Friday, January 30, 2015

Hazy Chair Memories

"Josslyn, Karen won't sit for you anymore after you locked her in the attic" ~ Carly 2015  !! KAREN. ME. 
Jake, Carly, Sam and Paddy are at the PCPD. Jake is all "I didn't do this".  Carly's convincing him he didn't see Dr. Collins. Jake remembers seeing Helena instead of Kevin.
Later, Sam goes into the interrogation room and asks him about the phoenix. 

Everyone gets on the boat... Fluke gets there too. Even Sabby and Carrrrlos is there.  The bomb is ticking away slowly....

Helena in White Sable.  Ahhh, resplendent. She tells Nik NOT to go to the party. 

Jake is taken away.  Michael is like "he's a good guy, he had a TBI". Like brain injury = goodness. WEIRD.
Is no one going to see that NOT so well hidden BOMB? geesh. Like even IF it blows up, who's going to die? Day player 3? Even IF they did die, they'd just come back. So, not exciting. 

In the van, Ava calls Franco a bitch LOL.
Jules calls Lucas to warn him about Fluke. The call is lost though.  Franco says they have to go see Nina before they all go to the Haunted Star.  BUT Then Johnny and Carlos chase them (there was a GPS on the phone) 

Heather is doing Nina's nails in a nice blood red. She says she's not Diana.  She tells her about being Franco's mama and selling him. 

AND THE WHOLE SHE-ZAMMMMMMM..>Dante is waking up, slowly..his phone rings. He's hazy.."Luke" is not making a sound in that chair, it's turned the wrong way. You know it's gonna be bones in there. LOL.'s exactly like NASH was on OLTL> EXACTLY 


    It can't be Luke, unless Tony really wants to retire.
    It's probably the same prop they used on OLTL for Nash.

  2. Do these OLTL writers have anything original left? Everyone had guessed this ages ago, and we're supposed to be shocked?

  3. I love Ron but someone please take his Criterion Collection away from him.

  4. So, Fluke is Norman Bates and his decaying mother is in the chair in the basement?

    Not very original, if you ask me.

  5. This is the huge shock? A bad remake of Psycho. Is this the end finally?
    Do they ever show anybody in a car on this show without an accident happening? Who will die? Probably Johnny. I've gotten to really like Maura West so I hope she's not killed.

  6. What if Fluke really is Luke? If Helena brain washed him when he was locked up. What better revenge for Luke than to mess with his thinker and make him kill everyone he loves. Then put his thinker back and tell him that he was the one that killed all of them. Luke could never live with that. I've watched Helena since day one. I wouldn't put it past her.

  7. well, FLUKE could be brainwashed by Helena BUT NOT FOR 20 YEARS. Think about it-- Julian met him 20 years ago. So if Fluke has been an alter of Luke (Or if Luke was having a Fight Club thing) he HAS to have been doing this for TWENTY YEARS. Unless of course, they change what actually was said this past year, which...could easily happen.

  8. I'm just thinking this had happened when he was being held at Miscavige. The Cassidines were playing with people's heads there. :)

  9. Hells has gone Russian! I was half expecting her to say "Nyet" when Nik wanted to go to the party.

  10. Pentonville van: The banter between BobTodd and Ava was great! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: You know, it's not safe to be on the phone while you're driving.

    ROFL! And then the look on Sonny's face! Hahahahaha! RA RO VAN ACCIDENT!!!! MEN AND WOMAN DOWN!! REPEAT! MEN AND WOMAN DOWN!!!

    Nina and Heather: Awww Mama Heather wants to paint Nina's nails! So sweet! It was funny that Heather was telling Nina that she sold two of her sons! ROFL! Oh oh Nina knows now who Heather is!!!! Is it time to squish her like a bug Heather?

    The pier: Love Helena's white coat and hat! :) Oh look it's Nik and Emily. I mean poison Ivy. Helena does not want Nik to go to the party!!!! Helena has got her men! What are you going to do Helena? Have the men hit Nik over the head so he is out?

    Haunted star: So Fluke lies to Lulu about Dante, Lulu tries to contact Dante, and Johnny is following Lulu like a lost puppy and is touching her. :) Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!!!! :) Oh Caaaaaaaaaaarlos went to the party with Sabrina! Oh oh Johnny and Caaaaaaaaarlos are gone!!!! Where?!!?! Are they following the Pentonville van?!!?!

    Police station: Carly talking to her daughter on the phone! ROFL! Sam still has her son Phoenix! Baby Phoenix is still sleeping.

    Sam: I knew it I knew it I knew it! I told you so! I told you so!!!!!! Now I want to talk to Jake Doe about the Phoenix! Ever since it has been gone, I've been obsessed about it!

    Nightmare on elm street home: Oh shoot! Dante can't see very well! Oh now he can't see Luke! Oh wait Dante can see!!! He sees a body! I was thinking is it just going to be bones? I WAS RIGHT!!!!! IT'S A SKELETON!!!!!!! OH CRAP! Not another DID storyline! We just had it with Connie!! UGH!

    "Karen says:'s exactly like NASH was on OLTL> EXACTLY"


    Skeleton: What are you looking at Dante? Stop staring! That is rude!

  11. I agree with kdmask and Terri: TPTB seem to have Luke as DID Fluke, which is a switcheroo from what we thought about BE. I am surprised that TG goes along with this notion as it will allow them to whitewash Luke. TG has ALWAYS championed Luke as Antihero.

  12. And the winner is...DID. Oh. really? I sat thru the many incarnations of Vicky Lord for years, not again! That's it. I'm calling Fluke, Flicky.

    I guess this leaves open the possibility of messing with previous story lines as now, if indeed the reason is that Luke has had DID since childhood, due to the abuse. That's my guess as to what will be the reason. I'm still hoping the real Luke is still in Miscavige.

  13. "Arwen Tedhams said...I sat thru the many incarnations of Vicky Lord for years,"

    Me too!!!!

    "That's it. I'm calling Fluke, Flicky."


  14. Oh, Karen, I didn't remember that Julian met Fluke 20 years ago, I thought it was more recently. I don't know the OLTL story, so don't know how this is similar to that. I guess I'm confused . . .

  15. My favorite part was Robin Mattson's selling of the line, "Because I was really strapped for cash!" when Nina asked her why she sold Steven Lars as a baby. Loved that.

  16. Surely (because I don't think Shirley is involved) this will be over in February sweeps!?! Then everyone can have new lives (not more than one!) and I can get the soundtrack of Oh Brother Where Art Thou out of my head!

  17. TG has not wanted Luke to be an antihero but to GO DARK and leave the show being killed off.

    The corpse is clearly decades old, so the corpse has to be Bill's or someone dead longer.

    Good catch on the OLTL angle.

    Helena will likely switch Fluke off to reveal to Luke he killed his clan, or tried to.

    But we know that this is all F'd up since Miscavige employees spoke of Luke in Miscavige, to each other and on the phone, while Fluke was in PC or globetrotting.

    TPTB want us to forget that, cuz the employees wd not have spoken of their captive as if alive if they had to hold a rotting mummy.

  18. Isn't it possible that Fluke was never Bill Ekhart but maybe someone like Frank Smith with plastic surgery? It wouldn't be the first time a person was brought back to life with a new face (matter of fact it happens all the time on GH). I didn't watch the show back then, but it seems like Frank Smith would be a likely candidate since he would have a long-standing grudge against both Sonny and Luke. But then again, he would be really old probably... or maybe it's Bill son or something...

    I guess I am grabbing at straws because I hate the whole idea of a fight club or DID storyline.

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  20. Remember when Fluke worried about the basement and Helena said she had taken care of it? I'm still hoping Luke is Luuke. Now that would be shocking !!

  21. Sonya: TG has clearly stated he LOATHED the fact that tptb made Luke a heroic figure when he was a rapist and criminal. This is beyond question.

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  23. No, Sonya. TG wanted Luke to be portrayed as a complex guy w villainous traits. He has specifically said he never wanted to be an antihero. He wanted Luke to be a misanthrope.

  24. This is why he has embraced Fluke, since Luke has been written so poorly for decades.

  25. Julian and Peter Caspin aka FLuke met in early 2000 a little over 10 years after Julian went into WP in 1990.

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  27. "Cosmoetica said... He has specifically said he never wanted to be an antihero."

    Maybe that was recently, because he has said in the past that he doesn't want Luke to be a hero, and that he wants him to be anti hero.

  28. Luke has NEVER been an antihero. TG has said he loathed the 1990s domesticized Luke and has wanted Luke to be the misanthropic pig he's been this century.

    It makes for a better character, although they've overdone it.

  29. "Cosmoetica said...TG has said he loathed the 1990s domesticized Luke and has wanted Luke to be the misanthropic pig he's been this century."

    Yup he sure did say that. I don't want Luke to be a pig!

  30. Is it just me or does the interaction between Cosmo and Sonya make you think of Darth Vader vs. a combination of Barbie, Rainbow Brite and a Care Bear?