Thursday, August 1, 2013

Throwback Thursday! 

Anna's finally on, so is Duke.

Morgan asks Michael to be his Best Man. And he wants a "Kick Ass Bachelor Party" ... 

Franco's not a match for Danny. Hmmm.

McSilas is looking at  Kiki's DNA tube like  "ohhhhhh I could probably test this"! 

Ok, gotta fly.


sonya said...

Q home: Alice's last name is Gunderson?! ROFL! I don't think we ever heard Alice's last name before. :) Ava and Duke scene oh boy! :) Come on Ava! Admit the Jeromes are your family!

Anna and Duke: Anna wants to know the truth about Ava!!!! :) Anna and Duke a team to find out about Ava! :)

Kelly's: Michael the best man at his brother's wedding awwww! I can see it now! The truth comes out and then StarKi runs to Michael and says I wuv you!!!! Michael says I wuv you too! And then Morgan left in the dust!

The hospital: OH! McSilas has StarKi's blood sample! DO IT MCSILAS! DO IT!!! :) Blow Ava lie WIDE OPEN! :) Poor Sam! :( I'm glad Alexis is there for her.

Sonny's home: Carly makes a lot of sense!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she wins the line of the day.

Carly: Who are you?!

ROFL! Come on Sonny. Tell her the truth.

Crimson: Connie and Derick Wells zzzzzzzz. Same conversation over and over. Oh Ava shows up. She knows Derick Wells.

Derick: Hello Ava.

Ava: Hello Julian.


CareyN said...

The only thing I really cared about today was the fact that Anna cut her hair. I liked it more with the lighter color poking out from underneath. Oh well.

Michelle Latta said...

Franco can't do it because the tumor could have been cancerous, but he is a match.

LSV422 said...

Duke made the show for me today, as well as the return of Anna. IB can really hold his own and I loved the way Duke grilled Ava.