Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Name the Baby

Aw, Anna goes to see how Maxie is. I love her!! Maxie's PUSH Prezzie should be a damn Hermes bag or something.  NOT a framed thank you.  GEESH
KS and  FH were AWESOME!! :sobbing: ..talking about Maxie. wahhhh 
Maxie asks Britt to keep it quiet

MONICA is on!! Grilling AJ: DID YOU DO IT?!! DID YOU DO IT??!  Then she rails at him for messing up. 
The board of GH voted her OUT! WOW... (because of AJ) 

Nikolas is holding the baby for BRIT. She doesn't want to breast feed. Or bond. Patrick sees it in the hall.  Nikolas is just strolling all over with that kid. geesh.

Lulu and Dante have to name the baby. I hope it's not Connie.  Or Michael. There are three of those on this show already. Maybe Blanket after the blanket Anna gave them? ahahhhaaa

Sonny slugged that reporter. Where the hell are the guards? AJ/Diane want to use Sonny as a "reasonable doubt"  story. Michael thinks that's not right.  And EXcuSE me!!?? But why would DIANE cross Sonny like this??? Makes NO SENSE!

 OH LORD...they named her CONNIE.

Good gravy. Adele would have been way better after Sonny's Mom



  1. I really though they were going to name her "Angel," as they both thought of the name after several people called the baby a little angel.

    PLEASE give the babies to their rightful parents PRONTO, it is TORTURE to watch all these families bond w/the wrong babies!!

  2. Connie? really? How inappropriate.

    Dante and Lulu have no clue.
    It is such a great idea to give Sonny a constant reminder of the woman whom he is grieving over so much; that he tried to off himself.
    Also a great idea to give your surrogate who is not detaching from the baby a picture of the baby as a Push Present. That will help. NOT!

    Loved the scenes with Maxie and Anna today, but would have loved it more if it was Flea.

    Hopefully Monica will stay around for a while. She had a bad day today.

  3. I agree: give these babies to their rightful parents! And it's torture to watch Maxie suffer like this. Enough already!

  4. Jail: Monica and AJ scene! Wins the scene of the day!!! That was awesome! And then mix it with Michael! Awesome.

    The hospital: No Patrick and Nik the baby does not look like Britch or Brad!! Nik wins the line of the day!

    Nik: But then again, to me, all babies look like yoda.

    ROFL! Oh man I wish Dr O was around!! :) No Lulu the baby doesn't have any Spencer looks or Cornithos looks!!! This is not your baby! And I can't believe Spinny and Maxie are going to let Lante take the baby and go home! UGH! What's the matta Britch? Have PPD? Or do you feel guilty? I notice when Nik is holding the baby, his neck is hanging over Nik's arm!! ACK! Maxie and Anna's scene was just frustrating!!! Monica lost her job! OH NO!

    Sonny's home: Again Olivia?!!! You leave and not watch Sonny take his meds! UGH! Oh look reporters/paparazi!! Oh look one of the reporters, looks like Anthony Weiner!!! ROFL! Sonny chokes Anthony Weiner!!! ROFL! Lante bring up Spixie baby! And they name her Connie ACK!

  5. AntJoan, I was also thinking they were going to call her Angel, or Angelica, or some derivative thereof, after Anna's little talk.

    I didn't like that they named her Connie either.

    And I agree about that push present. What a cop out.

    And where are Sonny's guards?

  6. A little off-topic, but I started watching Downton Abbey this summer, and have caught up with all the seasons. Does anyone else think that Anna on Downton Abbey looks like Nulu?

  7. OK, before the baby was born they were calling it "Juliet/Rocco". What the hell is wrong with Juliet Falconeri? That's a great name. Well at least we know Maxie will NOT keep the name Connie when she gets her daughter back, so the baby will be called Georgie. The question is, when Lante gets their (Britt's) son, will they name him Connor or Rocco?

  8. CareyN said...OK, before the baby was born they were calling it "Juliet/Rocco".What the hell is wrong with Juliet Falconeri? That's a great name.
    Yeah I like the name Juliet! I don't see any problem with it!

    The question is, when Lante gets their (Britt's) son, will they name him Connor or Rocco?
    I hope they name him Rocco! :) I like it.

  9. Sonny's mom's name was Adela, not Adele, and considering Neither Dante nor Lulu met the woman, it wd be forced.

  10. Cosmo, you can't like Connie..can you!? Anyway, it will be Georgie !

    PS. If any of you ever watched OLTL and the baby messes on THERE, we are in for a wait. LOL

  11. I agree that they should have named the baby Adela! Also, what about all the crimes that AJ committed when Alan was COS? Not to mention Jason's position with the mob! Alan wasn't forced out by the board was he?

  12. for a minute I thought they might name her Robin

  13. Nance, I was also sort of thinking/hoping for Robin. Not that Lante were close to Robin, but Sonny was, and Luke and Laura were in a small way, and that would have been a REALLY sweet tribute to Maxie. Since they couldn't use Georgie, Robin would have been a good backup.