Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Off today!

My Aunt is in the hospital so I am going to a real hospital instead of watching a fake one. Sorry. It's cold here too- and I can't take it much longer!!

I hear there's a NEW KEVIN????/

This is one of my fave GH pics: 


  1. It's not a new Kevin. It's the old Kevin -- (wait for it) --- IN A MASK!!!!

    ha ha ha

    thoughts and prayers to you and your Aunt.

  2. Hope all is well with your aunt. Nice pic - really miss JMB.

  3. Best wishes to your aunt.

    I was very disappointed with the new Kevin. He was fine till he opened his mouth. Mr. Sexy voice Collins he wasn't. Hopefully it's a temporary replacement while Jon's filming True Detective 2 although he's been really busy lately directing his first feature too.

  4. Oh oh! I hope your aunt is okay Karen!

    The hospital:

    Sam and Patrick: Sam is wearing a different leather jacket! This one is brown! Still no winter coat! Oh oh more talk about baby Phoenix!!!!

    Carly and Doc:

    Announcer: Today the role of Kevin Collins will be played by Anthony Starke.

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?!?! I hope this is temporary! Boy this whole scene is a game of tennis!! Back and forth! Back and forth!

    Carly: Yes you did see Jake!

    TempDoc: No I never saw him.

    Carly: Yes you did!

    TempDoc: No I didn't!

    Carly: Yes you did!!!! I was right outside and he went in! He saw you!

    TempDoc: No he didn't!

    Carly: Yes he did!!

    TempDoc: No he didn't!

    Then Carly talks about the appointment was a couple of days ago! And then says it was January 12th!!! HUH?! Carly that was 2 weeks and 2 days ago!!!! Not a couple of days ago!!!

    Patrick and Brad: BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Where have you been?!!?!! :) Oh giving a file to Patrick about Jake Doe.. Well okay then.


    BobTodd, Sonny, and Julian: Oh! Julian and Sonny ARE family now! You are right BobTodd! :)

    Ava and Madaline: Oh look! So many chocolate bars on the table! :) Ava is going to go to Madaline's court date! It's time for everyone to go!!!! IT'S TIME IT'S TIME IT'S TIME!!! 4:30!!!! IT'S 4:30! Why they are showing the clock so intensely? I have no idea!!!

    IT'S 4:30!!! Alarm clock is going off!!

    Brad's home: Awww Lucas is with baby Phoenix. :)

    Baby Phoenix: I feel so warm! I love uncle Lucas. I miss my mommy and brother though. I hope mommy finds me soon!

    Oh Brad and Lucas sex scene! :) Hmmmm Lucas learned a new move! And he learned it from how to get away with murder! ROFL!

    Baby Phoenix: Oh what are you two doing on the bed?!!? Oh! Mommy does that with uncle Patrick.

    Brad knows about the Phoenix and the Dragon! Awesome!

    Cemetery: Helena and Jake Doe scene! Delish!!!! Don't resist Jake Doe or you will get a headache! Ewww a bug walking around on the gravestone!!! Gross!

    Nightmare on Elm Street: Oh Dante!!!! So stupid!!! Why did you let Fluke know you know who he isn't?!!?! Don't turn your back on him!!! Dante won the line of the day!

    Dante: Well that's great Luke, but I don't want to move in, I just want to take a look around.

    ROFL! Dante. :) Oh oh! Fluke pushes Dante down the stairs! I TOLD YOU DANTE!!!!!

    Yesterday Fluke at the cemetery:


  5. Karen, best wishes for your aunt's recovery.

  6. I wonder if Tony Stark will turn into Iron Man? Go get Helena, Iron man! She's been impersonating you!!!

  7. I hope things are OK with your aunt.

    Re Wed.'s show: Helena's mind control of "Jake" isn't very good. I saw better mind control on an episode of Gilligan's Island. All it took was Vito Scotti, an elderly chimp, and a ring, and all the castaways were chanting, "We hear and obey."

    I don't usually like horror-type of entertainment but I really hope there is something macabre down in that basement!

  8. Karen, best wishes for your Aunt!

    OK, I'm totally crushing on Dante now after his uber masculine, take-control scenes confronting Fluke. Glad he had the b@lls to tell him what he knew. And I was impressed he had him cuffed to the banister. Actually made the cops look competent! Of course, PLOT TWIST, Fluke rips the banister pole out (I assume). I was all "OH NO!" when Dante got pushed down the stairs. ;( Normally I don't care much about him, but I'm liking him a lot in this story line.