Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Father is....

I so wanted Helena to walk in on Patrick and Britt and go WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TWO? get out!! LOL  Britt says Brad's the dad--( in spoilers if you read them) Which begs the question: Is that real? Because if it is she's stupid as you could TELL the second the kid is born. Ergo, she's probably buying some time. 
Nikolas saves Brit's ass and comes in and tells Paddy he'll break every bone in his hand. 

Lulu was such a FISHWIFE TODAY!  she's just so strident and blah, blah..blah.. THEN she uses the "My Dad is dying" card. I wish they'd make her a bit softer. Stavvy fried her brain and vocal cords. Or Froze them. 
Spinelli chickened out telling Lante the truth. He also said that Maxie should distance herself from the baby. Then he tells Maxie she has to "learn to live without their child" which I don't buy as a Spinelli thing. 
Well, until Fall Sweeps. (Nov..I hope. I HOPE it's not until Feb sweeps) 

Diane says: Let My AJ go...but they found the gun.  SO, AJ doesn't go!! And his fingerprints were on the gun. 

Sam and Silas kiss. 

Felix and Brad are chatting it up-- Felix trying to widdle the truth out of Brad.  Seems Brad's been holding a torch for Felix.  Patrick punches Felix. Hard. 
"Fat, Chinese Gay, Tapdancer" says Brad about himself

Moronigan and Kiki arguing about the gun. Good Gravy, they have one brain cell between them. Morgan finds out that Kiki went to see Michael at the PCPD. whoops.

NEW SERIES OF LUTHER is on tonight!! BBCA!! If you watch, you know it's AWESOME. If not, watch first 2 seasons on NetFlix. There's only 11 episodes in total!! Eeeeeeeee!


Carrie said...

Did Britt say Felix was the dad?

dar said...

NO Brad which considering he is Asian obviously can't be true. I guess it's really Lulu's.

sonya said...
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sonya said...

Wyndemere: What?!!?! The baby Britch is carrying is Brad's?!!?! NO SHE IS LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Police station: Oh so the gun that shot Connie, IS AJ's!! Well Ava must have used his gun!!!!! She must have taken his gun somehow! AJ staggards out of the office, and Ava shows up and finds the gun and AJ?

Q boathouse: Oh! There is the gun! :) Oh oh Morgan and StarKI's first argument!!! Loud argument at that! StarKi doesn't want Morgan to call the police?! WHAT THE HELL?!!?! Oh she just wants to protect Mikey!!! Shut up StarKI! Morgan time to have an affair with Ava!! Come on! Lemme see that hot chemistry you two have. :)

The hospital: Baby Cheeto and grandpapa Julian is a match and is going to have the surgery!! WOOT WOOT! :) Sam and McSilas kissed! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! HOT HOT HOT! Brad and Felix almost kissed WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! :) But then Patrick had to grab Brad and punch him!!!!! Spinny!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Your daughter is YOUR daughter!! Not Dante and Lulu's!!! I'm very mad now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

britt stalled answering who the baby daddy is for half the show. You would think she could have thought of someone other than Brad. It is going to be pretty obvious that she lied again when the baby comes out.

Spin not telling the truth was out of character especially with how he is behaving the last week. This drama has to end by Nov because KS will be on maternity leave for Feb. I no longer feel sorry or Lulu she is way to annoying. It is lall about me me me!

Patrick was a little too grabby with Britt today. I'm on Nik's side.

Brad you have done nothing but act like an ass to everyone and it is Felix's fault that he does not see you as boyfriend material? He deserved to get punched. He is not the father( wild guess there) but he has always known that Patrick wasn't either. Run Felix Run!!!!

The Diane and Anna scenes were great.

Moron and Kiki deserve each other, stupid stupid stupid.

The fact that there is no gun shot residue on AJ would clear him. But I guess the PCPD forgot to perform that test.

soaplover said...

Brad is really quite repulsive--why would Felix, who is smart, handsome, and decent, want a guy who is gross, devious, and less than bright? This is not a good pairing at all! When is Bobbie's son returning? Can we please get a gay who is worthy of Felix?

LSV422 said...

I am really loving William DV as Julian. Kind of felt sorry for Brad since Britt has manipulated him from day one. But he has been a real jerk. Diane and Anna scenes were excellent. I wish Spin and Maxie had spoken up but this has really turned out to be a great storyline.

Xiriously this is me... said...

OMG, as much as I am loving GH. It is just amazing. I was bursting with skittles goodness that Luther is back! I hope TPTB give us a satisfying season that will ease the pain of it being the last season.

Xiriously this is me... said...
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LSV422 said...

I'm so glad Luther is back, too! First and 2nd seasons were wonderful. Love those Brit series!