Saturday, July 6, 2013

General Hospital: Epic Prop List

Franco's Monkey-- He clapped. I swooned. Just another day in 
this bizarre cameo-induced storyline.

This is just ONE of the many epic props I have enjoyed over the years on GH!! On this HOT HOT July day, it's just too humid to do much so I thought I'd sit in the air and look through my memory for some fun props. I'm sure you can add to this  list... and these are off the top of my head. No ranking involved. Well, the LAST one is my favorite :) 
AND YES, I know I'm using the term "PROP" Loosely...some are wardrobe..others just fun stuff.

You can thank me later!!

Lucy's EPIC RED wedding dress. 
EPIC that is all.


THE PINK Caddy... filmed in Rochester, NY in 1993!

 Lila's Pickle Lila!

 The Ever Changing Dock Props though out the years...

Cassadine Ring. Enough said.

Sam and Jason's Phoenix and Dragon

Ruby's Chili..

Toxic Balls

Liz and Lucky's Subway Token

Wyndemere's Parapet

Kat and Bat's Crystal Tree

Living Props: Annabell and Foster 

Laura's Carpet Bag

Oyrish's Tam 

 Lois' nails

THE DUKE MASK...melting! I'm melting!!

 Jessie Brewer's Sweater 

Jason's Motorcycle

Most Famous: The Ice Princess

 personal favorite, Bob the Badger--with WUB Prop Alberta Lobster


sonya said...

Love your list Karen!! Love Fostabell!!! :) My list.

Sonny's cake. The one that was murdered. :(

Ariel the doll

Lulu's ring. The one that was left in the peanut bowl.

Hmmmmm have to think of some more. :)

Vanessa said...

Is it possible AJ is Rick Webber's son? That would make Michael and Kiki no longer related.

Unknown said...

I love your list... but would certainly add "the black book".. seriously that one prop alone yielded an amazing year of television!!

Unknown said...

..oh and I forgot... "the sticky door"...also giving us months of amazing television!

Unknown said...
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Devblev said...

How about those green binders all the doctors and nurses carry around--and expect the student nurses to put away? Or the Q's Bentley--isn't that a prop we heard about for years but never saw?

Maria said...

Of course you need to add Anna's scar, Robert's kangaroo, and Robert's hidden computer room in his townhouse!

Maria said...

Oh...don't forget Satan...Grant Putnum's vicious guard dog! We had to suffer with Anna for what seemed like forever because of that damn dog!!! :)

kdmask said...

I looked and looked for a photo of Robert's kangaroo. I did think of it!!

AntJoan said...

Much thanks for including Jessie's sweater, my favorite all time prop.

Anon said...

Aztec treasure anyone? They have even mention in the last year or so that Felicia still has some of it.


kdmask said...

Old School,I did think of that-- but was there a photo of it?

Cosmoetica said...

Robert's kangaroo and computer? How about the didgeridoo Tangeneva gave him, and when he tried to learn to play it?

Bill Eckert's spyglass?

Frank Smith's Left Handed Boy?

Burt Ramsey's Alka Seltzer?

The Sword of Malkuth?

The Ice Princess?

The Prometheus Disk?

The gem that Faison stole from Casey the alien?

Coleman's 70s porno 'stache.

The torn book page that proved Kevin O'Connor was using double jeopardy to his advantage.

Sonny Corinthos's date rape drug he gave Karen Wexler and other victim's.

Richard Simmons' striped short shorts.

Amy Vining's outrageous pens.

That's just off the top of my head.

CareyN said...

Just the mention of L&L2's subway token and I started crying. I'm such a sucker.

I nominate Jake's/Floating Rib's pool table. That thing has seen some good action!

Di said...

This is as clear a picture as I could find of the Aztec treasure, kdmask.

Everyday Jane said...

Lucy and Liz's boxcar

The ax handle

The Deadman's Hand

Alexis's Prius

Jake's toy motorcycle

Cameron's fire starting matches

The Haunted Star

Everyday Jane said...

Lucy and Liz's boxcar

The ax handle

The Deadman's Hand

Alexis's Prius

Jake's toy motorcycle

Cameron's fire starting matches

The Haunted Star

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