Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sam and Her BOOTS

In the middle of summer. Seriously? Not even some cute flats? No strappy sandals? BOOTS? No wonder she's so cranky. 

Morgan and Kiki. I just can't...because it's going to come out about the cousin thing and well-- you know what's going to happen. 

Olivia was awesome today defending Maxi. And I liked her dress color.

Connie and Sonny--whateverrrrrrrrrrrr.  Dead character walking. 

Carly got the fries, Michael got the salad.  Sonny made breakfast and NOT ONE PERSON ATE A THING!! lol. 

Geesh, now the donor search is on.
Wonder who it could be??!!


  1. I so wanted that I guess it just sat there through several takes and then got thrown out. *sigh*

    Olivia was awesome. And this guy has to be a real piece of work if he grabbed a pregnant woman and threatened her. Maxie would do well to walk away from that job.


    I was just shaking my head at the lab scenes. First of all a doctor doesn't run those tests; a lab tech does. Ellie should have been there. But I guess they're phasing her out and now McSilas will be doing everything in the hospital from now on.

    And there's no way visitors have access to a lab like that. And he had his kid helping him!!??!! It boggles the mind!

  2. haven't watched yet but please tell me Sam changed out of the yoga clothes!

  3. Crimson: Derick Wells on the phone! What the heck are you up to Derick Wells?!?! Woah he is grabbing Maxie's arm! Olivia to save the day! She would be a very good mob wife. :) Olivia wins the line of the day!

    Derick: Is that a threat?

    Olivia: No. I'm flirting.

    ROFL! Maybe they should have a fling. :)

    Sonny's home: At the end of Sonny and Connie's conversation about Morgan, Sonny got emotional! I got emotional again!

    The hospital: Love the McSilas and Rafe scene. :) Oh come on Sam! Let him work for crying out loud! Aww Molly! Please don't cry! :'( She made me cry. :( I just want to hug her! :( Rafe and Molly scene! LOVE IT!

    StarKI and Morgan's boathouse home: Morgan has a nightmare ROFL!

    Morgan: I dreamt that you called off the wedding. You wouldn't do that would you?

    Me: No Morgan of course not! She is going to learn to love you! Which warms the cockles of my heart! :)

    Kelly's: Uh TJ, you are not paying attention to who you give food to!!! You suck as a waiter! Wait Michael ordered a fruit salad? ROFL Yeah right. :) Love the Michael and Carly scene!!! She gave good advice! She knows from experience!!!

    Yeah Karen boots for Sam! BLACK boots at that!!! Wearing black during the summer is a no no Sam!

  4. I miss the days when soap characters kept secrets.  Half the town knows about Michael and Kiki. Michael is having the same conversation over and over and over again. Enough already.

  5. I also noticed all the delicious food that no one was eating--I figured that the staff on set got to eat it.

    I also noticed Olivia's pretty dress.

    Oh, Sam, why MUST YOU always wear a black bra with a white tee shirt. Add those stiletto boots, and we have quite the ensemble!!

  6. G H must be saving a ton of money on Sam's wardrobe!!!

  7. What really seems out of wack to me is Sonny's dumb notion of showing love to his too young son. As always with Sonny, it is always about Sonny. He wants Morgan to love him and he wants Morgan to know he loves him back. So he is going to keep the secret and allow his son to marry a girl who is hung up on someone else. Doesn't that ensure heartbreak for Morgan? Or is Morgan rushing into marriage so he can get one up on his brother? A kid that age likely does not have true love in his heart--more likely a case of true lust and active hormones. Sonny is an parental idiot.

    I feel they have Sonny acting in this rediculous way just to insure Connie can't spill the beans (even she ought to know the truth would be far better for Morgan!) so she loses her job and leaves town. It's very contrived. I've always considered Sonny an idiot anyway, but not quite that big an idiot.

    I got irritated at Sam today, too--she's impatient so she goes into the lab to bother the guy trying to get her answers. Smart. All that traffic in the lab--really now.

    Sam is the worst dressed woman in daytime TV. She is very attractive, has a great figure, and they dress her like something you'd toss out with the trash. 30 years ago the wardrobe people had Laura wearing boots in the summer. Now it's Sam. Weird. It would be so nice to see Sam in an simple sun dress or a good looking tee and well fitting slacks. Maybe some sandals. We know she doesn't care about fashion, but would that look too caring? Just a nice color, jade green or blue, with her dark hair. I am so happy they got over day after day black for Alexis. Personally, I seldom wear black--too dull and aging and depressing.

    I'm thinking this Derrick guy is Sam's father and will be the donor once we discover his plot.

  8. Karen, regarding your entire blog: AGREED!

  9. Sam has to wear high heels at all times because she is so short. Her wardrobe is boring, though, but those boobs are always displayed.