Monday, September 23, 2013

Morgan, Meet AJ

Well, today's show was much like  Friday's show... yelling, yelling yelling.

Duke and Anna were cute, even if they were going to eat Haggis. 

Carlos (whom I am now calling Nacho) and Derek. HAAA..whatever. Poor Duke has to  sit at Macie's desk.

The best part of today was Sonny, Michael..and Morgan. They acted the hell out that scene!! Morgan was broken. He is so going to turn on Sonny.
Calling the Jerome family!!
Michael=St.Jasus and Morgan is so obviously AJ. 

I so wish AJ was there...and Dante.  It was incomplete without them. AJ's like a prison ghost now!!

Morgan goes to see AVA!! He's hurting, she's hurting....hmmmmmmmmmm



  1. Haven't watched today's show, but can we safely say this is the beginning of the Kiki/Morgan/Michael "who's the daddy story"? Ala Carly/Jason/AJ when Michael was born?

  2. The kid playing Morgan was killing it today. I just wanted to reach into the TV and hug him. He and Sonny have great wounded father/son chemistry.

  3. Everyone tries to help Morgan and he begs for it, but then he lies again and again, and steals money and expects to be forgiven. He tries his version of charm everytime he fouls up, never admitting he got himself into it. The kid is good--but the character is hopeless. How many times has he been given second and even third chances?

    So glad he isn't my kid!

  4. Great acting today from Morgan and Sonny. I hope there isn't a who's the daddy story but I wouldn't be surprised.
    I loved the Anna/Duke/haggis stuff. They're so natural together.

  5. Hi there! What about Sam and Silas? Weren't they supposed to be on today? Bryan Craig is not a bad actor at all, I'm glad people are starting to realize that :)

    So... Ava and Morgan huh_ And Kiki will walk in on them? Then Kiki will turn to Michael until he finds out Penny's pregnant?

  6. Dante was missing, along with Molly.

    I can't handle another "who is the daddy?" story but, I could get behind Ava getting knocked up with Morgan's baby. Now that would bring home the drama.

  7. The kid playing Morgan was great today. I find that both he and Chad are much better if they're not with Starki. They need to get rid of her. Give the boys a chance to interact in other scenes.

    I can see Morgan heading down a very dark path, and an illegal one. And that is so out of character for our original Morgan. The original Michael was more of a little hood.

    Sam and Silas were on briefly, Lara.

  8. I hope someone filmed the debacle at the MC and will show it to AJ!

  9. Metrocourt: Sonny throws Morgan under the bus!!! And then Sonny kicks out the driver, and gets in the bus, and drives it over Morgan over and over and over again!!!! :) This is a great scene!!! Poor Morgan!!! Sonny and Morgan's voice cracked! And then the actor who plays Morgan, was losing his voice. I wonder how many takes they had to do, to make the actor lose his voice! When Sonny lunged at Morgan, I thought he was going to hit him! But no he just grabbed Morgan! Michael called Morgan a son of a bitch! Wow Michael! How can you call your mother a bitch!!! how rude!! Get it? Son.. Of.. A.. BITCH! :) Starki dumping Morgan's ass! The whole time, Starki looked constipated! :) McSilas and Sam scene! Love it!! I love the way McSilas ran passed Sam! ROFL! Sam won the line of the day!

    Sam: I bet you were trying to take a DNA sample. And you ran out of cotton swabs so you used her tongue instead.

    ROFL! McSilas agrees she won the line of the day too, cus he was laughing hahaha! McSilas don't want Ava! Aww poor Ava in tears! Oh oh Ava really wants McSilas all to herself cus she wants Sam away from him!!! :) Hmm Morgan hurting + Ava hurting = SEX TIME! :)

    Sonny's home: Sonny wants to toast to the truth! ROFL! Carly telling Olivia to leave cus she can handle him ROFL!

    Pier: Woah! Don Juan Demarco (Carlos) is hurt!! Bloody arm! Go to the hospital!!!!!

    Julian's office: What the hell?! Don Juan put his jacket on! Did he fix his arm by himself?!! Did he go to the hospital?! He seems fine! Especially talking to Duke!

    Patrick's home: Sabrina is so avoiding talking to Patrick about Don Juan Demarco!!! Come on now! Don Juan Demarco looks way too old for Sabrina! He looks about 40! :)

  10. WHY OH WHY does Sonny HAVE to carry on at EVERY party!! I do love the man, but I CAN'T STAND how rude it is!! He has to have a fit at every party, and everyone else is standing around w/their finger up their a--, looking like I don't know what! This is a party, there are guests, but he has no regard for them, or for any civilized behavior, it's all a venue for him to act out and express his angst.

    Of course I blame the writers--it's gotten really predictable, and annoying.

  11. Kristen and Chad will be live tweeting during the show tomorrow. Kirsten will be live tweeting next Tuesday. Use the hashtage#askGH.

  12. Ok guys, for there to be a "who's the daddy" storyline, wouldn't Kiki had to have slept with Michael?

  13. Avalonn--If Kiki and Michael have sex anytime in the next couple weeks it'll be totally plausible, especially given how frequently she and Morgan had sex. And I'm sure with all the "stress" and "moving" that she must have missed a few of her birth control pills. Just speculating here. Honestly, I'm not interested in seeing that story play out.

  14. The last thing I wasn't to see is another who is the daddy story? Lets hope that Frank and Ron give us a break on that one.

    Very entertaining day. Sonny and Morgan were great. But really someone crush up a pill and put it in his drink already.

    Morgan grow up already. Michael was shot and in a coma for years then was raped when he was in prison. Do you really want to be him?

    Not digging Sam and Silas as much as I thought I would. They are trying too hard with that story. Jump his bones already and get on with it.

    Now everyone has heard the name Julian Jerome. And there is a Jerome slithering around PC who got herself involved with Sonny. Hmmm lets see if Anna is as smart as we all think she is.

    Patrick all jealous was cute. Sabrina did not get on my nerves today.

  15. I'm starting to get worried that the rumors about SK leaving are true. AJ hasn't been on hardly at all - same with Liz. I thought BC was great yesterday, MB was his usual mediocre self and honestly Chad wasn't great. That scowling look he always has on his face isn't great acting. Silas is now definitely John again. Loved Duke and Anna - could watch them everyday!