Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I didn't watch yesterday's show-- so if I ask stupid questions, that's why. :) 

WATCH THE SHOW TODAY!!!!! IT'S HUGE! Seriously and WAY too much to put in the blog

JOHNNY IS OUT! Yeah! I knew he saw Lulu but didn't know he was O-U-T! Is BB staying at GH? I hope so!! He wants a hug from lulu. I didn't get how he got off, and DON'T CARE!  I guess he says he really didn't shoot Anthony Z. And they believed him! Ok then.
He and Lulu do shots!! 

Dante is worried about Lulu seeing Johnny and tells Anna their history. Dante then walks in and sees her going the shot with Johnny. 

Fluke and Luke. He says "You Smell".. LOL Fluke has a bat.  It's LUKE'S OLD BAT! They are in his childhood home. We find out from Michael that BILL ECKERT bought it. He tells Bobbie he wants to turn it into a clinic. 
Fluke talks about Patricia. Luke's older sister whom the talked about in the 70s but we never saw. Luke is like WHO ARE YOU????// 
Luke finally figures out who Fluke is "You are Bill Eckert" ...but Fluke won't say he's Bill.  Could Fluke be transgendered Patrica? LOL. That's what Twitter wants. I hope it's BILL.

Ned and Tracy! I LOVE them :) awwww.  They talk about Bill Eckert. 

Carlos is going to go kill Julian. Who really thinks that's gonna HAPPEN? No, Carlos has a plan. And Julian then goes to Anna to say HE killed Anthony Z. That's the plan? 

Carly and Olivia dishing. Carly figures out Olivia slept with Julian. I love their talks. 


JasonRoks said...

The stars aligned and I watched live today for the first time ever. Loved the history and match ups. I really am thinking Fluke is the transgendered PAT. As you or someone said Bill Eckert may be a red herring. Either way - let's hope its coming to a very quick end soon.
No clue why Julian walks in and admits to killing Anthony. Something about jumping to Johnny's side?? Don't really care. LuLu was sure wearing a ton of makeup today. Was it leftover from New Years? geez.
Tracy and Ned were awesome

Kat Tu said...

I don't want it to be Bill Eckert.!! That is way to easy.
I'm so tired of this story, I almost don't give a damn anymore.

sonya said...

"Karen says Could Fluke be transgendered Patrica? LOL."

ROFL! I was thinking that Fluke is Patricia!!!! Hahahahaha. I guess we are both wrong. :(


Carly and Olivia: Carly wins the line of the day!

Carly: Why are you acting so weird? Oh my God you spent the night with Julian Jerome! OH MY GOD!

BAHAHAHHAA! Great scene with Carly and Olivia! Carly practically squealed! They are actually both right about Alexis! :) Can they be BFF's?!

Johnny and Lulu: Woah what the heck is going on here?! Does Lulu still have feelings for Johnny? :) They do have chemistry. Love their scenes. Love how they were talking about the past.

Johnny and Olivia: Awww great scene! She forgave him! Always loved them together when they were a couple. They used to be so hot!

Johnny and Carly: Johnny is all lying to Carly about who beat up her wuv Sonny! ROFL!

The Spencer home: Fluke are you Patricia?!! :) No? Hmmm. Well when Luke accused Fluke of being Bill Eckhart, Fluke didn't even admit it! He didn't even flinch! Well he didn't flinch much haha. Fluke has got a bat. Fluke are you going to sing bat outta hell? :)

Julian's home: Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos really really REALLY doesn't want to shoot Julian! Oh Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos has a plan! Julian where are you going sweetie?

Anna's office: Dante doesn't trust Johnny around Lulu! ROFL! Yeah I mean I don't blame you Dante. I've just seen the way Lulu is looking at Johnny! Ohhhh Julian confesses to Anthony Z's murder! HUH?!!?!!

Q home: LOVE Ned and Tracy's scene today! She is acting like a mother hahaha. Strange. Tracy cut it out! :)

ELQ: Oh! Michael is turning the Spencer childhood home into a clinic! Awesome! Poor Bobbie and the many childhood memories. Bobbie wants Michael to forgive Carly haha. Of course Bobbie wants that. Hmmmmm Bill Ekhart owns the old Spencer childhood home!!! Interesting!

dar said...

I do not care who Puke is. An entire year of this crap is unbearable. I know they keep blaming AG's slow recovery but his return has not sped up this stupid storyline. Just make it stop. NOW!

deckermoss said...

Its sly. Im telling you its Sly.

Di said...

Please Bobbie, tell Michael you want to go visit the old house so you can find Luke and end our misery. I'm BEGGING.

I guess Julian figured he'd be safer in prison and that way he and Carlos both live.

I'm sure they'll be changing the name of the show soon, from GH to Pentonville.

delcodave said...

I thought today was a god day, even though I am in the majority as saying that this storyline has gone on way too long.

Am I the only one who is just hearing about Patricia Spencer for the first time? Where was she when Luke and Bobbie went to Florida to live with Ruby? Was she sitting at the children's table at L&L's wedding and thus not getting a mention? Unless someone can verify that her name was mentioned all these years in passing along with the parents, then I call major shennanigans.

I liked the Logan mention. I always felt Logan was a good match for Lulu, given the parentage. Was never happy he got killed off.

ALthough today did drag the storyline out even further, it did get interesting and I guess we have to be somewhat glad for that. keyword being somewhat.

sonya said...

"delcodave said...Am I the only one who is just hearing about Patricia Spencer for the first time? Where was she when Luke and Bobbie went to Florida to live with Ruby? Was she sitting at the children's table at L&L's wedding and thus not getting a mention? Unless someone can verify that her name was mentioned all these years in passing along with the parents, then I call major shennanigans.:

Patricia was mentioned by Luke and Bobbie in the 70's. They never showed her.

CareyN said...

The writers can remember a sister that was never seen on screen 30+ yrs ago, but they can't remember that Lulu and Johnny owned the Haunted Star together just few years ago? That "reconnection" storyline ship has sailed. Wait until he meets Kiki and calls her Starr! LOL.

JasonRoks said...

There was a Twitter post today that showed the episode referring to Patricia. Some neighbor of Bobbi and Lukes' from Elm Street. Which is why I think Fluke is "Pat"

Cosmoetica said...

Patricia was mentioned 2-3x from 78-80, and then dropped. Tim Spencer was mentioned by Bobbi several times in the late 80s, then by Luke, in the last few years. Lena- the mom, has been mentioned a few times also.

I have a feeling we may find out that Patricia was not the older sister, but like Claudia to Johnny, was the mom to Luke AND Bill, who are twins, not cousins- hence their lookalike status.

Bill was then sent to the Eckerts, which is why he was SO much older than Jenny, his 'sister.'

Panda said...

I'm going to need a flow chart to keep everything straight by the time this Fluke story is done!

Who is feeding Luke? How is he going to the bathroom?

Fluke didn't admit to being Bill, so I thought maybe Fluke is Luke's unknown twin (not Bill as a twin).

sonya said...

"Panda said...Who is feeding Luke? How is he going to the bathroom?"

Not sure about feeding, but since Fluke notices the smell, Luke probably goes to the bathroom from where he sits! :)

LSV422 said...

I just love having Johnny Z back. Would have been better with JMB as Lulu - ER looked way too made up and dressed up. Great stuff with Tracy and Ned. I am sick of Fluke, too, and watching "Luke" was nauseating. I am glad Bobbie was brought into this because she needed to be. I still don't buy the Bill Eckert solution. Carlos' hair looked really dirty. He does have a nice head of hair, though. Good episode.

CareyN said...

Cosmoetica I love the theory that Bill and Luke were actually twins, separated. Not sure about Patricia being the mom...then who would the dad be!? That opens a "who's the daddy story" for Luke. But it still wouldn't explain why Fluke/Bill hates Luke so much.

I'm hoping out of this comes a recast Sly, only they recast him with someone who once played Lucky. Then we get more identical cousins! LOL!

ishouldreadmore said...

I didn't watch when Bill E. was on. I don't remember a sister Pat mention. Neither option floats my boat, but the Pat as a transsexual goes beyond imagining. WTH?????? Fluke is married to Tracy, and if they even shared a bed, without any sex, wouldn't there be some scarring???? A bilateral mastectomy would leave some scarring. Tracy has gone all stupid on us, but no one is quite that stupid.
I need to hear from our law enforcement friends: could Johnny get out so easily, without Anna knowing anything about it til it happened? Could Julian really walk into a police station and confess, get sent to prison, without any appearances in court??
I know they screw around and distort medical info; figure they must do the same with the law.

delcodave said...


I like your theory. I can get behind that.

Separating twins to keep them from the dark side? It's soooo Star Wars. And Disney just bought Star Wars last year. Hmmmm....

ps. I'm not a robot.

nance24 said...

I had that fleeting thought about Sly too but it can't be?? I like the Patricia idea though

KL Hamilton said...

I can't believe no one has caught on to this idea... Kyle Sloan is Sly Eckert. He has no interest in the law. He is simply helping his daddy.

jstkel said...

I agree that Pat may be the real mom, but it could be even worse and she was abused by Tim. This is taking some interesting twists. I have rarely missed a show from the beginning and never heard Pat mentioned, good job to those that recall it...I am impressed. I also used to wonder about Sly he was a good little actor and would have remained Lucky's pal.