Friday, September 20, 2013

Better Late than...

Is it me or is Carlos like a weird 70's stereotype? Good gravy--"Keesing my Girrrl" AND he looks about 20 years older than Betty. And wasn't Betty all shy around guys because she never got any action? 

Sonny dancing..LMAO. Sorry, it cracked me up. And was Livvy's dress tight enough? How will she sit? He's up and down on the bipolar train!? Now he's manic. He was awesome with Carly. LMAO
 I do like the shared hate that Olivia and Carly have for Ava.
Although truth be told, without Ava right now, this show would be such a zznoze! 

Liked  Patrick and Sam talking about Robin and Jason over Cheetos. :)

Could Michael have BIGGER Puppy eyes??! Didn't like Kiki's dress... way too old for her. Penny just blew Michael off.  LOL 

Fast Ferry blew up!!  Max and Sean are gonna be in SUCH trouble!!  

Sonny's meltdown.. was kinda like the Claudia night-- hope no one gets an ax in the head LOL 
The secret is OUT! 


  1. Carlos is Mr. Roper's grandson (Mr. R had an affair he had while Mrs. Roper was trying to get jiggy with Mr. Tripper & Larry).


    1. See, that's where you're wrong! Mr. Roper was too busy drinking cocoa to fool around. Now Furley on the other hand....

  2. Yes - Sabrina was Ms. Innocent! This is what I posted under yesterday's thread:

    Here we go again with character inconsistencies.

    Sabrina was a shy, nervous, inexperienced dork when she crushed on Patrick, then she did a 180 and became aggressive with Patrick and now "Carlos" appears and kisses her like that? So why was she so shy with Patrick if that is how she WAS with Carlos before? Where is the continuity with characters?

    Oh please bring Robin back already and get this loopy chick off the show!

  3. Question:

    Did anyone think that maybe Sabrina was the long haired contact-wearing vixed in Puerto Rico and when she came to PC she put on the glasses and pinned the hair up as an act?

    Which is the REAL Sabrina? I dont see this Carlos guy with the bookworm / nurse Betty.

    Speaking of carlos...

    What is wrong with the writers? This guy has been on the show for TWO EPISODES and he has yet to take off his shirt. That is so unlike the current writers. What's the deal with that?

    And who is Penny? Rumors are all over that she isnt who she claims to be. She has some kind of ties on the show. Any clues to that one?

    While I am on a roll... Kiki and Morgan as SO awkward as husband and wife. They are just not right together. Does anyone actually think this relationship is going to work? Or are we all in agreement that it is a matter of time before the trainwreck marriage becomes a trainwreck divorce. The parents are going to want more out of the divorce than the kids are.

    1. David, my guess is "Penny" is related to Lucy, Scott and Kevin.

  4. That Morgan knew about Michael not being Kiki's cousin

  5. Oh..Carlos WILL have his shirt off next week

  6. Sorry I don't find Carlos attractive at all, looks greasy and
    and smarmy. Great that Sonny told the truth, time to move that story along and get those kids back in college!

  7. Sonny's home: Sonny is happy happy happy! And in a dancing mood! :) Since he is bi polar, and isn't taking his meds, he is having a really good high!

    The hospital: Patrick and Sam scene today, awesome! And Sam loves eating her cheetos ROFL!

    Metrocourt: Sonny wins the line of the day!!!

    Sonny: Can you get a drink? Right? You gotta get in the mood.

    Um what? ROFL! Sonny was very funny today! :) Oh look Mikey is pining for StarKi while ignoring his date Penny! She left!! Well I don't blame her! Sonny and his red, white, and blue hahahha! Well there ya go Sonny! StarKi is wearing white. :) Oh oh! Sonny spills the truth!!!! YESSSSSSS! Throw Morgan under the bus!! Hahahaha! Then StarKi can dump Morgan, and he can have console sex with Ava. :)

    Patrick's home: Hot on a stick Carlos really wants to get back with Sabrina!!! Soul mates she says when she was younger! Gee Sabrina how young? When you were 13? I mean you are 18!!!! :)

    Pier: KABOOOOOOOOOOM! And hot on a stick Carlos works for Julian aka Derick!!! :0

  8. Kg said...Carlos is Mr. Roper's grandson (Mr. R had an affair he had while Mrs. Roper was trying to get jiggy with Mr. Tripper & Larry).

    ROFL! ROFL! You win the post of the day! :) Too funny! :)

  9. the good: I have to admit I loved Patrick and Sam together. THEY should have been together, too late now though with Robin coming back. Great chemistry!

    Also I think this is the first time I've enjoyed a Sonny storyline. The bipolarity is being well played by Maurice.

    the bad: The actress playing Penny needs to go back to acting school, unless she's trying to channel a cardboard cut out in which case proceed Penny.

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  11. Sabrina wasn't a virgin. I remember there being a conversation between her and Patrick about how she had had the same boyfriend forever back when she was in Puerto Rico. I distinctly remember her telling him that she had had sex before.

  12. I think I'm a little confused. I thought Julian had called Carlos boss.

  13. Elizabeth, I remember that as well. It was a conversation she had with Patrick.

  14. love the show Friday. MB was great. Carly was great. Olivia was about to pop out of the dress.

    When you wrote the secret is out I thought you meant about Silas/Ava. I need to know this backstory!

    I actually now feel bad for Morgan. Poor idiot.

    I Carlos walked up to Julian and called Julian boss. I deleted the show so can't verify.

  15. the ava/silas secret is this:

    (spoiler alert)

    Ava is really Kiki's Father. Ava has a sex change right after Kiki's mother (Olivia Jerome) got pregnant. Ava is a Jerome by marriage only. At the time, Silas was sleeping with both a post-op Ava and Olivia. Ava was royally pissed at Silas for picking Olivia over her (him). Silas then left both of them before Olivia was showing with Kiki. When Olivia was eventually murdered in Port Charles, Ava passed off Kiki as her daughter, instead of admitting that she (he) was her father. Now with Silas back in the picture, she told him he was the father, but the truth is coming out. Kiki's mom and dad are really Olivia and Ava.

  16. Yes, Sabrina may not have been a virgin, but she behaved like she was awkward, nervous, and freaked out before she and Patrick were a couple. That's what annoyed me. Her personality really changed 180 degrees.

  17. Blogger david said...the ava/silas secret is this:(spoiler alert)
    Oh David!!!!!!!!! ROFL ROFL! That would be an interesting twist! :) I think the reason Ava kept StarKi quiet, was because of Silas's brother!! Since his brother was a murderer. Ava wanted to keep StarKi safe. :)

  18. I do not feel bad for Moron at all. He played Sonny like a fiddle when he got Sonny to promise to keep his secret and now has to pay the consequences. Kiki and him are severely lacking in brain cells.

    Michael can be angry with Sonny now and not mad at AJ when Diane makes it look like Sonny killed Connie.

    Sabrina with Carlos was weird. He was all touchy feely and kissy. He is a little too stereo typical Latin Lover. I need Robin to come back soon.

    Max and Sean are like two bumbling idiots. It should not be very hard for Julian to take over.

    My opinion for prop of the week. the "fryer" that Sean and Max were threatening that guy with. It looked green, I'm sure that would not pass a health inspection. No wonder no one is ever in Kelly's

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