Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Royal Baby Interruption!

He looked just like baby Danny. LOL. Adorable.  I didn't even care it interrupted GH. 

Blanket Morgan
Carly on that bridge... aw, she saves the day.  And that was some terrible dialog in there. RH didn't play it like "Jason" would.  Weird..then Dante and everyone shows up to almost set Janco off again. 
but, Carly saves her BFF...sigh

Ok, um... not much has happened on the show yet.  Taylor crawled out from under her rock (or mattress).  BTW, you can't BE in a bar in NYS unless you are 21 or with parents.
Molly's still moping around. I need  meth head to get into that park and scare them.  Why would Molly and Rafe think that Alex KNOW the J name person if she DIDN'T KNOW  him??!  DUH

Laura realizes that Helena is behind the poison. 
Laura needs a better bra.


  1. I for one, could not care less about the royal baby. It drives me crazy how eager ABC is to spend time on nonsense if it gives them an excuse to interrupt GH.

  2. We had shows cancelled last night by other networks just so they could talk about the royal baby so I'm not surprised that they interrupted our show so we could see his first appearance.

    We missed more because there were two interruptions for weather reports.

    And I can't believe that in the half a show I had left I had to endure a flashback to YESTERDAY because obviously the writers think any fans who are still staying with the show are too stupid to remember what happened a day ago. Either that or they think we're all so smitten with RH that we just want to see him as much as possible.

    I agree that he was acting nothing like Jason. And since he doesn't look anything like Jason either why would Carly go back and talk to him as if he was Jason and try to save his life because he was her best friend. That part didn't make any sense to me at all, especially as she put Danny back in the line of fire.

    I agree Laura needs a better bra and a better stylist. She's a beautiful woman. Why are they dressing her like that?

    Taylor is in serious need of some therapy. I love the character but why would she try to sleep with some random guy just because she was mad at TJ? She has no self respect whatsoever.

  3. First they interrupted GH for the stupid royal baby, then for the stupid Anthony Weiner sexting scandal (those who don't live in my area and maybe don't know about this, consider yourselves lucky). And yes, in NYS you can't be in a bar below age 21, yet young people have been going to Jake's FOREVER (well, it's not called Jake's now).

    Laura needs a better WARDROBE, and so does Tracy, BTW.

    I don't think that Taylor had any intention of going home w/that guy, she JUST KNEW that TJ would protect her, he should have let her leave and then have to get out of it--would serve her right.

  4. oh, you bitter, bitter people. Janco being interrupted by the ROYAL BABY--- WAS LIKE 10 minutes.
    Calm down. LOL

    NO comment on the WEINER.

  5. Oh, for goodness sake, the royal family is basically a soap opera in real life, so we soap fans can put up with it for a few minutes, come on now LOL!

  6. I wanted to see the baby. Both will and Kate wore blue. Very cute. What I was annoyed about was the Weiner interruption. The fact that he is STILL running for mayor is just stupid.

    The wardrobe department needs to step up. I do not really like anyone's outfits on this show.

    Maybe Alexis does know him? really? Molly must be drinking from the same water jug as Morgan.

    I was rooting for Franco to off himself. I've had enough.

  7. Really disappointed in GH in the last few months. It stunningly good with the return of Anna and the incorporation of the OLTL 3 and the return of AJ, Fiason, and Scorpio BUT GOD ALMIGHTY IT IS HAS BEEN BAD RECENTLY.
    Cartini??? What the hell has happened, boys? Have you run out of ideas? Tried to take on TOO MUCH (that's what I am thinking)???
    HOLY CRAP - GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER AND FIND YOUR CREATIVE CENTER AGAIN. PLEASE!!!! I have gone from a 4 or 5 day a week viewer down to a 2 day a week viewer and may drop back even further unless this crap is fixed STAT!!!


  8. The hospital: McSilas wants to go with Dante to the bridge!!! :) Don't forget your badge McSilas! :) Love Alexis and Nik scene. :) Yes Alexis remember who you slept with! Nik's arm looks red for some reason.

    Bridge: Poor FranJasTod thinks he shot Liz and killed her! :( Love the FranJasTod and Carly scene. :)

    Tracy and Laura: Laura wuvs her Luke and she is gonna find him!!!! :)

    The floating rib: That Van guy with the deep voice, his deep voice was creepy. Oh Taylor stop with your games.

    Molly and Rafe: I thought Rafe was going to say let's list all the men Alexis's has slept with ROFL!

  9. Like it or lump it, the Royal baby is a big deal. Accept it and let's just move on.
    I'm pretty sure the guy in the bar was Ric Herbst's son.
    Yes, the show is stuck in limbo right now but, I'm sure it'll get better soon. Once Sam's Daddy story gets off the ground, Maxie And Britt baby reveal, Franco's major personality overhaul by August. The fact that Kiki is not a Quartermaine. There's lots coming. Patience.

  10. Does anyone else sort of wish RH had been recast as Jason instead of Franco? Only a Jason with amnesia and more brain damage and even a tumor and maybe even believed he was Franco? Basically, just reverse the current story? Then that would leave Jason to have another mental shift, this time -away- from Stone Cold and back toward the Q's, or something totally different that could leave the character (and therefore RH) open to be with ANYONE besides Sam--like Carly or Ava or Britt. I'm kind of wishing that. I can't stand the character of Franco, and I don't like this "give him a brain tumor so nothing was really his 'fault' then give him a new personality and all the fans will love him." I probably can't stand it because it's so manipulative, and, I'll be honest, it'll work on me because I love me some RH. Sigh.

    Sonya--Nik also has a huge scar up his arm (under and in a tattoo). I haven't noticed it before but maybe something is going on there? Poor TC.

  11. The OLTL imposters can not act. Todd can only do sarcasm. McBain can only do emotionless breath talking. Starr can only make big eyes. I've seen better acting in b rated porns.
    These three are the reason I stopped watching GH regularly after 31 yrs. The fact that these three still get more screen time then Anna, Duke, Patrick, Lucy, Kevin, Felicia, Mac, Monica, Laura, Lesley, Maxie, Liz and other TRUE GHers are the reason I still only tune in occasional, see Cartini's "I only have eyes for you three" and tune back out again for another week.
    Please bring Guza back for one episode...a major shoot out to kill the OLTL imposters, Felix's sister, TJ, Sabrina, Brittney, borderline sex criminal Brad and any of the other intolerable characters that have overwhelmed the cast in the last two years.

  12. Bookworm said...Oh, for goodness sake, the royal family is basically a soap opera in real life, so we soap fans can put up with it for a few minutes, come on now LOL!
    ROFL! True. :)

  13. CareyN says it'll work on me because I love me some RH. Sigh.
    RH playing Franco and Jason on the bridge, Two RH's yum! :)

    Sonya--Nik also has a huge scar up his arm (under and in a tattoo). I haven't noticed it before but maybe something is going on there? Poor TC.
    Yeah I noticed that too. I wonder what happened.

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  15. oh, you bitter, bitter people. Janco being interrupted by the ROYAL BABY--- WAS LIKE 10 minutes.


    It was over 25 mins, and the first 20 were b4 anything happened. The Pope crap was bad but, as 1.2 billion catholics are worldwide, it was legit news. The baby of a royal freeloader and his bimbo? No, NOT news of any import.

    Interrupt for disasters, Presidential assassinations or imminent invasions from beyond earth.

  16. Because of the "royal interruption", I watched GH as second time yesterday by taping it on Soapnet last night. Absolutely nothing was missed during the afternoon broadcast. The break pretty much coincided with repetitive dialogue.

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  18. You can always watch GH WITHOUT ANY COMMERCIALS on abc.com.

    I won't watch it any other way.

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