Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass"

Tracy looked...er..um..no words today! LOL... Ava  has just moved RIGHT in hasn't she?? Getting on Twitter and everything-- and Franco says he's trending! #francosafreeman!  Using Qwifi I see!

"Get your poser ass outta my house!"
says Todd to Ava--MY HOUSE? Er. um...
Todd tells Tracy that he poisoned her relish. Then he basically says his heart belongs to Carly.

Sam and Silas... kinda boring.

Kiki and Carly-- interesting. Kinda, I wish Carly hated Kiki more. Sonny walks in. I'm sure Carly will be all over the fact she didn't even know about it lol.  Morgan thinks Connie's death his fault.  Morgan had a crying talk with Sonny. Sonny won't take his pills.

Britt figures out there's fluid in the kid's lungs. The kid that is about 2 months  old already.

WHY THE HELL did Betty take the baby and not Britt? I don't get that..Britt just gave birth, she's a doctor..that was stupid. 
The baby was 'saved' by Dr. Silas. Yawn.

The Jr. Mints were on and they were stupid. There's a new Taylor. Who looks about 23.

Today's show was..well.
I could have napped.

 Monica's on tomorrow!


Kanella said...

The Q and Ava drama would be so much more entertaining if Monica were around. She is the missing link on the show AJ loses control of ELQ and falls off the wagon and Monica manages to show up weeks later? Alan's kid had brain surgery and Monica is now where? How about she visit her grandson that has lukemia. She's only the chief-of-staff at the hospital where he is being treated.

I haven't heard one teen speak up and say they want more Taylor but, I bet they would get behind more Monica.

Andrea said...

Franco was great today, kicking Ava out and spilling to Tracy he poisoned all the relish.

It is like Carly is resigned to the fact that Kiki and Michael are going to have an affair. She should hate Kiki.

I agree with Kanella. Monica is glaringly missing from several storylines.

I can not tell you how much I did NOT miss the teen scene on GH.

Sam and Silas should just stay with what they do best. Kiss. Little Zzzzzz today.

Britt is just sitting there on the Nik's couch I guess that needs a Stanley Steamer visit too now.

That baby is HUGE! Loved how for some reason Nik could carry her to the launch at the end of the show but not the beginning. All the people in Nik's house disappeared including Alfred, Spencer and the rest of the Staff - Maybe Helena is hiding in the tunnels abducting doing experiments of them.

Robin is in the spoilers!!!!!!!

AntJoan said...

Poor Monica was in a "medical conference in Brazil," or something. Gee, she goes to soooo many conferences. . . .

The new Taylor--TERRIBLE!! She looks WAY too old to be a teen. Also, school has started, how can she still be in PC? The other Taylor was attractive, and a good actress, IMO. This one is over the top . . . WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??

Britt was SO HUGE before she gave birth, I guess that's why she had a giant baby :).

dar said...

the other actress who played Taylor got a film role and left. They had to recast or just lose the character. I wish they had dumped Taylor. I don't care about her or Rafe or TJ for that matter.

sonya said...

Wyndemere: Britch says her baby is pale!! Thank you! :) That is what I said yesterday! :) Wait wait wait! So why can't Britch go with Sabrina back to the hospital? No room at the inn? Er boat? Awww Britch has fallin in love with Lante's baby!

The hospital: Geez Felix. Why bother with Brad? He won't say anything! Oh look McSilas to save baby Lante! :) He is a hero! Time for McSilas and Sam to snuggle, hug, and kiss! Well okay not now but later? :) Oh there is Britch!! :) Yes Felix you are right! The baby looks NOTHING like Brad! ROFL! The baby still looks pale.

Q home: FranJasTodd wins the line of the day today!

FranJasTodd: Hey Auntie Tracy, in case you were wondering, It was me who poisoned your relish.

ROFL! And the look on Tracy's face hahahaha! Priceless! :) Oh Karen the face of the week for Sunday Sugary has to be Tracy's face! :)If it doesn't get beaten by some other face during the week. :) FranJasTodd, kicks Ava out hahahaha! Ava is so desperate to work at ELQ! WHY?!!?! What is going on Ava? FranJasTodd has feelings for Carly awwwwwwwwww! :) Carly is all in denial about her feelings! :)

Sonny's home: Oh look Carly shows up and she has no clue what Sonny was going to do! Oh Olivia takes Sonny upstairs! For sex? Nope. Give it time. :) Oh come on Olivia! You give him his meds, but don't stay around to watch him take it?! You are a fool!He grounded his meds to dust!!! Love the Sonny and Morgan scene! :)

Kelly's: Oh look! Recast Taylor! YAY! (sarcasm) Wait Taylor is back from visiting her parents? HUH?! That makes no sense. I thought she was only staying in Port Chuckles for the summer?!!?! Is she staying there for good?! Oh no Molly is taking back TJ! ACK!

sonya said...

AntJoan said...Britt was SO HUGE before she gave birth, I guess that's why she had a giant baby :).
ROFL! So true! :) I am going to miss mama Dr O calling her fat, and Nik calling her huge ROFL! Maybe Dr mama O can call the baby huge ROFL!

CareyN said...

Julian and Ava have something in the works regarding ELQ. That's why she's so desperate to have things work in her favor (even lying about her daughter's paternity) and to get a job there with "special projects".

Unknown said...

I liked the Sonny/Morgan scenes. Best part of the episode.

JPink said...

I think Rafe had a growth spurt while he was off this summer! The kid is much taller now. Maybe we'll get to see PC High now! Haven't been there in years!

nance24 said...

I liked the Sonny/Morgan scene but other than that Sonny just tires me out