Friday, September 27, 2013

"Spencer's House of Pain"

Some fun news!

Nancy Lee  Grahn is celebrating 18 years on GH tomorrow!! Time flies...

And, Ian Buchannan became a US Citizen this week!! Get out the hotdogs and apple pie!!


Maxie.. yelling in the church.. where anyone can hear!! GEESH!! 

Tracy coming in with her gift to Lulu's-- and there's no chem between NuLu and Tracy like there was with JMB and she. Sorry. She delivers her lines SO bitchy!!

Luke's on Cassadine Island..hawking up a lung. He's talking to Holly, who's with Robert. AND Helena comes out looking SO FANTABULOUS!!  Too bad she's only a ghost. :) Olivia sees him in a coffin. SO, we are  to think Luke is "One foot in the grave" and seeing Hells while Livvy sees him dead.
Got it. 

That was creepy..Helena was basically the devil LOL 
Olivia heard Luke say: "I need Spanx"..."Spanks" so Tracy knows he needs her with him!

Shirtless Nikolas.  YES!   Thank you 
Dr. Obrect visits her "newborn" Grandson

Brad got Felix some chocolate covered cherries. Felix doesn't want them. Brad decides to "do the right thing" and go to the Church to tell about the baby. WILL HE?


dar said...

Not an accurate Catholic baptism.

I remember when Geary was such a good actor. I hate it when he does this way over the top over-acting.
Brad won't tell this will keep dragging on even though I've been sick of it for ages.

I just can't stand the new actress playing Lulu. She has made Lulu completely unlikeable.

Kanella said...

Obrecht, calling Ben her "little stuffed cabbage", made my day.

cooks7570 said...

Ron was hired Seventeen years ago today as a writers assistant at OLTL. I think Emme's tone of voice never changes from scene to scene I swear. Ian Buchanan became a U.S. Citizen today.

sonya said...

The hospital: Felix and Brad scene is all kinds of comedy!! Felix got a lot of funny one liners. Felix says crabs hahahahaha! Brad wants to do the right thing!!! Yes Brad spill the beans at the baptism!!!! :)

Lante home: Lulu and Tracy scene was sweet. Oh look Dante and Lulu with baby Georgie, and Georgie is movable!! She is looking right at Dante! They aren't using a doll this time! :) Adorable baptism outfit, but that hat! ROFL!

Kelly's: *groan groan* Ellie and Spinny talking about his daughter and being a Godfather blah blah blah.

Wyndemere: Oh! Nik holding baby Ben er Rocco, with his shirt off!!! :) Britch and Nik had a great scene. Later, MAMA DR O YAY! And she is holding her "grandson"

Church: Come on Olivia!!! The vision of the dog, is a JACKAL! :) Olivia and her new vision! ROFL! Tracy wins the line of the day!!!

Tracy: Luke talk to Olivia! She can hear you!

ROFLMAOPMP! Perfect line!!!! I love Olivia's new vision. :) First time she is able to interact with it. ROFL! Baptism has started! Brad walks in! Come on Brad!!!! Spill!!! If you do, then you will be redeemed in my eyes. And I will respect you.

Cassadine Island: Luke!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so sick he sees Helena!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! She is all flirty hahaha! Fun fun! :) Luke talked to Holly on the phone! It should have been Laura! Oh! Helena is gone. Who does he see now?!! Jerry Jax?! :)

Love4dogs said...

Emme was so good on Y and R. Very disappointed in her Lulu portrayal.

MiamiMom said...

Agreed about the Baptism, not accurate at all, that baby holding up her head so well must be at least 5-6 months old, looks older than Britts!

AntJoan said...

I think Nulu is a fine actress, I don't see why others have a problem with her . . .

Don't believe how fast Britch got her figure back after they took out the beach ball!

Tracy and Olivia were PRICELESS together--I had to replay their scenes, I enjoyed them so much!! They are such pro's, such a contrast to Starki's grimacing and eye-popping . . . They should give her some acting lessons.

Ooooh, that priest was kinda hot . . . Guess we won't be able to see him shirtless . . .

AntJoan said...

The baby was cute, too!

sonya said...

AntJoan said...Ooooh, that priest was kinda hot . . .
Uh yeah he is!!!!! :)

Guess we won't be able to see him shirtless . . .
Probably not. :(

Cosmoetica said...

Don't think Helena was supposed to be a ghost.

Di said...

Sonya, I rather liked Lulu's line to God at the church too:

"Thank you for not smiting me."


sonya said...

Di said...Sonya, I rather liked Lulu's line to God at the church too:

"Thank you for not smiting me."

Hahaha yeah that was funny. :) Actually that was Maxie's line. :)

Di said...

Sorry. I meant Maxie. I was picturing Maxie. I thought I was writing maxie. But sometimes my brain does not co-operate. lol

sonya said...

Di said...Sorry. I meant Maxie. I was picturing Maxie. I thought I was writing maxie. But sometimes my brain does not co-operate. lol
Damn you brain!!! *shakes fist at it* ROFL!

RedSoxFaninVA said...

HELENA!!! Connie Towers just brings it every time and she looked stunning in that red dress. "If I'm dead, what does that make you?" I wish Hells were still alive so we could see her and Obrecht in a scene together.