Thursday, July 25, 2013

Franco: A Perfect Match

Wow, there's a shocker. Brad goes-- well, he might DIE on the table LOL.. Silas give him the evil eyeball.

Ummm, Ava and Tracy bitched some. Schemed to get AJ out.

Carly had an attack about Kiki and Morongan. Liz grilled Nikolas (weird hair today) 
Britt went to lunch with Taylor, her only friend.  I think she had a BLT 
Felix wants Michael to "romance" Brad to get the truth about the baby.

Sam picks up THE Africa book!! ahahhaa. Jason read that to Michael. baahhaaa. I think its' the original one!! 
She prays to St. Jaysus. Good gravy.

I'm bored. 


  1. So, are they insinuating that Franco's brain tumor is NOT a cancerous tumor? Because Alexis was quickly ruled out as a bone marrow donor because of her previous bought with cancer. If Franco's glioma is NOT malignant, then it wouldn't be posing such a danger to him. I guess they are implying it's been there a long time (hence his reprehensible behavior wasn't his fault) and that Shawn/Sonny's beating moved it into a place that is causing his current problems...

    Sorry, but I've had personal experiences with gliomas, so now I'm starting to understand when and why people complain about the medical story lines being unrealistic.

  2. I was laughing so hard (probably not what the writers had in mind) when Sam was praying to St Jason. I wish I had some of whatever they're smoking. A lot of this week 's scripts seemed to have been written under the influence.

  3. Glad I'm not the only one that noticed Liz's hair it was awful

  4. The hospital: Oh Liz come on!!!! The green eyed monster is in full force!! And you are only calling AJ, to prove that you are not jealous, which you ARE! :) Nik what happened to your hair? It's all flat!! Carly no likey that her son is marrying StarKI!! Go Carly go! Over her dead body haha! Sam praying to Jason! ACK! No Sam! You pray to God not Jason! Jason is not God!!! Ohhhh McSilas and Sam scene! Time to kiss! Wipe her tears away and kiss her! :) Awww TJ wants Molllykins back. :)

    Kelly's: Nik blows off Britch! ROFL!

    Michael's home: Felix wins two lines of the day!

    Felix: Better known in pop culture as Kate Middleton disease.

    Felix: Brad opened his big mouth about you having a Kiki.

    ROFL! I love you Felix. :) Oh but wait!! No! Michael has to "seduce" Brad?!?!! Ewwwwwww! Brad is a horny slimy blackmailing cockroach! And Michael is straight! :) Altho I can't wait to see Michael's awkwardness toward Brad hahaha!

    Q home: Ava is a sneaky little thing isn't she? :) Carly telling off Ava awesome! :)

    Michael is having a Kiki!!! Let's all have a Kiki!!!! WOOT WOOT! :) I just watched the let's have a Kiki video that Karen shared with us haha! :)

  5. CareyN says I guess they are implying that Shawn/Sonny's beating moved it into a place that is causing his current problems...
    They aren't implying that the beating moved it into place. Hmmm. :)

  6. First, I think Brad said, "About you having AT Kiki," does anyone agree?

    Second, I like Nik's hair down, I think it's cute!

    Third, I think that Tracy had the line of the day when she said, "I won't be sitting shiva for Franco"! I almost spit out my seltzer!! Do any of my non-Jewish friends here know what this means?

    Prop of the day: Michael's unbuttoned shirt??

    And, about that, I think that it's in HORRIBLE taste to have him set himself up as bait for a sexual predator after he was raped by a man while in prison.

  7. Nik, you're not all that. This guys ego has no limit. The Niz friendship is officially over! He shows no respect to Liz. I'd chose AJ too. He's much more fun and less judgemental. I'm on team Patrick Liz & AJ. I can't wait for Nik to realize Liz was right and that she was warning him because she's concern, not jealous.

    Jason is now a Saint. Sam prayed to a serial killer. Pathetic.

    I love Tracy but Ava is a gold-digger. Don't team up with her.

  8. AntJoan, I think Felix did say "having a Kiki" like in the video. But I DO agree with you on the line of the day being Tracy's sitting Shiva line, and yes I know what that means (altho some of my family is Jewish). Altho, I think YOU win the "posted-line of the day" with " I almost spit out my seltzer!! " I LOL'd at that. Glad I wasn't taking a drink. :)

  9. Hey Sam, If Jason is dead... he is NOT in heaven. Probably not too many contract killers there.

    Hopefully when Nik finds out that Brit is not carrying Patrick's baby and Brit stole his sister's embryo maybe he will realizer that Liz might deserve an apology.

    that was a weird camera angle they were using for TJ and Molly. We got an real close up if TJ's crotch.

    There is no way they would let Tumor filled Franco donate bone marrow ever.

    Loved the sitting Shiva line.

  10. Andrea said...that was a weird camera angle they were using for TJ and Molly. We got an real close up if TJ's crotch.
    Yeah it sure was a weird camera angle! I wonder why they did that! :)

  11. Yes, I noticed that too, I think it was unintentional, I was hoping we wouldn't see his junk (and we didn't, thank G-d).