Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One Life To Live... Gone For Good?

Looks like One Life to Live is done for the moment, if not forever. This statement came out today via TOLN, the soaps producer: 

Prospect Park is shelving "One Life to Live" until the ABC lawsuit is resolved. The team will focus on producing "All My Children," which proved to be the more popular show online. (On TV, "One Life to Live" generated higher ratings.) Writers are currently putting together scripts for a second season.
Kwatinetz is now two years and more than $10 million into the soap business. The learning curve, he said, has been intense.
"Agnes told me this job wasn't for sissies," he said, but added: "If I didn't want to make any mistakes, I would sit back and let other people go figure it out and then just copy them. But then we wouldn't be helping to shape the future of television."

Big question is..will it be back if/when the lawsuit is settled? We'll have to wait and see.  OLTL's online numbers were below AMC's however, so who knows. 


Carrie said...

I want to know what happens to the characters if it's canned. Would RC "turn back the clock" in a way to bring back Todd, John, Starr and forget the Tranco/Silas/Kiki disaster? What about the adventure Skye was on with Tea and Blair in search of Tomas/Lorenzo!?

Those are stories I actually cared about!

friscogh said...

Sweet Baby Jesus, GH better not bring Shreeky and Ms. NoNo back. I was hoping current OLTLers would leave, now scared more might come.

Now Skye...YES, bring her back. AJ needs a friend.

Wanda Woman said...

Todd Manning and John McBain were far better characters than Franco II and Silas Clay.

I didn't care for Starr Manning, but that character was better than the annoying Kiki.

I say bring them back. Ignore the Franco/Silas/Kiki disaster.

dar said...

Just shoot me . I thought I would go crazy hearing Tea shrieking constantly and was thrilled when she finally left. Please no more OLTL people.

Anon said...

Kill off the newer characters and bring back the Todd, Star, and McBain. I really enjoyed them on GH. The rest of Lanview can stay there though


soaplover said...

What is the lawsuit about? The 3 characters GH hired?

I started to watch OLTL, but didn't like the prospect of sitting in front of my computer, and immediately disliked some stories--The too dark, creepy nightclub, the new changes in Matthew, the freer language with swearing, etc., and so I soon tuned out. I had never cared for All My Children, and had never watched it regularly, but loved OLTL once.

I did love Todd, John and Star on GH though and miss them. Having Ron still writing them helped...

Andrea said...

The lawsuit has to do with the characters that Ron brought over to gh and killed. Tea's baby. And Starr's kid and boyfriend. PP is also saying that they should have had some control over what the characters did. . All I have to say is that it is Soap Opera land. Anyone can come back from the dead. it can all be " just a dream". Just write them back in!

Im guessing There is something else behind this lawsuit. PP probaly have to use the characters from OLTL and AMC in a "timely manner". AMC and OLTL are being licensed from ABC. ABC still ultimately owns both shows. What the law suit does is buy time. As long as it remains unsettled PP can shelve OLTL without any consequences. Once the suit is settled, the clock will start ticking on how long PP can not produce OLTL before all rights revert back to ABC. I'm sure PP has no intention of settling soon.

Cosmoetica said...

Reminds me of the lawsuit the USFL brought against the NFL in the 80s for collusion and monopoly. The USFL won- but just $3, and went out of Biz.

A PR move for PP to claim they failed cuz ABC sabotaged them.

Edna Barefoot said...

OLTL has to come back. ABC/D cannot win. OLTL was ahead in ratings when on TV but ABC didn't care. PP please don't let ABC/D win. We fought so hard to get OLTL back on please don't disappoint all the fans again. It is heart breaking just to think of OLTL not coming on again.