Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Next Week ON GH ...

Gonna be a hootenanny! 


  1. Suffer Lante, suffer!!!!! LOLOLL I can't stand them for some reason.

    Yes Robin!!!! Where the HELL is Tristan Rogers though! Don't let his last scene's on GH being taken down by an old woman (don't get me wrong though, Dr. O is a badass - she just couldn't handle Scorpio)

    MORE MORGAN AND AVA - as I said below! THEY ARE SOAP GOLD. I want more scenes of characters losing their crap over it. CARLY! KIKI! MICHAEL! SONNY! JULIAN! LOLOLOL

  2. Wow, that was fast! I wonder how Lulu finds out? I really do not like nuLulu. I so wish it was JMB doing the reacting to this.

    They'd better not screw up this Robin return. I want real scenes with her family, at least eventually, not brief shots of her someplace else.

  3. Must be sweeps week next week?

    Those hideous scenes with Starki are such a waste. B O R I N G

    Did we finish up AJ's storyline and someone forgot to me ??

    YEA Robin.

    Truth is out with the baby.

  4. While I loveGH and will never leave, I find it hard to follow these days. Frank has too many characters on the canvas and keeps adding more while vets leave!!Whatever happened with AJ? Where is Britt and Ben? How about Felicia and Mac? Laura? And he keeps shoving McBain/Silas at Sam. Enough!!Steve left and isn't coming back so give Sam another love interest other than Michael Easton's characters. He's great with Ava

  5. I agree, Silas is great with Ava.

    Where's Lucy & Kevin and Scott?

  6. When Mikey brought Penny to the party last week I couldn't believe he chose Starki over her. She still looks and acts like she is 15. Scenes yesterday were dull beyond belief. Loved seeing Carly discovering Morgan and Ava. Cartini needs to lose the love affair with KA - she doesn't belong with such a talented cast.

  7. 0:04! Lulu's face! Face of the week next week! ROFL! Er I hope it wins next week. :) ROFL!

  8. Robin! yay. Patrick dump that girl and go get your wife.

    I am shocked that Lante finds out so soon. I thought when I saw it it might be a dream sequence.
    Let Lulu suffer, she is annoying.

    Still no AJ in the promos. WHY????

  9. I've heard elsewhere the guy who plays AJ was let go. Maybe they have to get a new one and slow down the story?

    Agreed- many good stories going on now so it's a lot to follow. Get rid of Sabrina and the teens

    Carly rocks. Ava/Morgan storyline rocks.

  10. YEP he probably was let go, and they prerecorded his scenes. I guess he killed Connie.

  11. Crap, SK is no longer at GH???! Can they cast Billy Warlock again? Yeah he is over 50 yrs old now but still has the baby face. I am disappointed, I was really enjoying SK being back on the canvas

  12. Erm..I haven't heard he's let go? let me ask around

  13. Connie was THREE DAYS old yesterday, that's how slow crap is moving on the show. AJ has only been in jail like 5 days lol

  14. got this from soapzone:
    Still hearing via Daytime Dish sources that Sean Kanan (A.J.) is most definitely out.

    But I've seen/read it elsewhere for about a month now.

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  16. JasonRoks this from soapzone: Still hearing via Daytime Dish sources that Sean Kanan (A.J.) is most definitely out.
    I don't understand! :) Why is he out? He just got here. :'( Did it say who is going to replace him?

  17. With the Robin / virus story coming up, can someone remind me - doe Sean, Luke, Jerry and Robert all have the same virus? Or is Robert different?