Friday, September 6, 2013

Aw, Poor Sonny..

Wah..he's at the Haunted Star Bar... cryin' over Connie and he has a gun.
GHOST CAWNIE walks in says "don't do it" or something like that. I think it was Kate.  LOL get it? Sonny imagines marrying Connie--  and the boat looks nicely decorated. Olivia "sees" Starr in Connie's wedding dress and figures out where Sonny is. 

Suddenly, that bandaid looks too small for that giant thing to have been  extracted.

TUMAH: DAY 2!! You think it will get a dressing room?? hehahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Diane  should have brought in a neurologist or two, don't you think? Oh, well, the judge is ready to drop the charges. THEN Carly wants to make a 'victim's impact statement". Like she gets to the be one to talk for EVERYONE? Ask that dead nurses' family! Ask Sam!! Geesh

I think I'll order some  "Tumah  Time" tshirts

Nikolas is so protective of Britt! Brad is doing a bad job of lying, imo.  Nik is saying Brad has to have Brit live in his HOUSE?!
Why did Betty go to Wyndemere? I mean..I know to deliver Brit's baby but geesh---

Emma is precious. She knows TOO much for her age!!  "A baby is not a backpack Daddy"!!  There's a NEW ARIEL!! Ariel 2.0!!  She also takes her Dad out to play ball so he doesn't feel badly about not having a boy. ahhh. 

GEESH! Dante! HUG your MOTHER.. don't sons know MOMS NEED A HUG sometimes?? Morgan's just yelling all over. Throw something, you'll feel better. 

Britt goes into labor with Betty there and Nikolas running in

Olivia runs in to save Sonny...


  1. Sonny's home: So let's see. Olivia freaking out still and Idiot Morgan's temper is flaring up again. Morgan you need some ointment! Where oh where is Sonny?! Oh where oh where can he be?!?! Maybe Sonny is with Waldo. Oh Dante gets a phone call! Olivia and her vision oh oh!

    The hospital: Wow Nik!!! What is wrong with you?! Leave Brad alone! Oh look Dante, Michael, and Morgan looking for Waldo! Er I mean Sonny. Brad wants to talk to Dante?! Interesting! :)

    Wyndemere: Well well well. 18 year old Sabrina has a backbone! :) Uh she is in labor Sabrina! Wow she is a dummy today too. Sabrina does win the line of the day tho. :)

    Nik: Hey what's going on?

    Sabrina: We're baking a cake.

    ROFL! Well Nik! You ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer. :)

    Haunted star: Oh there is Sonny! With a gun! He is ready to shoot himself! Oh wait ghost Connie is there!! Awww ghost Connie and Sonny marry. *sniff sniff* Is Sonny and ghost Connie going to go on their honeymoon and have sex? Oh wait she can't stay! Damn. I wanted to see him have sex with ghost Connie. I wanted to see Olivia walk in on him and ghost Connie having sex. :) Of course she would only see Sonny hahahaha!

    Courtroom: Love that tumor! :) Give that tumor a contract! :) That is one huge tumor! Where the heck did they take it out of? Was it from his neck?

    Patrick's home: That was a wonderful and sweet scene between him and Emma! :) I was thinking why can't Emma play ball with her father? And here is Emma holding onto two catchers mitts and a ball! Awwwwwwwwwww! :) Love how he explains to her about her brother who isn't her brother.

    1. Not sure where they extracted that thing from but, I'm thankful they extracted that nasty blassy bough hair! There is a soap God!!!

  2. Sonya, well done, I think I have nothing to add, you said it all, and so very well!! Kudos to Patrick and Emma for their amazing scenes, they sooo look like father and daughter, for real.

    My father wanted boys, and only had girls, he used to play catch with me, also taught me how to ride a two-wheeler . . . I found the Paddy/Emma scenes so very moving . . .

  3. AntJoan said...

    Sonya, well done, I think I have nothing to add, you said it all, and so very well!!
    Oh thank you. :)

    My father wanted boys, and only had girls, he used to play catch with me, also taught me how to ride a two-wheeler . . .
    Awww sweet! Damn you are making me tear up!!! :'(

  4. Patrick is an amazing surgeon. He extracted that huge thing without shaving Todd's head or leaving a scar And managing to get rid of the bleach blond as a bonus. Bravo!

    Lulu was annoying today and she was only on a 2 second preview. sheesh.

    Can Moron say anything without massive hand movements?

    I was rooting for Sonny to off himself, but no such luck.

  5. Kangaroo court was in session. Although, gotta love that toomah!! Lol!

    Couldn't stand the Sabrina/Britch scenes. They were pointless and the acting was horrible.

    FF'd thru Sonny's ridiculousness. Been there done that too many times with him. Over it. Move on.

    Nik/Brad scenes. Why???

    Morgan, Michael, Starr, Liv. I didn't care one bit.

    Fantastic scenes with Patrick and Emma. So adorably sweet :)

    I think I would've liked this Friday episode much better had I live watched and tweeted with my GH pallies. Watching it alone was painful. Lol!

  6. I guess Sonny couldn't hear me, cuz I kept yelling "shoot" Loved the scenes with Patrick/Emma. And LOL on Morgan just throw something