Who knew Lulu still worked there or even cared about it? Hmmmm. Not me. She even hires Morgan to bartend.
Which, you know..he and Kiki did in college. But as I recall, Morgan was at college and Kiki was "online"..which was really Ava, taking his gambling money. Plus, is he 21?   Ok, I'm OVER THINKING this. but it bothers me. 

20150120 0715(3)

These two blabbed on the docks...instead of say, a nice cozy place Hells could have arranged. We found out Fluke hates the name Jake and he has more accents in his speech patterns. At one point, I swear he was doing Billy Bob Thorton.  Hells gives her "soldier boy" a mission and he...
FAILS! WOW! REALLY?????? He fails????? Geesh, there's a shocker. 

20150120 0715(28)

Yep, Jake Mask face goes in to kill Sam (who's getting it on with Paddy) but wait!! Like every other PC hitman, he can't quite finish the job.  Illusionary Robin comes in to have a chat with him. Did you like Kim's bangs?  Jamey from DC compared her to Dora..heh.  Anyway, Jake continues to go upstairs and goes into the room while Sam and Patrick are in the shower. The banter that KM and JT did while they were in there was cute.  Jake looks around, sees "himself" with Sam in the bed and takes the Phoenix. 

20150121 0821(17)
AH, the PHOENIX!!!!!!! You know I was just tingling with excitement over the whole adventure. I laughed, I cried....I created a diary for the thing.  That's how this week went.

20150122 0647(13)

For you Sam Trickers. They were cute together, but I must say that the writers are acting like she never was in love with Silas. (and she was according to what I saw)...and just decided to do it for the first time since Jaysus died.  When she talked to Alexis at Kelly's it was very weird. Very much the "so glad you decided to let go and take the plunge" type talk.  That's what bothered me the most. 

20150120 0745(14)

Sonny on the other hand, spent his days chatting on the ever-charged mobile phone in Pentonville. Between the stupid fight with the stupid Goonies and that, you know I became unhinged. I just can't with this. They aren't even TRYING. I mean, not even a little. Then Sonny declares "We gonna bust outta here" and I die.  Sonny was calling Fluke..and Michael trying to warn him. Michael was like "screw you". Sonny found out Fluke was working with Helena and he thinks he's Bill Eckert. Wants Shawn to dig up a grave.  Hey, at least Franco came on Friday to add to the fun.  RH always sparkles. 

20150123 0736(10)

Getting to the grave digging action, Shawn gets on his cemetery uniform (jump suit) and gets to work. Being the middle of January in WNY, he takes care to bundle himself well in..a pair of work boots. Jordan is sneaking around and catches him. They chat a bit..he says "you're a cop"..she goes "no I'm not" and that's that. Shawn takes 2.3 minutes to dig in the loose, non frozen soil and reaches the coffin. Of course, it ends when they open the lid.  Let's just not even get into the possibility of actually DOING that but rather discuss what could be in the coffin.
1. Bones. I am thinking at after 20 years and obviously no lead-lining or crypt type sleeve for the coffin, ol' Bills going to be pretty unrecognizable. Will Shawn take a bone for DNA or just assume it's Eckert?
2. No Bones. Could mean two things; Eckert is alive---or he never got buried in the first place and he's 'resting' elsewhere. Of course, the last possibility is that someone robbed the grave a few years ago in anticipation that this may happen and he is really dead. 
ALL of the above leading me to...
YAWN LOL.  It's obvious the story has shifted since it began. It's also obvious that Geary is throwing every one off with his ever-changing weird accents. Is he a Cassadine? Why is he so chummy with Hells? Is he really having a DID thing and he's not even really two people? What about all the history of the Spencers and Pat talk? What about that reaction to the Jake name? What ..why who? And why is Tracy still being an idiot? Dom Z was interviewed by either SOD or SID and said the reveal will be a 'shocker". Ergo, the Bill thing may be off.  Because that certainly wouldn't be a shocker. 

On the other end of the Jail, Ava sat and stewed while Nina's mother goaded her. Some jail guard threatened her with a knife. At Miscavage, Nina and Heather play Battleship and forge a friendship. Heather offers to be her "mother" but tells her that her name is Diana Taylor. She doesn't want her to know she's Franco's mama.  Franco calls Nina. They talk. 

20150122 0738(9)
Got any Cheetos in here ??
Other stuff that happened: Michael caught Shawn trying to pry open the basement door. Called the cops and got a restraining order. Olivia talked to Lulu. Liz was around..she and Carly blabbed for a bit. Lucas took a job at the Clinic. He also found the Phoenix on the docks and put it in his pocket. Jake went to GH after passing out and Carly found his gun and mask. Fluke's planning a Haunted Star party (big sweeps event no doubt). Morgan and Kiki were taking care of Coco, Donna Mills was on. 

20150121 0727(9)
You had SPINELLI'S BABY?????/
SCENE OF THE WEEK:  A little nod to the real life couple of KS and BB. It was cute and full of fun. From the Harper reference to the flirting, I loved it.

20150121 0818(30)

PROP OF THE WEEK: Ok, you all thought I'd give it up for the Phoenix. Thing is, I already talked about it a ton and even gave it a blog post all it's own. So, in light of the fact it's head is getting big, I am going to choose this 2004ish syle cell phone. Not only was it used to the MAX ALL week, it stayed charged and apparently, has a pretty good signal for the middle of a jail. 

20150120 0703(8)

FACE OF THE WEEK: Jake gets a jolt in the head when he sees himself in Jaysus' photo.  His eyes got huge and he plopped on the sofa. Thought he might throw up too. 

You all know what I'm going to say. Half the cast was off for about a month, now brought back, along with Heather. Ric is still nto around, Ned's MIA--and poor Monica hasn't interacted with Jake. Molly and TJ? Whatever.  This is going to be over soon, the newest previews has all hello breaking loose.  I'm still wondering how the  everyone is going to get out of jail.  It had better be plausable !! (ok, I laughed when I said that)

Hope you are warm..and not snowed in. We are just freezing here with about 5-6 on the ground. Nothing big for the area. Of course...we aren't out digging in the dirt with a shovel. 


  1. The Luke MPD and the body found being Pat Spencer's are the two ideas gaining momentum in the GHosphere.

  2. Yeah, I know about the Schizo or DID Or MPD thing-- you know IF they go there it means "Luke" has been doing this for like 20 years and I'm sure they'll make stuff up. PLUS I am so hoping that Sonny and Ava weren't mind controlled to kill. I would just scream!

    What's your take Cosmo?

  3. I despise the stupid happy meal toys and Sam's whining about them. Of course I was just getting to like her again, with Paddy, then this out of nowhere "she's finally moving on" thing...the writing is just so terrible.

    Donna Mills was on?? LOL! I didn't even notice....or care.

    Karen, you nailed it with the BILLY BOB accent Fluke was sportin' this week. *eyeroll

  4. The only reveal that would be a 'shocker' at this point is if Fluke is actually AJ.

    That conversation between Sam and her mother was actually uncomfortable.

  5. Anybody notice since Sam and Patrick are an item that her"girls"aren't on display-- much more lady like. LOL

  6. the week was shorter for me since I fast forwarded all of the Sam/Patrick stuff. Never, ever going to like them together. More than ready for the Fluke thing to end.

  7. I don't think there is anything that would be shocking about the Puke reveal at this point. The Kate/Connie thin is so recent that a split will be been there , done that. And that seems more likely than ill Eckert at this point. Maybe if it turns out to be Casey the Alien having assumed a new human form I might be shocked.

  8. It is kinda odd that Fluke talked like an aristocrat a couple weeks ago, and now BillyBob.

    I am dismayed with Sam and Patrick because I really liked Sam with Silas, Silas being one of my favorites.

    A great deal happened this week, so nothing is really dragging, but it IS time for the big Luke reveal.

    In SID it was said that Franco and Nina were heading toward redeption. That would be fine for Franco, but could we please just leave Nina in the nuthouse? This is a character I could sure do without!

  9. Great Sunday Surgery. I actually loved this week and see much more intermingling of characters in the huge cast. At last there are explanations for where some of them are when we don't see them. (Ric and Molly still shopping in NYC). But there are a ton of them and they are all outstanding for the most part.
    Like the Robin surprise this week and her bangs. Billy is growing on me.

    The SamTrick stuff is a good pairing but the convo with Alexis was odd. Why don't they bring up Silas? I was expecting Sam to say, "At least he didn't do me from behind on a desk like Silas!"

    It sure seems like the Fluke reveal has to happen soon- Feb sweeps- I'm still hoping for him to be Pat- but the AJ angle would sure be a shocker. The DID thing isn't making sense any longer. On OLTL Viki and Niki were never together at the same time right? Or rarely and when it was they knew they were split. Feeling really sorry for the real Luke in the basement. Maybe they can braid his hair soon - he looks like Heat Miser. Any way to keep Nik involved is good with me. I hope he's a big part of the take down.

    Enjoying the Phoenix saga

    Also really enjoyed the Heather/Nina crazy house talk. and missed RH big time. Maybe he'll reveal he's really Todd and was brainwashed to think he was Franco soon.

  10. Awww I didn't even think of baby dragon!!! Baby dragon misses his brother Phoenix! Poor dragon. :(

    "Karen says For you Sam Trickers. They were cute together, but I must say that the writers are acting like she never was in love with Silas."

    McSilas who?!!?!?!

    "he says "you're a cop"..she goes "no I'm not" and that's that. Shawn takes 2.3 minutes to dig in the loose, non frozen soil and reaches the coffin."

    Karen that is hysterical the way you said it! ROFL!

    Shaun: You're a cop!

    Jordan: No I'm not!!

    Shaun: Okay.


    "if you don't count the OTHER triangle waiting to happen--(Maxie Dante Johnny)."

    What?!!?! Dante and Maxie? Ewww no! ROFL!

  11. "Di said...That conversation between Sam and her mother was actually uncomfortable."

    Yeah it was! ICK! Altho that highfive that Alexis wanted to give cracked me up!!! ROFL! And Sam with her no don't you dare! ROFL!

  12. Does anyone here watch Revenge? Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller) is on this season. She's fabulous!

  13. "Cosmoetica said...The Luke MPD"

    What is MPD?

  14. sonya, MPD is multiple personality disorder also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder.

  15. "Di said...sonya, MPD is multiple personality disorder also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder."

    Oh! I heard of both of them, but never heard of shortened MPD.

  16. I'm probably the only one on this board who has actually dug up a grave (I'm an archaeologist). If there are only just bones I'm calling Bulls@#t! I've excavated graves more than 100 years old and there are still hair and skin and other bits after that long with only a plain wood coffin. I'm assuming Bill would have been embalmed so he'd be pretty much intact even without a concrete vault liner or a sealed metal casket. Also how was that grave only about two feet deep?

    I can also vouch that soil in New England is frozen. I just came back from a project in Newport, Rhode Island and the soil there is frozen to a depth of eleven inches.

  17. I hate that Bill wd join Rick Webber and Frisco in the rape line, but I still think it's Bill. They'll give him sheeze reasons.

    One person on IMDB suggested that Bill found out he and uke are Pat's twins and he dug up Pat's grave, and is doing the Psycho thing.

    I'd prefer the MPD thing, as overused as it is.

    Bu I hope they twist it, that maybe the Luke we've seen is really Bill all along, and he's now regretting that he killed real Luke.

  18. I was disappointed to see Franco and Nina back on the screen. I knew they weren't gone forever, but for me it was so nice without them, I don't think the show suffered without them at all. I can't abide RoHo's shtick with the fast babbling, I just don't find it/him quirky or funny.

    GH has never gone for the macabre and I don't know if RC and FV ever went there on OLTL, but it literally gave me shivers when it was suggested that a dead Pat Spencer was in the basement, not Luke. I wonder if the show would actually have a dead body a la Norman Bates' mother from Psycho! This has been going on for a long time but I really want to find out who Fluke is and I'm getting excited to see if it will truly be a shocker.

  19. "Cosmoetica said...I hate that Bill wd join Rick Webber and Frisco in the rape line,"

    Wait.. What? What do you mean?

  20. Rick's and Frisco's characters were both raped by tptb.