Monday, September 30, 2013 it reveal day?

I'm going to play Devil's Advocate for a minute.
Do you think the truth comes out...or does Maxie imagine it, faint...and Brad doesn't spill? 

I know which happens, but want to see what you think! I will be home LATER than GH today so leave your comments below!!


dar said...

As i have said before, I am sick of this story. I can't stand the new Lulu and she has no chemistry with Dante. I don't mind him with other actors but don't like him with her. Therefore, I believe this storyline will drag on and on and on.

david said...

The new writers are obsessed with dream sequences and toying with the viewers.

I am going to go with a fake sequence. As is most of the stuff on this show.

SO bored of this storyline.

JasonRoks said...

I think it's really gonna happen. Things are moving fast.

I read some rumor about a custody battle with Lante. Can't figure out if it's with Connie or Ben... or some other couple entirely!

kdmask said...


:) Finola and Jason were awesome!!

Anon said...

Tristan Rogers tweeting that the countdown to the "great awakening" has begun! Scorpio rising!!!!! YES

And, I want meaningful scenes with Tony Geary this time please! The best bros on daytime TV hands down!


soaplover said...

And when is Laura going to reappear? This is an enormously popular actress (if polls are to be believed) and they left us hanging, waiting and hoping Scott goes ahead with the divorce and Laura meets up with Luke in Switzerland.
I have to say I've lost all interest in Lulu since we lost Julie and I don't see the chem there with Dante as before. I want to story over.
And Anon, I, too, am hoping for some Robert-Luke connecting in the special way as before. That's what has been missing each time Tristan returns. He and Luke were a terrific team and a great example of male friendship and that should be there in their scenes. They've had falling-outs, but the two adventurous guys understand each other and will protect each other to the end. Holly should be with Robert, Laura with Luke, as it was ever meant to be. What a great foursome they were in the past and can be again!

dar said...

I am so glad I was wrong!

Anon said...

All scenes were great today except for Sabrina and Felix filler at GH! Dr. O is the highlight..."Ben, what kind of name is that? It sounds like a rat's name?" LOL dogging Britt for baby weight. I'll be watching this week for sure!!!!!

sonya said...

Oh no Karen! I didn't even think about that!!! I hope it's not a dream sequence!!

Church: Yes!!! Brad spilled the beans! You were redeemed in my eyes! I love you Brad!!! :) Nobody believes him at first, but I love how insistent Dante is to want to know the truth! YES! :) Lulu has put the pieces together YES!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this isn't a dream sequence!!! I am going to be so pissed if it is!!

Kelly's: Patrick and Anna scene was so sad! :'(

The hospital: Love Felix's reactions to what Sabrina was telling him hahahaha!

Wyndemere: Dr O won the line of the day!!!

Dr O: That is no name for a baby. That is a name for a rat!

ROFL! LOVE YOU DR O!!! Dr O was still talking about Britch's weight I LOVE IT! :) Oh oh Britch went down! Thanks to mama O ROFL!

Cassadine Island: JERRY JAX YAY! ROBIN YAY!!!!! :)

sonya said...

dar said...As i have said before, I am sick of this story. I can't stand the new Lulu and she has no chemistry with Dante. I don't mind him with other actors but don't like him with her. Therefore, I believe this storyline will drag on and on and on.
Yup! I agree. They don't have chemistry, and she has chemistry with everyone else.

david said...

For years, Dante could not solve his way out of a paper bag now catch a theif to save his life

And today? Suddenly he is the world's greatest private dick?

Love4dogs said...

Today was GREAT!!

AntJoan said...

Dr. O--funniest character EVER in the history of TV!!

cooks7570 said...

GHHShirley says Genie is taking time off to help one of her kids get ready for collage. I liked today show. I still don't think Dante and Lulu have any chem. Kirsten Storms will be live tweeting tomorrow during the show.

Kanella said...

Loved, loved, loved today's show.

I am with AntJoan Dr. Obrecht makes me laugh out loud.

Linda Anderson said...

I agree Soaplover.
I am enjoying the show, looking forward to the return of Robin, Robert and hoping Luke and laura reconcile. I don't mind the new Lulu . She is good. But,I do miss Julie B.I am fascinated with the Maxie &Spin and Lulu &Dante baby storyline. As long as I can see Dante, it's all good. :)
And I'm thinking Britt is softening up and becoming less nasty....a pairing with Nicholas cold be a good one.
The scenes with Finola and Jason were excellent. She made me get teary eyed. So good.
Great show.

AntJoan said...

Britt is NOT good--especially if she's stolen an embryo from Lante and is taking the baby for herself.

Maybe when Maxie and Spin take their baby, Britt will be redeemed by giving the baby back to Lante, thereby paving the way for her to be w/Nik . . .?

LSV422 said...

JT and FH were outstanding. They are two of the best actors on TV. Great to see Jerry and Robin. Where in the world are AJ and Liz?? Would rather have seen them than the drudgery of Sabrina and Felix.