Wednesday, September 18, 2013

HUMP daaaaaay!!


I am down with a cold and have a meeting this afternoon so please leave me some comments, let me know if I need to watch the show--yada yada!

Thanks! I'll try to be back in action later to get the scoops up.


  1. No comments usually means ..boring show.

  2. I liked the show today. They still have Lulu being a craphead toward Maxie. I may not ship Dante and Lulu any more but having them still living in the loft is crappy as can be. The show should bring the Brownstone back.

  3. Ugh Connie, it's like nails on the chalkboard.

  4. Lante home: UGH! Lante with baby Georgie! I refuse to call the baby Connie! Anna babysitting awww! :) Lulu acting like Anna is a teenager! Hahaha! Anna and Duke scene! Adorable!!! :) She feels like a teenager haha!

    Metrocourt: Carly and Derick Wells scene haha! She thinks Derick and Ava are a couple! :) Spinny sees a man and his baby. :( I can't stand this!!!!!!!!! Spinny open your mouth and tell Lante the truth!!! :( Duke and Derick scene! DELICIOUS! :) Duke got the job! YAY! :)

    Q boathouse: Starki and Morgan win the line of the day!!! There is something we didn't know about Morgan. He gets horny in the morning ROFL!

    Morgan: Come on. I'll be quick.

    Starki: Aren't you always?

    DOH! Burn Morgan burn! ROFL! Oh look it's Alice! :) Good ol arm wrestling!!! Aww Alice lost. :( Man Morgan's bangs are flat. :) The married couple still has to move out!!

    Sonny's home: Damn Sonny looks awful!! The only good thing, is that I see his nipples over his shirt. :) Yikes Michael! Don't bring up his meds! To quote what Morgan said today, he looks like death! He sure does!! Sonny you should go to the funeral! Michael sure manipulated his father into going to the funeral haha!

    Maxie and Ellie's home: Blah blah blah. Never going to claim our daughter! Which means the truth will come out in November sweeps. :) Ellie didn't bring up intercourse again. I thought maybe she would! I'm glad! I wish she would stop saying the word intercourse. Say make love Ellie!!! Say sex Ellie!! Stop saying intercourse! ROFL!

    Funeral: That is a strange picture of Connie to have at a funeral! ROFL! She looks like a sexy sex kitten! ROFL! You can just hear her purring! ROFL! Sonny does show up!!! He can hardly look at the picture. :) Aww come on Sonny. It's a come and get me look picture. Come hither! ROFL!

  5. kdmask said..No comments usually means ..boring show.
    Nah it wasn't boring! Go watch it! :)

  6. Duke and Anna are just plain delightful. Had to ffwd. Sonny. Need more Liz and AJ - Jeromes monopolizing too much but love that J. Jerome!

  7. As my 10 year-old niece says "that commercial never gets old". I love the screen shot!

  8. Ava and Dullian have a weird relationship for siblings. I think she's sexually attracted to him...ick