Thursday, January 22, 2015


Naxie spending a ton of time in bed--and now they are talking about Maxie and Johnny's past. 

Carly finds the mask and gun in Jake's bag. HE's like that's not a gun. Maybe he thinks it's salami. Carly figures out he probably did kidnap Sam but won't tell 

Alexis and Sam at lunch talking about Patrick's schlong. AND THE PHOENIX!! THE PHOENIX! 
Long story short, Lucas finds it, puts it in his coat.

Shawn is going to dig up Bill Eckert. That should go well. In January.  Jordan catches him. Yawn

sOk, I've had it with this jail shit. If you are going to have "Jail" stuff, at least TRY TO make it 2 or 3% real. Jules and Sonny are like in a cafe somewhere, chatting on the phone. I get it's a soap. But this is insulting and stupid. Either put Sonny away or don't. Don't half ass it so badly I want to scream.


And..Sonny and Jules are gonna BUST OUTTA HERE!!!!! ahahaaha 


  1. Karen, in "The Shawshank Redemption", the poster was Rita Hayworth, NOT Raquel Welch. Raquel is pretty, but Rita was a beauty in a class by herself. :)

  2. This is getting beyond ridiculous. Sonny knows how to solve the Fluke problem...."We're gonna bust outta here.."

    Gad...It's beyond stupid. Why doesn't he just have someone kill Fluke! ( Anyone but Shawn, that is. Spencer could probably do a better job than him. lol)

  3. Raquel's poster was hanging up when Andy breaks out. Rita Haywoth is the first poster, Marilyn Monroe is the second, Raquel Welch is the last one. Haven't seen show since Tue, so I have no idea why this was brought up.

    If anybody watches Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Ellie Trout played a flight attendant in last weeks show.

  4. At least pay for a cameo by Crazy Eyes or Red. I mean really, Red would have a field day with the Port Chuckians. Hell. Even Crazy Eyes would be more badassery than Frick and Frack.

  5. NOPE...Raquel Welch was up there, he switched them. It was when she was in like 6---BC or whatever

  6. and thank you SKEEBOB!! :)

    Sonny and Julian are GONNA BUST OUTTA JAIL!!
    So, I'm giving them a spoon and a poster to get out SHawshank Style

  7. Kelly:s Okay Alexis and Sam talking about Sam's sex life, is gross, but Alexis wanting to high five was hysterical! ROFL! Scene of the day! I hope this wins scene of the week during Sunday Sugary! :) Anyway, Alexis wins the line of the day!

    Alexis: I was just stretching.


    Pentonville: Oh now Sonny and Fluke are bonding!! Julian looks jealous. When Sonny called him Bill Ekart, Fluke got a confused look on his face. Maybe he isn't Bill. He is PAT!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Jake Doe's room: They changed the scene. Yesterday, Carly had the bag away from the bed, and today, Carly put the bag on Jake Doe's bed. Poor confused Jake Doe! His brain is scrambled! Where is Hannibal Lecter when you need him?

    Lucas and Michael: Oh they are gonna go to the nightmare on Elm Street house! Oh Carly sees them! Michael looks like he is about to puke!

    The pier: Jordan, Shaun, Duke, don't you hear baby Phoenix crying?!!?!! Come on people look down!!! The poor thing is lost and wants to be with his mommy!!!!

    Baby Phoenix crying:

    Poor Phoenix! :(

    Michael and Lucas don't you hear him crying?!!! Lucas is so sweet to Michael! You can talk to me Michael and I won't defend Carly or Sonny. Awwwww! I hope Michael takes him up on that! I mean Michael is your uncle! Hmmm strange because they look the same age ROFL! Oh look! Lucas found Phoenix! YAY!!! Lucas is a hero! Oh oh Fluke wants Michael and Lucas at the haunted Star! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT'S A TRAP!

    Bill Ekart grave: Oh boy! Open that grave right up!!! But first you have to be distracted by Jordan's footsteps!

    Maxie's home: More sex with Nathan!!!! More talking before they have sex again!!!!

    "Karen says HE's like that's not a gun. Maybe he thinks it's salami"


  8. Sorry I misremembered. Does this mean I have to watch tomorrow without fast-forwarding thru the parts I don't like?????