Tuesday, September 17, 2013

YOU are OFF The Island!!

Bye to the Boat House. Which is a good idea because it's getting dang cold out and a space heater would only set the place on fire. 
Why would Kiki NOT want to know  Silas but wanted to know Franco?

Felix and Carly BFF duo! And, BTW-- like Heather is going to stab someone. She killed that sammach! GEESH! and isn't a BLT toasted?  I guess she'd have too many crumbs! :)

Why would Ava and Julian gab on the pier where they just killed someone? And why in GOD'S NAME doesn't Sonny just GOOGLE Ava Jerome? I mean...duh --she had the same name when she had Kiki all those years ago, so?? Someone would have made the connection? 
Carly and Felix just happen to go to the same pier..LOL. okay  

Wonder if anything BAD will happen at that Kiki Mo-go party. nah.  couldn't be



Andrea said...

I have no sympathy for Sonny. I like Derek/ Julian much better and Ava adds some spice to the mix - she is so off her rocker. I wish he would just kill off Sonny and take over. I am joining team Jerome too!!! I can only handle one mob family at a time.

You would think that some one would have a head on their shoulders and mush up a pill in a drink for Sonny. I mean can't they tell that he has not had his medication, at least call the doctor. Geesh! Sean is NO Jason.

Gary Johnson said...

Count me as Team Jerome. Sonny, I love ya, but Derek and Ava are the bomb.....they may have one stashed someplace.

haiku said...

The way Ava just skipped up to the dead guy and booted him, then kicked him again to make sure he splashed into the water was crazy! I loved it! Team Jerome for me, too. They're so much more interesting than self pitying Sonny.
I missed today's show and didn't get the dvr set so I'm waiting for Sonya's post so I can catch up.

cooks7570 said...

We got a McKay mention today. I just hope this mob war will not be one sided.

sonya said...

Metrocourt hotel: Carly is soooo jealous thinking FranTod is sleeping with another woman!!! Carly you are so transparent!!! :) Heather is making love to her BLT!!! ROFL! Really good huh Heather? :) At first she didn't want to eat it, because it was half eaten! ROFL! But then he lies and says he ate a bit of it hahahaha! FranTod is so sad because he thinks it's over between him and Carly even before it starts. :(

Pier: Awwww Jerome bro and sis are arguing! Carly and Felix! ROFL! Oh quick Carly you and Felix make out before Julian sees you two! :) Ah rats they didn't. Oh but Carly slapping Felix, priceless. :)

The hospital: More mother and daughter talk hahaha! Love how Alexis and Sam are to each other! It's like Sam is a teenager, but not really hahaha! Oh there is Derick Wells! :)

Sonny's home: Oh oh Shawn gets chewed out by crazy Sonny!! Olivia would be a good mob wife. :) And hey she doesn't like the party idea!! Jealous of Sonny and Ava chit chatting eh Olivia? :)

Q boathouse: Oh StarKi and her shirt again! Love that shirt. :) The last time she wore it, she almost had a wardrobe malfunction. :) Monica kicked them both to the curb too! ROFL! McSilas is there awwww! :) Mama Jerome tells Starki about the party she is giving them! What a performance by Mama Jerome! :) Starki invites papa Clay hahahaha! Great stuff. :)

haiku said...

Thanks for the update, Sonya! You do such a great job.

sonya said...

haiku said...Thanks for the update, Sonya! You do such a great job.
Oh thanks!! :) Karen and David do a great job too! :)

Gary Johnson said...Count me as Team Jerome. Sonny, I love ya, but Derek and Ava are the bomb.....they may have one stashed someplace.
ROFL! I'm sure they DO have a bomb somewhere stashed someplace haha!

AntJoan said...

Kiki is just burned out and resentful, I think, nothing personal to Silas, but a kid would act that way after so much manipulation.

Carly pretending to be jealous about Felix? And what happens after Julian finds out that he's gay?

When Julian first came on, I thought Alexis might recognize him, but, of course, he's had facial surgery. Was anyone else confused by this also?

Prop of the day: the BLT!!