Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Pill Pusher

Sonny...take ya pills. something...
Sonny...did ya take ya pills?? 
Did ya eat??
LOL..poor Sonny.... Hen-pecked!

Not to say Olivia  isn't trying to get him sorted out. I always say though, she'd be smart enough to smoosh them pills up in his drink or make him eat some applesauce. Thinking Sonny will just take the meds is a bit naive.'s time to SUIT UP and get your gloves on!! The pharmacy is now open! 

Monica was way harsh on AJ! I know he messed up...but I still feel badly for him.  She was just mad!! Then, she lost her job as head of the hospital. Whoops.  Not a good week for ol' Mon, was it? ALTHOUGH, she did slap Franco and throw him out of her that made up for it?

Jazz Hands?
Then there was JASON'S  birthday...oh, and Franco's too.  (Since he said it 900 times). People were actually thinking that might be Jason skulking around the docks.
It's not-- and it's someone that loves BLTs. Which, by the way, Shawn was cooking up. Max ate one before they ran out to rough up some old dude that was in on the gambling ring. That was weird as hell.
I guess we're going full on "Jerome vs Corinthos" soon. Complete with "Fireworks"!! Must be they had some left over from  Guza.  Snooze. Sorry, I'm tired of crime family crap with Sonny. I like the Jeromes I suppose, but this has been done. to. death.  (Literally) 

Speaking of which, Sonny is in PAIN  again..over a woman..AGAIN.  Brooding..dark..unshaven. yada yada. I love this photo because look at the note at the bottom "De Niro" on The View. I think Bob has played a few mob men in his life!
If you look ahead, people are going to try to talk Sonny into...getting out of the mob! Really!? There's a novel idea. *sigh*

Awww...the grandparents. With little CONNIE. (still is hard to say).  Soon to be baby GEORGIE, whenever this mess gets straightened out It took forever on OLTL to get any baby-switches sorted so I'm not sure  how fast it will go. Plus, if Britt did carry the real Lante baby that's another thing that has to be taken care of. 
Oy Vey. Who will need a transplant first?

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Anna and Maxie. I loved honored history (she IS her godmama) and they talked about Robin. All I could think of is that Kirsten is PG in real life. Awwwww

PROP OF THE WEEK: even has a nice label on it! Those dang pills that Sonny won't take!!

RUNNER UP: the pitiful "Push present" Lante gave Maxie.  Seriously?

FACE OF THE WEEK: Nothing like the face about to give birth. 

AND... whatever the hell this is!! ahahaaaa.

This week was a lot of gabbing.. I suppose I should have been joyful for the Danny outcome but really--we knew it was going to happen. The suspense went right out of that. I am enjoying the Julian-Alexis dance.  Then again, he's in the mob... taking down Sonny. Is that anything "new"? Alexis will fall for another bad-boy.
The Jason talk? Nah.. zzzzz. Plus, the birthday was just a reminder that it's Franco's bday too. And Franco is Todd now -- which he kinda always was so, whatever. Todd's ending up with Carly--McBain with Sam and Starr with Michael. We just took a giant U-turn to get back to square one.  Kudos to all the actors who again, really brought it this week. Extra slices to Maurice and Sean K who are dealing with story lines based on their own demons.


  1. Agree with you on the mob stuff. Tiresome. Give me more romance, mystery, intrigue, and humor. And stop showing female characters as victims! Expect better from Cartini. And can I just say it really doesn't matter what kind of schmatte they put Laura Wright in, she looks fabulous. Beetch. LOL

  2. Did I imagine it, or was there a picture of the new "Connie" in the frame when Maxie moved the thank you card out of the way... It was a smiling baby, yet. What newborn smiles as big as that? Love this blog and all of the regular commentators.. I search it out every day...

  3. I guess Frank hasn't read the many memos informing him that we, the survivors of the Guza years, do not CARE about Sonny, or what the mob does, or how many times he tries to get out, or how much barware he breaks. We just don't CARE to watch stories about the mob and Sonny and his angst--we've seen it all ad nauseum, in every form, every possible story situation, with multiple women. It wasn't that much fun to watch the first time and it is just plain tedious the seventh hundredth. How about something different for Sonny--like he retires to his island and we only see him once a month.

    You know, like rationing him out like our favorites are now rationed, interesting characters like Felicia, Monica, Anna, Laura, Duke, Lucy, Mac, Holly, etc, characters we would be pleased to see often, as often as we now have to put up with Sonny.

    Not to say Maurice doesn't have some fans out there, but I feel sure even they would be pleased to see him in a brand new situation and story, rather than the tired old mob stuff over and over again.

    Personally, I'd FAR rather watch a redux of the Luke and Laura romance than put up with any more mob. In fact I'd LOVE to see Laura yearning for Luke or Luke longing for Laura again because there are fresh ways to do that. I hang in there hoping I get to see that!

  4. Pat.. I think there was a photo-and I think she even had a giant HAT a bonnet thing.
    GH is so inconsistent with the baby stuff it's laughable. Britt's baby was just about walking!

  5. Notice the prescribing dr on the pill bottle is L Winters. Haven't seen her in a looooonng time.

  6. Good week and yes I love this blog too! Can't take a day without. I also wondered about the smiling baby. No newborn smiles like that! I thought Maxie was great this week. Just heartbreaking.
    Maurice is out of this world- wouldn't it be interesting to see him leave the mob and stay on the show and give him other stories to conquer? I'd love to see him in a new role.
    He and Oliva both just need to get laid and move on from the angst. Oliva is so thin too. Between her and Becky I could blow them both over with a sneeze.

    Thank Goodness Monica is back in town. Glad she tossed Franco.

    Laura Wright and Jax are my fav. Hoping one day they'll reunite- but she's great with anyone. Love her.

    Can't wait for some Heather time

  7. Ok, First, thanks for noting the pill bottle as prop of the week. It was in almost every scene in Sonny's house.

    Second, Not a huge mob-story fan here, but I think I'm gonna like this one. The writers are slowly pulling in people OTHER than Sonny: Duke, Anna, Alexis, Sam, Franco, Kiki, Morgan, Michael....If they do it right (which Cartini tend to do) it should be a long story with lots of ramifications for lots of people. And with Sonny off his meds, that adds some real intrigue to see what he'll do. Plus, Maurice really does his best work with the manic story lines since they are, as you said, his real "demons".

    So between seeing where this may go and waiting for the baby switch reveals, I'm definitely into the show.

    And PS--Julian/Derek is positively swoon-worthy. :)

  8. This show is good at drama but there's no romance and very little friendships. The cast is also huge, enough for 2 shows, and the pacing is hard to follow.

    Extra kudos to MB and SK for their difficult storylines.

  9. Does any know who or does Maxie have a Godfather?

  10. Re: Maxie's godfather
    Hmmmm...That's hard to say. Is it Scorpio? Not sure who else Frisco and Felicia were friends with at that point that would have taken the spot. The sad thing is that I can tell you Robin's godfathers (Frisco, Buzz Striker, and Sean Donnelly) right off the bat LOL

    GH still has not recovered from the OLTL actor reboot. I thought it did a good job of integrating in the actors the first time around and the redo of that (not Cartini's fault I know) still has not jelled at all. Throw in too many characters to follow and missed opportunities with some who are supposed to be around more, and the show is kind of choppy.
    STILL - it's better than we had 3 years ago by miles and I'll take it. Hopefully things will get a kick in the pants this Fall with Robin's return...They need to get Robert out of his coma STAT!

  11. Has anyone seen the news about the ratings for the show. Do you know that some people are not happy that Robin is coming back. I liked this week too.

  12. Loved Anna & Maxie, actually liked Sonny & Ava (she SO reminds me of Faith Roscoe), and LOVED Alexis & Julian. I need Alexis to get a real Nedly-esque. As for Robin. I'm glad she's returning, I just know it's short term, per KM's other aspirations...bums me out and I fear they may kill her off permanently.

  13. I am glad that Robin is coming back because that means there is hope that Sabrina will go away. She is clingy and annoying.

    What's up with Patrick now wanting the baby?

    Too much Sonny this week.

    And Lulu and Dante have been awful to Maxie. Time to get that baby "Connie" (you know that name won't last) away from those two!

  14. Sean is Maxie's Godfather.

    Way too much Sonny this week.
    I am not looking forward to more mob stuff; we had too many years of it. I can only hope that the writers do a better job this time around and I am surprised.

    Can't wait for Robin to get back.

  15. Anyone know when Robin is coming back?

  16. AntJoan, Robin is supposed to be appearing in Oct. - KM taping now. I can't wait, especially with Tristan returning. I thought the scene with Anna and Maxie was the best of the week. Couldn't stand Sonny's scenes - been there, done that more times than I can remember. SK and LC were great at the jail. Speaking or regurgitating scenes, once again we have to see them with Carly and Tranco.

  17. So is Todd going to take over ELQ and McBain take over as CoS at the hospital? Complete the OLTL takeover of this show...

    If Monica is not going to be CoS instead of giving it to a younger doctor like Patrick, Robin or Brit why not give it to Kevin who needs something to do besides prop up Lucy. Or bring back Noah as Chief of Staff Or Bobbie. I know she was a nurse, not a doctor, but CoS does not need to be a doctor, hell, they don't even need to be a medical professional.