Monday, September 16, 2013

Heather's OUT!

And eating Tranco's him some striped wallpaper.  okay-- and she wants a BLT.

Can't say a lot-- interrupted by the horrible Navy Yard Shooting. thinking of all of those involved.

I guess Carly and Felix are BFFs now?  People said he helped her when she chopped her hair off. I totally forgot that.


  1. What's with the wall paper? Is she giving Todd Susan Moore's old cottage? (redecorated?)

    While I feel for the victims in DC, I find it really ironic that ABC interrupted a tv show about guns and violence to broadcast a news report about guns and violence.

  2. No GH here due to tragedy at the Navy Yard. Will be watching SoapNet.

  3. How much of GH aired? I was painting my apartment and missed the show. should i dvr it on soapnet? Also, did you know that ABC On Demand on FIOS has GH now?

  4. Sonny's home: Oh wow!!! Ava is so good!!! :) Manipulating Sonny when she finds out he has bi polar disorder!!! Oh wow!!! :) Love this woman!! And yes time to have a party! ROFL!

    Metrocourt: Carly and Felix scene hahaha! Yes Carly can handle FranJasTod! Sure Carly sure hahaha! Heather and her BLT temper tantrum! :) FranJasTod wins the lines of the day today!!!

    FranJasTod: Right. Because there is a lunch for loonies program.

    ROFL! And many more lines! ROFL!

    The hospital: Oh! McSilas asked Sam out on a date and she said yes! WOOT WOOT! Baby Cheeto is going to be just fine! :) Alexis hugs Derick wells! YES! :) Anna and Duke both see Julian and doesn't recognize him! So he DID have plastic surgery! Duke wants a job with Derick Wells hahaha! Anna is suspicious of Derick Wells hahaha!

    Kelly's: Oh wow what a scene!!! Almost burning that bad guy's hand! :)

    FranJasTod: Hop hop hop! Knock knock knock.

    ROFL! He needs a BLT fast! :) Ewww that is a half eaten one Shawn! That's Max's! ROFL!

    Pier: OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the scene of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Julian shoots that guy who works for him, because he tells Max and Shawn that he works for Julian Jerome!! Ava kicks the guy and pushes him in the water!! That is how it is done Sonny!!! Sonny's team sucks! I am switching over to Team Jerome! :)

  5. Me too, Sonya!!! "I'm switching over Team Jerome". Plain sick of Sonny, but love Derek....

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  7. Pat..... Sun..... said...Me too, Sonya!!! "I'm switching over Team Jerome". Plain sick of Sonny, but love Derek....
    ALRIGHT! :) Now Derick aka Julian has two people who joined on team Jerome! :)