Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Twinlets!

That's's JaTranco's BDAY today!! Yes, that is a ACTUAL CAKE I found online. Adorable? hahaa. OMG.
I'm going to a meeting today, so give me the heads-up on the show!!


  1. one watched today? LOL I heard it was all about Jason.

  2. I love how Tracy and Monica snipe at each other then have each others back. I hope that they have Monica see Danny tomorrow.

    I laughed out loud when Sam told Alexis to get in the saddle and ride Derek.

    I wish Ava and Derek would get on with it and just kill Sonny.

    Let Jason rest in peace. He isn't coming back any time soon. ( unless of course they recast him)
    Everyone was mourning him today. Let us move on!

  3. I watched but was bored. Lots of people visiting the dock where Jason was shot. Dull.

  4. The hospital: Oh it's Jason's birthday today. And hey someone is skulking around watching people!! Oh look the dragon and the phoenix popping up again. Sam wins the line of the day today!

    Sam: You are free to get back on the horse again. Grab Derick and saddle up mom! You grab him and you get him, and you gallop!

    ROFL! When I watched this live, I was laughing hard! And kept laughing haha! Great stuff! :) And the look on Alexis's face hahahaha! She didn't know how to answer her hahahhaa! OH look Alexis has found Derick aka Julian!! ROFL! Gallop Alexis! Gallop! ROFL!

    Q home: Monica kicking FranJasTod to the curb was priceless!! Love the Monica and Tracy scene!! Tracy telling off the people at the hospital on the phone was fantastic!! Monica crying and Tracy there for her awwww! :)

    Sonny's home: Okay Sonny not taking his meds is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Especially when he calls Shawn, Jason!!! :)

    The pier: Carly, Liz, and Sonny all at the pier cus of Jason's birthday!?!?! Come on guys! Don't you remember, that the pier is a dangerous place to be at?!! Carly and Liz scene hahaha! Come on Liz you can't handle the truth Carly is spilling all over you? :) So, you walk away? ROFL!

    Metrocourt: FranJasTod can't get a room! ROFL! Yes Carly help him. :) Derick aka Julian and his sister. :) Great stuff. :)

  5. I watched the last 15. Dying to know mystery person. It better not be Jason. If they changed Trancos name to ANYTHING else and ignored his 'history' I'd be ok. I'm intrigued by the Lexis/Julian thing. Idk where it will go. Normally her romances are pretty plot obvious but I feel like this is different. Love the Monica and Tracy solidarity and hope mystery man is Alan

  6. Karen, we did watch, just not so early. I didn't get home from work until after 9, so just finished watching.

    I am soooo hoping the lurker is Jason, but I guess there is no chance of that . . . .

    Ava slithering around with her brother, she makes me sick, I'm sure it's the character and not the actress's fault, but I really can't stand to watch her and wish she would leave. I don't think that any real woman acts like that, she is like some male fantasy of a femme fatale . . .

  7. Lurker is that new guy Carlos. Burton abandoned ship because Port Charles no longer revolved around Sonny and Jason. At least that's how it appeared to me. It's sad because I was a long time fan and now, I could care less. I'm more excited to see Alexis and Julian. Monica and Tracy scenes were unheard of two or three years ago and here we are! Love it!!! Personally, since SB's Jason left, the show has been better overall. They need to let Jason rest finally. There's way more interaction and movement, there are more vet appearances in the last two years than we have seen the previous decade combined. A mix of old and new characters. The sets are better, lighting, there's extras at Kelly's and the hospital....I'll stop, it's nothing we all haven't talked about before.

  8. I was going to post earlier. As you know, I live in NJ and spend a lot of the summer in Seaside Heights/Park. The fire devastation has been on the news all day and I have been glued to the coverage.

    Monica/Tracy was perfection. As it usually is. It really doesnt get any better than this.

    I'm not happy with the way they are writing Alexis. She is a strong woman, and now she is afraid of her own shadow. I'm ready to see her hop in the saddle and go for a ride.

    The whole thing about a mystery person was dumb. There, I said it. What were they trying to get us to think? That Jason is alive and going to come out of the shadows and surprise us and his loved ones? (This same Jason who's actor is on a competing network on a competing soap.) How gullible do the writers think we are?

    I did have this theory. Maybe there was no one there. It was supposed to be a "feeling" that the characters had that Jason was still with them, even though he is dead. It was supposed to be surreal.

    But, knowing soap writers, I am sure tomorrow we will find out it is some unknown character / stranger that none of us care about.

    Speaking of Monica and Tracy... a board vote against Monica? Unanimous? Can we see the board members? Who was this old coot that asked Monica to leave? When has he ever been on the show before? They didnt ask Tracy to vote, so it couldnt have been unanimous. And where is Amanda Barrington? Isnt she a board member? (or is she dead?). Name the board members, you blowhard stranger. I want a roll call if you are going to make claims against Monica.

    And who has been voted to take her place?

    Does Britt's baby have a name yet? Can I suggest Satan? If that is too cliche, then maybe Damian a/l/a the Omen. Lucifer has a nice ring to it too.

  9. David, yes Amanda Barrington is dead. They needed to establish that when Alison was killed and Rafe was orphaned. But, then, shouldn't Rafe have a HUGE inheritance?

    And Carrie, I was also thinking/hoping it was Alan's ghost!!

  10. RME at Carly badmouthing AJ while falling for a psycho killer responsible for her own son's rape.