Sunday, July 28, 2013

Emma Samms Back To GH

 Frank Valentini tweeted this morning that Emma  Samms will return to GH "soon". 


  1. Yaaahhh...I hope it's not just another pop up visit. I've always loved her character.

  2. I hope she stays, and that she, Anna, Felicia, Mac, et. al, will become the stars of the show.

  3. The only times the character has been mentioned recently has been looking after Robert Scorpio while he is in his coma. Any mention of Tristan returning? This is getting ridiculous!
    Still, I love Holly and don't mind her being a little bit of a con artist as long as she is not a freaking cold blooded killer like Guza ret-conned her to be.

  4. Good news! Surely this means that Robert will also show up. I feel they could really do the show some good by having Tristan on each summer while Tony is on vac--so we always have that great connection to GH super stars. I mean the active, adventurious Robert, not one having cancer or a coma.

    Guza nearly ruined both characters, so Tony and Tristan ought to be written as the heroes they were before Guza did his dirt. Laura and Holly never got to be best friends, but I remember them as on good terms after the Mexican adventure. By then Robert and Holly were the obvious next super couple. They were wonderful together. Holly was very glad to get out of the family business (conning) back then and was a good wife to Robert. Emma left to be on a nighttime show so they brought Anna on with Robin not far behind.

    SO. Does this mean Laura will show up in Switzerland at the dreaded clinic? Hope so! Does this also mean Tony taped stuff ahead as he did last summer? On, boy, hope SO!!

  5. yes, the entire robin thing will play out this fall.

  6. I hope it's not just a short-stint-stunt appearance...