Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Neoplasm aka: Tumor In a Jar

What a week! 

Sonny's all cry baby, Olivia's still wailing, Diane brings it to the trial, Baby Ariel is back and Britch starts full-on labor while Princess Mother Sabrina looks on.
Can't wait to get going!!

Put on your best Neoplasm-Wear and let's get on it. 

Munchkins: Surprisingly Tumor-Shaped!

PS. In honor of said tumor, I am eating some nice Tim Horton's  Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins. Want one? 

So... what did you think of this week?  We found out the following: 

Brad can tap-dance.

Spinelli is keeping the secret

Sam thinks Silas kisses just like Caleb and McPain

Alexis hasn't seen anything like this in about..what? 30  years? 

Olivia found Sonny's note and saw Kiki in a wedding dress 
Get it? "Haunted Starr" ?? 

Britt wore this.

Sabrina's ovaries got a message 

 Sonny Hallucinated... and imagined some really nice pink flowers while he was at it

Britt is going to give birth on the Cassadine Floor

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  YEP... Patrick and Emma talk about her "losing" her little brother. When she wanted to play catch?? ADORABLE. 
BONUS: Baby Ariel 2.0 made an appearance.

PROP OF THE WEEK: (possibly the year) OUR TUMOR IN A JAR!! Star of the show..... Tranco's  giant lump of crazy!!!!

FACES OF THE WEEK:  Exact moment Todd and Carly realized what was in that jar. 
BONUS POINT: the tiny bandage covering what must be a gigantic crater in Franco's forehead. 

Other News: They recast Taylor---it's on an SOD page if you want to see her. I obviously didn't care because I forgot all about it! Lol
Was going to see "Blue Jasmine" last night but the timing was wrong so we went to "Meet the Millers" instead. OMG..hysterical fun. Naughty funny. I mean, I cried/laughed through the entire thing. 
Finished "Luther" It had it's last 4 shows on BBCA this week. WOWZA what a ride. The first 3 series are on Netflix right now. It's just. Sooooooooooo good! 
We are either going to binge watch Orphan Black or Call the Midwives next. Total opposite shows but what the heck. We like variety! 
It's pretty fall like here. 


  1. Karen, Happy Sunday Morning!! It's a little warmer here than upstate, not really fall-like yet.

    I have 2 questions: 1) Who is Baby Ariel? 2) Does anyone know if it ever was revealed who poisoned Jerry Jax?

    Sorry, I feel like I should know these answers as I watch religiously every day, and also read this blog every day.

    The second question came up during a deep discussion with my chiropractor's secretary about GH, and I agreed to ask the question here.

  2. I watched half the week but missed the Siam kiss. She really said it reminded her of Caleb and McBain?

    GHs baby dought appears over. I can't believe they're going to knock up Sabrina but it does look that way. Boo

    NLG has gotten some very buff man action. First Sean and now Julian.

  3. JOAN!! Baby Ariel is the doll that Sabrina threw on the BBQ and it caught fire during the picnic in the park! LOL Emma has a new one

  4. Karen, Dunkin Donuts sells munchkins. Tim Horton's sells TimBits.

    So what you have there is a FrancoBit. LOL

  5. KAREN!! I forgot the name, LOL!!

    Can NO ONE answer my second question?

  6. AntJoan,
    I think the reason no one has answered the who poisoned Jerry question is that this story is so convoluted that no one knows.

  7. why did I think the Balkin did it?
    Not sure ..hmm I'll ask on twitter.

    Sorry about the munchkin timbits mix up. LOL

  8. Hi Karen, I wanted to let you know that Francophrenia the film (if you can call it that) is available to view online on Comedy Central. Here's the link:


  9. I think Helena poisoned Jerry because he failed at one of Helena'a tasks back when he held Metrocourt hostage.

  10. What a great week - no Ava overload and love LOVE Diane. Nik was on a lot too. Although the scenes with Brad were odd. Brad bugs me the way Lulu seems to bug others.

    Karen you're right- Franco is now Todd. Carly and he will make a great couple. LW is just gorgeous.

    I'm guessing the face of the week is still Olvia. She's had snot all over her face for many days now. Poor thing.

    The Siam kiss was good. Did anyone else notice the slobber on his face afterwards? eeewww

    The acting of the week for me goes to Patrick. He was amazing both dressing down Britch and so loving with Emma. I actually feel bad for him. Yes Sabrina needs to be knocked up to continue her connection after Robin comes back. I wonder if they'll get married...

    Hoping Britt's baby survives and its Lante's afterall.

  11. Baby Ariel was thrown by Britt. I think the balkan poisined Jerry

  12. Yes, the Balkin or one of his minions did Jerry, twitter told me!!

    Enrique I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the link!!!!!

  13. The Balkan had Jerry shot w a radioactive bullet and Jerry fell into the harbor.

  14. I finally watched the week's worth of GH episodes on my dvr yesterday. Wow! What a great week. So many fantastic performances. Patrick was my actor of the week, too, with Spinelli the runner up. Loved Diane this week, all the great faces she makes and the way she delivers those lines. The tumor was hilarious sitting on the table in the courtroom. My husband thought that was "just sick". Also loved the way Carly looked at Franco during her testimony, the way her facial expressions changed. I think they're so good together. Can't wait to see what's next!

  15. Karen,
    I've seen several people ask on your blog and Daytime Confidential... Is Genie Francis gone? Nobody seems to have an answer yet. Do you know? Thanks!