Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"HI MOM"!!!!

MAN-EATER (or BOY eater?)

Todd's holding my prop of the week...and he put it on canvas! He loves Heather's wallpaper heh. Diane loved him!!

Shirtless men today: Dante... Morgan...Franco.. and Carlos!

Morgan..I knew he'd knock over the vase LOL. So soapy.   AND CARLY!! ahahaha. Morgan totally owns it!! Carly jumps Ava! Throws her out of the Metro..whoops
I am TOTALLY SHIPPING Ava and Kiki getting pregnant AT THE SAME TIME by Morgan!! Oh yes!! Maura is 41 in real life.
AAHHAHA! Can you imagine!!?
Morgan's going in again for some more Ava!! and here come Kiki and Michael!

Oh priceless.


sonya said...

Gooooood morning Port Chuckles!!!! :)

Metrocourt: StarKi and Mikey asleep on chairs! They must have been so exhausted last night when they were in the meadow running in slow motion. Poor things. The maintenance man won the line of the day!

Maintenance man: Wedding night without the husband. We sure did it different back in my day.

ROFL! Bring that man back! :) He needs more lines! :) Oh what?!!?! StarKi and Mikey talked alllllll night?!!?! Really? Then why the hell are they still talking about it?!?!! Zzzzzzzzz.. It's like they didn't talk all night. It's time to run in the meadow again! Mikey wants her to live with him! Oh yes. They never even had their first date, and he wants her to live with him! OY! Get that maintenance man back!!! :)

Ava's room: Ava wants to hide Morgan cus Carly is here! ROFL! I want to see Carly's head explode!!! :) Carly thinks Ava slept with Franco hahahaha! Oh oh Carly sees her son, and her head explodes! Oh she lunges at Ava! ROFL! CAT FIGHT!!! Awww we didn't see it. Morgan thinks he is a man! ROFL! That is twice he said he is a man! No idiot you are not a man!! Great scene! :) Carly kicks Ava out hahahaha! Wow first Ava gets kicked out of the Q home, and now this! Where will she go? Hahahaha! Oh oh Morgan wants Ava again! Well we did establish that he gets horny in the morning! :) Oh look Mikey and StarKi in the hallway. She just talks about how no she can't live with him, or it will just get worse. So then they both see Morgan and Ava in bed hahahaha! Well StarKi, I think THAT is worse ROFL! Changing your mind about moving in with Mikey yet? :)

FranTodd room: Diane finds FranTodd attractive without his shirt hahaha! Diane's face!!! :) She has to win face of the week! :)When are his bandages going to come off?!!?! Geez! It's time!! FranTodd is BROKE ROFL! Oh look he has a heart tattoo! :)

The hospital: I love how Patrick is so jealous of Don Juan Demarco. Oh so NOW Don Juan Demarco goes to the hospital to get his arm checked?!?! Geez. While Sabrina is working on Don Juan, she wants him! :) He looks too old for her!!! He looks 40!

Lante home: That baby has a big head! Looks like a doll too! Oh Olivia stop worrying about baby Georgie being baptized and her soul! Babies are innocent and don't have sin!! They don't need to be baptized. She is so worried! :) Relax Olivia! Breath!

Kelly's: Alexis and Derick wells scene. LOVE IT! :) Love the way he is lookin at her. :) Shawn and Alexis scene. Very nice. :) It's cool they are civil.

Previews for tomorrow.

Starki: What are you doing?!

Morgan: Hitting the sheets with your mom.

ROFL! Oh wow! If nobody else says anything funnier, then Morgan won the line of the day! :)

dar said...

according to IMDB the actor is 42.

sonya said...

dar said...sonya, according to IMDB the actor is 42.
Oh! Well there ya go!!! :) I was thinking of looking him up. Thank you! :) So 18 year old Sabrina, er "27" is with a 42 year old! And she was with him when she was very young! ROFL!

Anon said...

Yeah the Michael/Ava stuff is a total redo of OLTL Dorian and Nathan Fillion's Joey (go here and fast forward to Vickie walking in on them). Still, this is high comedy and soapiness at its best. I love watching Carly lose her crap YET again over find out who her kid is sleeping with and the looks on Michael and KiKi's faces at the end was hilarious. This is a storyline that needs to go on awhile, as any other stuff they have tried with these actors has kind of bored me.

CareyN said...

OldSchool, ITA!! I watched the last few seconds 5x! It almost seemed like KA (Kiki) wasn't told who may be in bed with her "mom" because her reaction was way too realistic. Keep Morgan and Ava together, I think they're a cute couple. :)

Also, no shout-out for Olivia's new hair? I love it. It's like Anna's old hair with the blond underneath, just a lot longer.

JasonRoks said...

love Olivia new hair and everything about her. Get her a man. Silas would be fine

Loved the Maxie/Spinelli stuff too

Diane is always great.

Carly finding them was classic soap and yes a redo of Joey/Dorian. Bring it on.

Missing Nik this week...

Isabelle Black said...

Hi:)I think your blog is amazing and I've been following you for a long time bu I've decided just now to get an account on blogger :)
You'll hear from me very often! Anyway, if they're going down the "Father of the Bride" way with Kiki, Ava and Morgan, it's really gonna be amazing! And comic! Carly will have a fit! I'd love this soryline just to see the look on her face LMAO!

sonya said...

Welcome to the blog Isabelle Black! :) Father of the bride? You mean you want Ava to get pregnant, and marry Morgan? :)