Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Look Down Below!!

Go see who that William DeVry guy will play, it's in the post below... 

GUS IS EIGHT TODAY!! Happy Birthday to my doggie BOY!!

Today's show:

Brad catches Michael and Kiki kissing. "Sometimes straight people make me  ill" he says. LOL 

Brad wants to have sex with Michael... "at least we can get married" he says to them!! ahahaa. Which is true in NYS.

Sonny rails against Tranco. YAWN. Yawn. Wasn't he just pissing on Carly for the same thing? ugh. 

Tranco freaks out on Morgan, says he's going to get tested for Danny and in walk Sonny and ShawnORama waiting to "rough him up".
God I hate this kinda story. 

And Sonny sits down to drink water and watch Shawn beat up Tranco.

Carly and Spin. Laura Wright looked great today.  They chatted about Silas looking like Caleb. 

Silas and Ava..oh, looking INTERESTING..!! She was eyeballing him SO DREAMY.  BIG time Dreamy.
Like you look at the one that got away. *sigh*

THEY ARE:  SilAva.

Yeah for Duke and Anna. I just like them.


  1. Why couldn't Mikey and Kiki just deny that they were doing anything, why should anyone take Brad's word about anything? Without actually taping them, he has no proof--anyone can say anything about anyone, but if there is no proof, why even speak to a potential blackmailer?

  2. Awww happy birthday Gus! :)

    Morgan and StarKi home: Awww New Todd is all upset over wanting to help baby Cheeto! Nobody told him about it awwww! Time for a tantrum! :) Oh but it's okay! Sonny and Shawn can have their fun! Of course Sonny can't get his hands dirty! Shawn's hands dirty is okay! :) And in walks Alexis! :)

    Alexis's home: Yes Sam! Alexis and Shawn broke up. :( Your mom needs a hug! Give her one!

    The hospital: Hmmm Ava and Silas know each other!!!! :) They got some chemistry! Brad, Michael, and StarKi win the scene of the day!!! And Brad wins the line of the day!

    Brad: Love inbred style.

    ROFL! Oh my gosh Brad is too much! And he wants to have sex with Michael! ROFL! I love the scene! It was so funny! Hey Brad, can you make a song out of love, inbred style?! :)

    Kelly's: Silas and Ava. They were a couple once! He must have left her. He seems really upset with her. I'm calling them Sava! :) Is StarKi Silas's daughter?! :) Anna and Duke scene awww! :) Anna's shirt makes her look pregnant. Yes Carly should be a PI. :)

  3. Hate the Brad the blackmailer stuff. Hate the Shawn beating up Franco stuff.

    The rest of the show was pleasant.

  4. Brad is such a sleeze! Shouldn't there be some kind of confidentiality? I mean I know there is doctor patient confidentiality. I'm sorry but, someone needs to get rid of this azzhat, blackmailing Mike for sex...nastier than kissing cousins!!!
    Time for Anna to figure out Ava is part of the Mob Jerome's!
    Silas goes straight to see Sam after that nasty Ava encounter....yep it's starting....Silas and Sam. He didn't take that job at GH for money, he took that job to be close to Sam. Sorry, I love Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco as an on screen couple, whatever characters they play.

  5. Happy birthday adorable Gus!!
    The Brad/Kiki/Mikey stuff was so stupid and really insulting to gays. I can't believe Michael even listened to Brad. Loved seeing Anna and Duke and wishing they were on more. I don't like to see violence but Franco deserves it. I wish Franco would just go away.

  6. Happy Birthday Gus! Almost double digits! lol

  7. I really disliked that scene of Shawn beating up Tranco and sonny enjoying it

  8. Why did Sonny have to have Shawn beat up Franco? Was he all out of car bombs? I didn't like that at all. I like Shawn because I think he's actually a nice guy with some serious issues, who's had a tough life so far. I don't want to see him as some dumb muscle-head who's happy to beat people up for money. Bad example for TJ, and we know Shawn loves kids. It just seemed out of character for him.

    All that said, it was not the most offensive part of the show. That prize goes to Brad. Eww eww eww. I know he's a creep, as we've seen with Felix and Ellie, but that was just plain GROSS, disgusting, and not funny at all. I think even the actors we're disgusted by that scene. Chad (Michael) usually knocks everything out of the park but he just seemed like he wanted that scene to be OVER with. But kudos to the actor playing Brad for sticking in character. I'm really hoping for divine retribution for him...as in all the shenanigans he's been up to at the hospital land him in jail, where he learns it's NOT cool to try and force guys to get naked for you, "examine" you, or have sex with you.

    OK. Rant over. I hope we get more happy, day-dreamy stories like Monday's episode soon.


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