Friday, August 9, 2013

They are in Oyrland!!

Holly and Luke are at a house in Ireland, looking for Sean. The redhead opening the door..can she be Anna, Tiffany and Sean's daughter? WHY YES! She is!  AND Sean shows up!!  He needs that cure, you'll see.

Sam: "You smell like BBQ sauce"
Alexis: "Music to every woman's ears" 
And Derek, aka Julian shows up to be tested. Mac shows up too. Wonder WHO WILL BE THE MATCH!!?? 
Mac tells Michael Kiki and Morgan are getting married, he runs of to save them.

AJ almost managed to strangle Connie...but Sonny shows up with a gun

Sonny clocks AJ on the head with his gun and AJ goes DOWN! BOOM! He threatens Connie..which will no doubt lead to her "Murder Mystery" that's coming. AJ's devastated at the loss of ELQ...he even thinks Monica will be disappointed.

McSlias shows up at the Q house looking for his daugther. Michael's there too. Does Morgan really think if he gets married to Kiki she'll 'stay by him' when she finds out Michael isn't her cousin AND he rushed her??
WTF. HE's sooo stupid. 

DID Michael get there in time to stop the wedding? Hmmmmmm


david said...

Laura isnt doing such a great job at tracking down Luke, is she?

Kanella said...

Thank God Siobhan didn't answer the door. GH hasn't had much luck with Ireland in the past.

enriquejimenez said...

Interesting how Sean's house in Ireland looks exactly like Steve and Audrey Hardy's house. Recycling sets, I guess GH is going green to the extreme

Mr. Shmekel said...

PLEASE tell me why AJ can get so angry about this stuff? He stole Tracy's relish recipe! He's a huge baby and he went over the line when he choked Connie. He's such a loser.

CareyN said...

Shall we start the list of suspects now?
One of Sonny's various enemies
Connie/Kate/another alter
A Joe Scully family member
Kristina comes back, still crazy over Trey's death

kdmask said...

I LOVE the Kristina idea, Carey. It will probably be someone more likely!

If they kept that set from the Hardy house that's a dang long time!! We haven't seen it in years.

Cosmoetica said...

It's not the Hardy House. The set up was much different.

sonya said...

Sorry I'm late I wasn't feeling well yesterday. I did watch GH yesterday tho. :)

Ireland home: Oh look it's Siobhan! Where is her hat? Oh wait that's not her. It's Stiff's (Sean and Tiffany's couple name) daughter YAY! :) Wait why does she have red hair? Her father has dark hair, and her mother has blond hair. Well, I really hope the writers don't make Stiff divorced. :( It was funny when Luke talked to those two guys, and they had a dead pan face ROFL! That one guy had the line of the day.

Luke: I was looking for the toilet.

Guy: In the desk drawers?

ROFL! Great scenes. :) I love how her parents taught her how to catch a scam! :) But wait! Her parents warned her about Luke?! HUH?! All three of them were on good terms before Sean and Tiffy left. Sean is there YAY! Love how Anna is protecting her father. :) Did they name her Anna cus of Anna Devane?

Q home: Oh look! Papa McSilas is looking for McStarKi! And so is Michael. McSilas is going to look aorund. Aww he is going to have a tour of the Q home. :) But he has no tour guide to help him. Was it a three hour tour? :) Was Gilligan there? :) McSilas stumbled upon Ava!! Let the fireworks begin! Is she going to circle him around like a lion like the last time? Is she going to pounce? Are they gonna have hot sex? :)

Court house: Quick quick quick gotta get married! Oh even the court clerk recognized StarKI! :)

Michael: STOP!

Me: Aww wuv conquers all. :) Or not! We have to see if Morgan and StarKI are married.

Ava and Julian: Oh boy! She is not happy! What are your reasons Ava that you didn't want McSilas to know about his daughter?! :)

Sonny's home: Sonny pistol whipped AJ! Which AJ totally deserved with his bringing up Connie's son! Connie and Sonny scene WOW! She is calling him out with him and Olivia hahaha! So much better than the lovey dovey crap which was so boring. Cus they have no chemistry. I rather have Sonny with Olivia.

The hospital: Julian, Sam, and Alexis together! Awww beautiful family and they don't even know they are family yet hahaha!

sonya said...

enriquejimenez said... Interesting how Sean's house in Ireland looks exactly like Steve and Audrey Hardy's house.
Woah! When I saw the house, I was thinking, that house looks familiar!!! Thank you!!! :)

Cosmoetica said...It's not the Hardy House. The set up was much different.
Hmm maybe the coloring looks different. It looks like their house. :)

JasonRoks said...

Agreed- Morgan is an idiot. I'm hoping he's the one who takes out Connie but bets are on Ava. There is still some sinister reason she doesn't want Silas to know. Even Julian didn't know.

Line of the week has to be McSilas saying to Ava "Wish I could have been on that naming" of KIKI. HATE THAT NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olivia and Sonny are great together. Really enjoyed the show this week - with great acting all around. Didn't miss Sabrina at all-was she even on?

Gotta ask - where does Emma Samms get those eyelashes?!

david said...

it isnt the old brownstone? the entrance was on the left and once you walked in, right in front of you were the stairs. (our right)

enriquejimenez said...

Cosmoetica said...It's not the Hardy House. The set up was much different.

The right half of the set was the Hardy's house with a coat of paint, the left side was some other recycled set. They do this all the time. John Mcbain's home in Llanview was the old Webber house with slight alterations. As was Johnny Zachara's penthouse which was really Sonny's old apartment set shuffled up a bit.

nance24 said...

Kanella...LMAO on Siobhan, I had the same thought LOL

AntJoan said...

I keep saying that Ava slithers around people's bodies, hissing like a snake, but the lion thing also works for me. . . .

I also thought I recognized Sean's house, but I couldn't tell which one it was--all the houses are starting to look alike to me.

Prop of the week? McStarki's birth certificate?

kdmask said...

YES! Ava is a sllitherer..although in her defense, she is usually drunk. lol

sonya said...

kdmask said...YES! Ava is a sllitherer..although in her defense, she is usually drunk. lol
She is not ROFL!

Cosmoetica said...

david said...

it isnt the old brownstone?


Yes, it's part of the old brownstone, NOT the Hardy home, which had the door in the back of the set, not left nor right.

enriquejimenez said...

Hardy's home :

Sean's home ireland:

Same set. The walls have been painted green in the later.

sonya said...

Thank you Enriquejimenez! :)

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