Wednesday, July 17, 2013

GH Smell O Vision..

In honor of Honey BOO BOO's big SMELL-O-Vision tonight (not that I know that)---I'M having a cyber Smell O GH!!

Get your noses ready!

Dante and Lulu's loft with Olivia staying there

The Q Boathouse
Sonny's Gangster "activity"



Tranco's Hair


  1. ROFL! Oh Karen! Hahahaha! Too funny! I guess I will put my thoughts about today's episode here.

    Sonny and Dante: Dante wins the line of the day!!!

    Dante: You're with Kate, okay, and then Kate leaves you, you go with Connie, Connie leaves you, you go with my mother. Connie comes back, you kick my mother to the curb.

    Perfect line! Love it!!! :) I love how Dante is sticking up for his mother! :)

    AJ and Michael: Love the scene! I'm surprised that AJ didn't spit out his drink when Michael told him about Brad wanting to have sex with Michael! :) Are the spit out the drinks over? Awww! :(

    Boathouse home: StarKI morphs into Starr when she sees her daddy's blood! She is so worried about her daddy! First he gets shot at and now beat up! OH NO! Poor FranJasTodd! :(

    The hospital: FranJasTodd wants to see his son!!! Awwwww! :( When he was wheeled into the elevator, that look on his face, CREEEEEEEEEEEPY! Wait, so Alexis says yesterday she didn't know what Sam's father's name is, but then today she says she doesn't remember his name! Which is it Alexis?!!?! And are you lying?!!?! Britch and Nik scene awwww! Liz is seeing the green eyed monster! The green eyed monster is flying around. Brad has the hots for Nik! ROFL! Don't blame him really. :) Baby Cheeto does not look sick at all ROFL! He is just laying down not a care in the world, drinking. :) He is not even crying. FranJasTodd is with his "son" Awwwww! :'( Isn't it beautiful? :'(

    Olivia and Connie: Great scene! Yeah Olivia you tell her! :)

  2. PMSL...Those are hilarious. The smelly kids are my favourite. lol

  3. Hahahaaaa! Oh my gosh, couldn't agree more with those choices!

  4. Matthew, I should have done that. I was going to put Chili for Kelly's!


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