Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Franco-American Dream!!

Sabina and Paddy talking about Franco....Carly and Sam talking about Franco. Franco in bed..thinking about Franco. Diane wanting to see Franco.

Laura trying to explain to Scotty why she's going off to find Luke. 
Scotty always looks  Huh, he mentions he's running for DA. Guess I just FORGOT that since he's never on.

I knew Penny would walk out when Starr was there. I knew it!!  Felix knows her from work.

Felix and Brad were fun.  Morgan is still stupid.  Brad says "THIS is turning me on" when Felix hauled him up on the wall. LOL 

And Carly finds out Morgan is engaged to Kiki.  heh.  Ava made Franco sign the proxy. 

So, FRANCO is going to have the operation. Who will FRANCO wake up to be? WILL HE STILL BE FRANCO? Or FRANCO 2.0? Tune into the FRANCO show to find out!!


  1. No doubt he'll be yet another incarnation of Franco as Ron seems to want to give RH as many opportunities as possible to show us how well he can act.

    He also seems to want us to have as many opportunities as possible to see Michael shirtless.

    I'd forgotten that Scotty was running for DA too but like you say, it's been so long since we've seen him that we forget. And, of course conversations between old GH characters aren't subject to flashbacks. They only occur daily for Franco.

    Yes, I'm getting discouraged. We say we want less nuFranco and we get even more. Thank God he's doing a movie or something and may be in a coma for a while, although I'm sure they'll keep bombarding us with his flashbacks so that we don't forget him. heaven forbid!

    BTW...I'd also like to know why Carly saved him. She never did answer that one.

    And it looks like we might be getting a bit more Felix which is good. It will also be good for Michael to get away from St...err Kiki...and show us what else he's capable of.

  2. All Franco all the time. Jeez enough already, I can't wait until he is in a coma. Lets hope he wakes up as Bobby Quartermaine and we get to forget about Franco forever.

    Why isn't everybody getting tested for Bone Marrow? Although it is more likely that Danny would match a relative, there is the National bone marrow registry for a reason. Anyone could be a match. Danny should get his marrow from a stranger through the registry. They could do a PSA about it . THEN the stranger "just happens" to be Sam's dad.

    Felix is great.

    Sabrina and Patrick put me to sleep.

    I guess we can't go a week without a shirtless guy or two. Star and Michael are having the same conversation again.

    Laura just admit it, you are still in love with Luke.

  3. I recall in one of last weeks episodes that Silas mentioned they checked and there was no match from National Bone Marrow Registry.

  4. Roger is taping Californication for HBO for a he'll be off camera in his 'coma' so there's THAT.

  5. I'm bored to tears lately. Everything is choppy and I could give a flip about Morgan/Kiki/Michael. Not digging the Franco's probably because I've been catching up (watching/relishing Todd and Victor) on OLTL on Oprah's channel. Sigh. The only thing that has me watching is Tracy, Monica, Leslie, & Ava (?!).

  6. Oh, Franco is my LEAST FAVORITE character of all time, and now he's the star of the show!!?! Can't stand it. . . Can we please go back to it being the Sonny show?

  7. I love everyone comments today. Did anyone see TV Guide' s Michael Logan's comments tonight about Franco. I think the show could be better too.

  8. Maurice Bernard must hate RH. He totally stole his show! Lol.....he'll be "taking his ball and going home " soon, just like Burton did when TPTB started writing like mad for Easton....

  9. The hospital: Brad wins the line of the day!

    Brad: No, but I AM getting off on this.

    ROFL! Oh I bet you do like it rough in bed ROFL! Oh man Ava is a sneaky little witch! :) Wanting FranJasTod to sign something! FranJasTod is remembering the bridge. Mmmm two Roger Howarth's yum! :) Diane YAY! Yes Diane FranJasTod does have a tumor! Awww StarKi is so upset and wants her father to LIVE! :)

    Michael's home: Oh yes!!!!!!!! Michael slept with Penney!!! Good boy! :) Oh geez! Michael's "cousin" StarKi is all upset and acts like they have been dating a while and broke up, and she wants to get back together.

    Laura and Scotty: Laura you didn't even tell Scotty you were leaving!?!?! You just do it in the last minute before you leave? ROFL! Awww Laura thinks that when this is all over to find Luke, that her marriage can get back to where they left off. ROFL! Oh Laura you make me laugh. :) Oh and she thinks history isn't repeating itself hahahaha!

  10. I was a big OLTL fan and even I'm sick of this Franco stuff. But not in a million years would I ever want the Sonny show back



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