Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Polar Opposites

Well, it was a wild week...Ups and Down..literally and figuratively. This show frustrates the hell out of me at the same time I rejoice in it's brilliance. I get a joyful frustration from the whole thing.
Hopefully, I can explain that well enough!!

Get ready... it's surgery time!  I'm wearing ORANGE scrubs in honor of our Heather..she who stuffs it down! 

Of course,  the week belonged to Sonny's illness. Maurice was awesome and knowing he struggles with it in real life makes it all the more bittersweet. Ava trying to psyche Sonny out of taking his meds was just drama to the high "D". This is where I wish  GH wasn't such a 'soap'...meaning here I am all into this and the next scene is some stupid sheeze involving Taylor and her ripped damn jeans.
Seriously? I have to sit through Molly's "Maine Squeeze" crap? Ellie and Maxie talking AGAIN and AGAIN about the baby?? Where were Liz and AJ? GH is such a wheel of in/out back and forth it makes my head spin. 

Connie's "Funeral". Well, that was a let down. Not that I have to have a funeral but come on! I honestly thought my DVR went rogue and erased something. There should have been a montage-- Sonny throwing stuff--more Falconeris! More fashionistas! I swear, Diane needed to be there, looking for her name in the will.  Where was COLEMAN? Oh I wish he would have bounced in! 

AND THEN there's ...this:   "Carlos" Don Juan Muchacho. Like Betty would have some older guy stashed in Puerto Rico. One that happens to work for Julian Jerome.
Please :eyeroll: 
Oh, hey, if you haven't read the spoilers I'm sure you caught the 45 hundred photos of Robin this week. AND Emma asking for her. Funny-- it used to be she'd ask for Sabrina when Britt was around!! I have to say something here that we've talked about on twitter for awhile now. This Patrick story SHOULD have been with Liz. Liz was the one that Robin "hand picked" for Paddy when she thought she was dying-- and Liz has kids. They could have fallen for each other, blended their families. THAT would be something when Robin came back. 

Oh, Britt is moving in with Nikolas because I guess she can't afford anywhere by herself. Her being a doctor and all. Are her things in storage? Did she ever buy anything for that kid? Loose ends, my friends, loose ends.  (I also expected her Mama to get in touch in some way, shape or form).   I think her moving in is a good idea...but make it because she doesn't want to be alone with a baby. Or that she's afraid of her mother. Don't just be like  "gots no where else to go"!!

I told you I loved the whole Blowing up the Ferry because of the connection with Rochester's Fast Ferry to Toronto.  Ha...just a fun thing.  I also thought it comical the way that Shawn knows they are gonna be in BIG TROUBBBBBBLE!! He and Max strong arming that old guy. Good lord. Ava and Derek just plugging him and dumping him off the pier.  That's NOT the best way to get rid of body, btw-- I mean, seriously.

In the middle of all this is Anna babysitting Connie, (sounds funny don't it?), Duke going to work for Derek--and Morgan and Kiki moving in with Sonny.

The ONLY time I can deal with Morgan is when he's with Alice --or about to get into bed with evil Ava. (well, I can dream, can't I?) I wish Alice would have been invited to the party!! 

Is this Matronly  or what? 
Speaking of that-- their reception was a let down. I wanted a giant cake with STARS  all over it and poker chips on top. ahha And that would have given Sonny something to smash up!  Kiki should have had Olivia's dress on btw. Or something more age appropriate. Sonny had to yell out the "secret" while being all manic at the party. Sam saw Silas snogging Ava. No one got shot. Hey, not bad! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: No, I didn't choose a Sonny one. I loved the Sam  and Paddy share Cheetos. It was just a nice, simple scene about loss of a spouse and how to carry on.  

PROPS OF THE WEEK: I could not choose-- so tie between Giant Jesus and Heather's Groovy Wallpaper gift for Franco.I could picture the hole she left in the "social room" at Ferncliff cutting it out!! For those of you voting for the's already had it's place of honor awhile ago! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Betty getting all  uptight over her latin lovah coming back.Glad she's wearing her specks so she can see him better! 

MOVES OF THE WEEK:  Belong to Sonny swingin' out to the Mobular Music.    

I don't know. This week just didn't grab me. I get that something blew up, that Michael learned the truth, Heather gobbed down a BLT and a guy almost got his fingers fried.  I'm just over the mobular angle and REALLY don't want more newbies. Ava and Julian are enough. All the Jr.Minds can go--except Molly and bring back Brandon Barash. 
That's all I ask!! 


Maria said...

CO-SIGN on this entire Sunday Surgery. The only thing keeping me tuned in and not smashing the tv out of sheer frustration is the Robin return...AND the hope that Robert isn't far behind. But I'm even fearful of how that will turn out...I'm hoping Tristan Rogers won't agree to a return if it's going to be more of the same Ka-Ka...I mean Ki-Ki...I mean choppy stories full of holes and characters we don't care about.

MatchboxGinny said...

Not the best week. Seems every time Frank or Ron get on Twitter and tell us what a great episode it will be it always seem to be a major letdown. Interesting.

This week fell flat for me. Far too many holes in the storylines, the funeral that just wasn't, the extremely boring junior mints, the repetitive dialogue from everyone...and it seems we're back to dropping storylines (AJ in jail) for weeks at a time again.

Hope next week is better. I'll have to pay more attention to the writers for each show because clearly some are far more talented than others.

Denise Preston said...

I thought this week was a snoozeville as well. Maurice was terrific, but haven't we seen all this before? Several times? I'm digging both the Jeromes, and I'm even enjoying Roger Howarth again despite the obvious switch from Franco to Tranco. But please get rid of the teens - they suck the dramatic air out of the room every time they are on.

What I'd like to see, however, are more scenes like the one between Sam and Patrick. More meaningful conversation please. And how about some more romance? It's a SOAP. Less mob and more lub please.

Bring on Robin and Robert, Luke and Laura, Secret labs and intrigue.

And no more baby switcheroos for at least five years. Promise?

Cosmoetica said...

Only time MB's been good is the brief scene w the baby and the scenes of Sonny totally losing it at the party.

His depressive violent, 4th rate Joe Pesci wannabe scenes are Plan 9 level acting, at best.

A rather limp week.

AntJoan said...

I also CAN'T STAND that Britch was just cradling her baby in the wheelchair, homeless, with no where to go. In this day and age, when mandatory baby showers cause others to spend thousands on new paraphernalia for the little darlings, her child doesn't even have a crib, or some diapers? She has money--makes no sense.

Also, Sonny dancing to the mob music--hilarious!! I am the original crazy-for-Sonny fan, and I don't think I've EVER seen him dance (or sing, for that matter). Actually, it was more sad than hilarious, as it was due his mania acting up.

I hope the baby switch comes soon. . . . And does ANYONE know when Robin is coming back?

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Where were Liz and AJ? I'll add where's Tracy? The Q mansion is empty again. The resurrection of the Qs didn't last long.

guy416 said...

As always Love our Sunday Surgery.

Things I loved on #GH

Drake/Morgan playful banter time and cheetos dinner.

1/2 agree with u. Liz/Patrick and then Robin tries to "Take Back" her family when she comes home and Liz saying u said they were mine. "NO Take-Backs!" Would have been fun. BUT!!
Having Sam and Patrick bond over losing the "loves of their lives" and having to raise young children and then Robin comes home would have been epic. Just like Robin in 2005 thinking she was coming home to a fresh start with Jason then discovering his complete connection to Sam.

The Heather stuff is getting Silly and Lame. It's time for the #TRUTH to come out. Heather and Franco still have an AGENDA or a SECRET that is being kept.

Sabrina "Ugly Betty" was involved with a Hot Latin Son of a Mobster and dropped him to come to Port C and be a Nurse and a Back up Pip to Patrick the White Knight. NOT!

As for the Head of Peditriacs and a Doctor on PAID maternity leave or a lawsuit being Friendless Penniless and Homeless with no $$ to even stay at the Motel 6 where Sam gave birth to Danny. NOT!!

And the Teen scene is a mess. Molly cant even do scenes with Morgan b/c it would show the mess that is. New Taylor looks 5-10yrs older then the other kids and is a worse actress. And Rafe needs to have Grandma Elizabeth (Rebecca Stabb) come on and find the Barrington fortune and take that Pound Puppy home.

Monica being fired b/c of AJ's actions is stupid and a lawsuit Diane should be "Thirsty" to take on. Why was Dante, Molly, Lulu, Bobbie even Alice not at Morgan's after-wedding reception?

As for Connie's funeral think they should have had Olivia and Dante say they were taking the body home to be BURIED with the Family Falconeri's instead of in Port C next to the man who raped her Joey JR and Dead Drawer Baby Trey.
TY4 our Sunday Surgery!!

kdmask said...

I know Kim has been taping a bit. I think we'll get isolated "robin" scenes before the full force-fall sweeps (Nov) when she's back for good. Not sure though

Avalonn said...

I'm actually enjoying the Jerome's even though I am sick of the mob if that makes sense. In regard to M.B., considering he does struggle with bipolar IRL, is it really acting? I feel like I'm on a merry go round and the Sonny bipolar card has been played too many times!
I totally agree with the scene of the week between Dr. Drake and Sam, it was very real and natural. I want to see more AJ, Sean Kanan is a fine actor and IMO has been underused. I want to see Britt and Nik together, Sam and Silas also have major potential and no doubt Ava and Morgan. I enjoy watching Roger Howarth no matter what, he's very charasmatic. Same goes for Carolyn Hennesy's Diane Miller, love her facial expressions alone.

cooks7570 said...

These days I'm just enjoying the show. It is nice not to ship a couple anymore so that is why I am able to enjoy the show these days. Did anyone see the news about the ratings for the show. Kirsten Storms will live tweet during the show on Tuesday at 2.00 so ask her something. If you want to know why they do not use animals now Carolyn Hinsey has your answer.

JasonRoks said...

Agree with everything you wrote Karen. Funeral let down, party let down,(Where were Lulu and Dants?), crazy Britt stuff. Dr. O should have at least texted her. Stupid.

Sabrina had those glasses on this week - we should have knows something was coming.

Maybe Robin will become chief of staff when she returns. No one is running the hospital now.

NO MORE TEENS!! I think I hear TJ gets killed soon in the mob stuff though. One less to worry about.

More Julian and Alexis please. Hoping Nik takes off his clothes this week as well.