Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Open Wide

A week of beat-downs and swabs.  Sonny had two women on his hands.  Georgie visited.  Ups and Downs, ins and outs.

Get your scrubs on, grab them DNA sticks and let's fly. 


WAIT...drink it in..don't blink.  MORGAN  Put. His. Shirt. On!  Then Ava gave him money to buy Kiki a compass. Which was an inside joke because "Ava" when she was "Carly" on ATWT got one from her love, Jack.

 This kiss led to one of the most cringe-worthy exchanges I've heard on GH in a long time. Brad blackmails Michael and basically wants to go to bed with him. 'Once you go Brad, you never go back".  Just No.   I'm so glad that Michael blackmailed him back after hearing he and Britt talk.  Brad's naughty. 

Note Tranco's cut is where TODD's was? Geesh..whatever. Did you see the spoilers that are coming? Going to get weird, people. I hope they stock up on black tshirts.  I also have to say there were WAY. TOO. MANY Ava/Tranco scenes again. WE GET IT. Geesh, move the hell on. I'd much rather hear the Silas back story anyway. We know Kiki is probably his kid, so just get to it! 

Musings for this week:

Ten seconds of Laura again. I think Scotty was on for 4 seconds. Who knows. So choppy. Nikolas and Britt..oy. Interesting. He'll be her Lamaze coach, you wait. 
Heather Webber is always fun. That's all. I also guess it gave another chance for Sam and Silas to be together. I still think it's weird that Danny's not in isolation for his chemo, aren't they afraid of germs and stuff? 
I do like Sonny and Olivia but they are playing the story like a hot and heavy thing. They let Sonny languish and not really do much romance wise since the stupid ConKate DID crap. Now, he's "into" Olivia? It would have been better if they flirted for months. Anyway, Lisa LoCicero did a great job when Connie came to the door and she got her defiant tears going. 

My Most DISGUSTING thing was the Tranco beat down. I didn't enjoy it, didn't like Sonny drinking water and watching it.. didn't like Shawn's fists flying for minutes on end. Yeah, it's the mob..yes, that's "mob life" but dang, not for me. Not today. I saw enough shootings, bombings and crap on this show without sitting through a full on-scale beat down.  

The show has some spectacular scenes, great dialog and really good interest factor--although I still think it's way too bloated. Too many people, too much "story rotation". I feel like I just get interested in something's not on for days. Was Liz on this week at all? I don't think so? Taylor? Just choppy, imo.  It's sort of how I feel about the Kate/Liv/Sonny "triangle"...not a lot of build up there. One day Connie hates him, Olivia is passive and the next they are both in love and lust with the man.  

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  You know it. This was so great. Heartbreaking and special! KS and LL were so good together. I so miss Georgie. Both actresses were just spot-on. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: DNA Swabbies!!  Open up...and let me get those cells!!

HONORABLE MENTION: Prop of the week, Lucy's necklace. Yes, it had it's own dressing room.

 EPIC FACE OF THE WEEK:  Alexis sees  Sonny and Shawn beating on Tranco. She had some great faces in there. Natasha-Fierce 

SO, I hope you have a great Sunday. See you next week-- when Sam's daddy story comes out. Alexis gets pretty dang upset telling it. 


  1. When Sam started looking for her mother & Alexis started looking for her daughter all those years ago, I thought the story Alexis told (was it Ned or Jax? Can't remember)was this: while she was in boarding school, she got involved with one of her instructors and ended up pregnant. They hid her pregnancy & when it was time for her to have the baby (the flashbacks where shown in Brenda's old house with the fireplace in the living room), Mikkos took the baby while Alexis was sleeping & gave her up for adoption.

    A few years later, when asked about Sam's father, Alexis said that she had met a boy from a nearby school, and Sam was the product of their tryst. I could be remembering it wrong. I'm really curious what the story will be with Sam's father next week. I hope they don't change the details too much. It's insulting to not only the history, but the long time viewers.

  2. High drama, camp, and retconning character's from GH's history seem to be Carlivati's big selling points. However, continuity does not.

    Yes, we haven't seem much of Laura and Scotty, and I'm guessing they are putting them back burner under TG gets back from his vacation. Meh.

    And prying a melted doll off a grill is all we have seen of Mac and Felicia of late. (Well, I'm not THAT broken uo over Felicia. Have never taken a liking to the character or the actress.) More Mac please. I guess I should be grateful we got a quick lunch with Anna and Duke. It just amazes me that they can take this badass WSB agent and turn her into an inept police commish. But w/e. I think she and Mac could become an interesting crime fighting duo, given the chance.

    And is Robert still in a coma somewhere? And where is the diabolical Dr. Obrecht and what has she been up to?

    And when are we finally going to learn what Felix's sister knows that she can use as blackmail?

    I like an ensemble cast that works like a well oiled machine. But lately GH reminds me of someone playing the piano by pressing all of the keys all at once. It's a noisy mess. This cast needs to be tightened up, but I assume they are going to introduce Sam's father.

  3. Karen generally when you are getting chemo treatments - you get your treatment and then you go home. When little Danny is ready for the bone marrow transplant, that's when he would go into an isolation room until his immune system is strong enough to function on its own. Probably mor I of than you wanted, sorry.

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  5. I think they have some wiggle room on the who's Sam's daddy reveal because it never really seemed as though Alexis was telling what really happened. It always felt to me that it was such a difficult subject that she was making up a story rather than telling the truth. Maybe that's just me.

    Karen I'm with you on the beating. I, too, have had enough violence from this show to last a lifetime. There have been rumors that people aren't happy that there's not enough Sonny. Maybe this is a reaction to that?

  6. They did give use a update on Robert, but it was cut. I do agree about the beatdown too. I agree with you about the show.

  7. Snez, thank you!! I wasn't sure if it was for treatment or what. I have had friends who have unfortunately had children with cancer and this story seems so "pat". Not the hours spent in the hospital like they did

  8. the beat down was so not needed.

    Always a great day when Heather Webber is on.

    More Nik please.

  9. If they are going to make a big deal about testing Heather's DNA, maybe they should test the Q's. Tracy perhaps???


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