Monday, September 9, 2013

Carpet Cleaning Needed

Well,  I haven't watched Breaking Bad from last night so I'm not going to tweet during the show. I take NO CHANCES with spoilers!! I've stayed off Facebook too. I did go on Buzzfeed and they even had some dopey recaps!! BOOOOOOOO I hope to watch tonight.
BTW, I couldn't stay off twitter the whole time.

I'm pathetic.  LOL I didn't see any spoilers though.

I had to put that pic up because she's just adorable!! I hope she grows up on the show just like Kimberly did!! 


Ellie gets the tumor back from some baliff..who looks like Bull from Night Court. That was such a fun show, wasn't it? 

Maxie and Spinelli. Spin better not play a MARTYR this whole time.   Spinelli went to talk to Ellie about the baby.  He says to keep it quiet. Then gets a pout on and stomps out. 

I guess Britt's baby is comin!! .  Doesn't Nik have a house full of servants? You should get some chambermaids up there!!  And, hey, put a sheet down, will ya? That rug is expensive! At least get her in a BED... geesh!!! Or the couch!! 

Betty really IS Nurse Kennicot from AMC .  Well, that baby was clean..and not shaped like a beach ball! LOL and HUGE..about  2 months old or what?  and, um.. it sure doesn't look like BRAD.

Why did Olivia bring her pocketbook? Oh, she's Italian. My Sicilian Mimi told me they don't go anywhere without it. Something to do with the war LOL 
And you know Sonny, if you REALLY WANTED to kill yourself you send a note in the MAIL for them to get it after you're gone. This part makes no sense. It's just Sonny-like but without the build up. I mean, it's Connie. 
MAURICE did a great job though. HE BROKE A TON OF BAR WARE!! Bottles, glasses...yada yada
"Connie is gone...she took your heart with her"...awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Olivia pulls up a chair to watch LOL.. all the boys come in. Kristina is absent however because God knows where she is! LOL 

 STUPID LULU "Don't come any closer"...seriously? Geesh, way to have compassion!!  Maxie, don't you know that that baby will get sick soon and need something from the Scorpio/Jones side of the family? Come on.  She was just SO NASTY! 
Gawd, this is going to drag on forever. FOREVVVVVVVVERRRRRRRRR. 

Aw, Maxie got a "Push-Present".   I didn't get a PUSH PRESENT. They didn't have those (that I knew of) when MY kid was pushed out.
Yes, I'm bitter.

Why did Brad need to tell Dante about Britt's baby? Huh.. I KNOW WHY!! we all KNOW WHY!!  Oh he says it's because of wanting to press charges. Bait and Switch!


  1. Karen, I KNEW you would mention Sonny and the barware--he destroyed half that place, I hope he intends to pay for the damanges.

    Britt is REALLY funny w/Sabrina, IMO.

  2. Alexis and Molly updated where Kristina is a few weeks ago. Kristina is back at Yale. I liked the show today.

  3. Wyndemere: Okay Britch wins the lines of the day today!!! :)

    Britch: You know what frizzball! There is no way in hell I am letting you get near this!

    And where she pointed was funny too ROFL!

    Britch: I've seen Nick Walenda walk a tight rope. I'm not going to walk across the grand canyon.

    ROFL! And she said many more lines too hahaha! Oh the baby is born! The baby has no Brad in it at ALL!!!! This baby is Lante's!!! :) Adorable baby!!! :) But the baby is so pale. Is the baby related to the actress who plays Joss?!

    The hospital: The scene between Lulu and Maxie, ENOUGH!!!!! I can't believe Lulu told her to stay where you are and don't get near! What the hell?!!?! Spinny and Ellie scene, ENOUGH!!!! Spinny tell the damn truth!!! Oh Brad was gonna tell Dante the truth about Britch's baby being his! :) Brad listend in on Maxie and Spinny's converation! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :) Come on Brad spill the beans to Lante! Two secrets for Lante!

    Haunted Star: Another fantastic performance for Maurice Benard!!!! :) His voice was cracking again. Aww Sonny! Come on! You were going to break up with Connie cus she betrayed you remember?! And you wanted to be with Olivia! Remember? You are going to forget all about Connie, and sleep with Olivia by oh let's see, Halloween? Christmas? All three of Sonny's sons show up! Dante called Sonny dad awww! :) Oh good his boys got him to change his mind about killing himself. So he will live another day and have sex with Olivia! :)

  4. Nulu is still just so snarky in her delivery. I would have fast forwarded the scene if Maxie hadn't been in it. Talk about being ungrateful! And Maxie is worried if Lulu will still be her best friend. Didn't much see much love there from Lulu.

    On the other hand, I'm loving Brit. She was hilarious today!

  5. Britt called nurse Sabrina a glorified candy-striper! lol!

  6. Sonny should totally have an emo blog, where he can go and complain about how many times he's been betrayed by someone he cares about. That way he could have scheduled a suicide note to come up after he pulled the trigger--like a day after. Obviously, he wanted someone to stop him, otherwise there wouldn't have been a note at all. I think they may need to up his meds if he was really suicidal.

    I cannot stand Nulu. She is such an ingrate. Maxie was willing to put nearly a year of her life on hold in order to give her a baby. What does she get for that? "You shouldn't be here." Ugh. What a bitch. I do understand where she is coming from, but that was a little much. I have a feeling that she's going to go all Tony Jones and kidnap that poor nameless baby once the truth comes out. Even if she finds out that Britt's baby is actually hers, I can see her doing that.

    On the other hand, I see Britt becoming more human as she deals with giving her baby up when the truth comes out. Did you see her face when Sabrina handed the baby to her? She really loves him. I think it is going to be very hard for her to give him up.

  7. Karen, when the baby was born and the camera showed him, I said out loud, "Looks nothing like Brad!"

  8. Maxi's more likely to kidnap the baby. MB was awful yester- from the faux bottoming out of his voice to convey emotion to the squinting eyes- like Spin used to cal him- VERY Pacinoesque!

  9. Britt was my favorite part of the show hands down!!

  10. Cosmoetica, I totally agree about MB - had to ffwd. most of his scenes because of his bad, predictable acting. As much as I like Olivia, I've had enough of her lately, too.

  11. I adore little Emma and Patrick. It was so cute that she adlibbed "I love you Daddy" at the end of their scene. Great pic!

  12. I spent most of yesterday's episode wishing I could shoot Sonny myself....enough already

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  15. Anybody remember Mike Meyer's SNL character Linda Richman? That was Sonny today!!!

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